Michael Allen Shine, 1868-1927 [RG3626.AM]


RG3626.AM:  Michael Allen Shine, 1868-1927

Papers:  1857-1926, n.d.

Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska:  Priest; historian

Size:  4.5 cu.ft.; 9 boxes


Michael Allen Shine was born May 19, 1868, in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland. He was brought to America by his parents when but three months old, and was reared in Springfield, Massachusetts. He received his early education in the public grammar and high schools of Springfield, graduating from the latter in 1887. He entered St. Charles College, Ellicott, Maryland, from which he graduated in 1889. He then entered St. Mary’s Seminary, Baltimore, Maryland. He was appointed professor of Latin, Greek and History in Epiphany Apostolic College, Baltimore, Maryland, remaining there for two years. He was ordained a priest on December 19, 1896, by His Eminence Cardinal Gibbons, in the cathedral at Baltimore. His first charge was at Red Cloud, Nebraska, with the missions of Riverton, Guide Rock, and Superior, from January 1897 to May 1897. He was then transferred to Harvard, Nebraska, having Aurora and Nelson as missions.

The church at Aurora was about to be sold under a foreclosed mortgage and the congregation was discouraged and in very poor financial condition, owing to the hard, dry years immediately preceding. However, by an extraordinary effort, over $1,400 were collected in one week and the church building was saved. On January 1, 1899, he was made pastor at Sutton and again saved the church financially. In July of 1903, Father Shine was made rector of St. Theresa’s procathedral in Lincoln. In 1908 he went to Plattsmouth where he served until his death April 2, 1927. Monsignor Shine was invested with the rank of Monsignor in January 1926 at Plattsmouth. Father Shine was noted as an authority on early Nebraska history and was frequently an attendant at the meetings of the Nebraska State Historical Society. In 1918 he was elected a member of the board of the Nebraska State Historical Society, a position he held until his death.


This collection consists of nine boxes of manuscript material arranged in eight series: (1) Fur Traders and Trappers; (2) North American Indians; (3) Explorers; (4) Catholicism; (5) Nebraska History; (6) Forts; (7) Correspondence, 1857, 1905-1926 and undated; (8) Miscellaneous.

This collection relates to Father Shine’s efforts compiling research material on various frontier themes. Most of the material has been compiled from various sources. The bulk of the collection consist of biographies of fur traders, data about Indians of North American, and explorers and exploration of the Trans-Mississippi West.


Series 1 – Fur Traders and Trappers

Box 1


  1. Abadie, S.L., Sr.
    Auge, Augustine
    Auge, R. Gaston do st.
    Baptist, Jean
    Beckworth, J.O.
    Bent Family
    Boyer Family
    Boyer, Mike
    Cabanne, J.F.
    Caldwell, Billy
    Campbell, Colin and Robert
    Cannon, William
    Cardonelet, Baron de
    Carson, Kit
    Cerre, Jean Gabriel, Pacal Leon, and Michael Sylv.
    Charbonneau Family
    Chardon, Francois
    Chenier, Antoine
    Choteau, Col. Augustus, Sr. and Family
    Clamorgan, James
    Colter, John
    Cosmes, Vay. St.
    Crozatte, Pierre
    Culbertson, Alexander
    D’Eglise, Jacques
    De la Tonty
    Deroin Family
    Dorion, Pierre Sr. and Jr.
    Dickson, William
  2. Dougherty, John and Joseph
    Dripps, Andrew
    Ducharme, Jeane Marie
    Evans, John – Fr. Graves voyage
    Ferguson, Daniel
    Gant, John
    Gardner, Johnson and Phil
    Gass, Patrick
    Glass, Hugh
    Godin, Anton
    St. Cyr Family – George Gay
    Guitard, Mary
    Harnois, Peter
    Harris, Moses
    Haite, John
    Harvey, Alex
    Henry, Andrew
    Iglis, Santiago
    Immel, Michael
    Jones, Robert
    Kancelaus, William
    Kipp, James
    La Fleur
    La Lande, Baptiste
    La Leivix, Paul de
    Labadie, Syl.
    Laidlow, William
    Lajorie, Madam
    Lambert, Clem
    Laramier Family
    Laroque, G., James, Francis
    Le Contes, Louis
    Le Raye, Charles
    Lecayer, Jean B.
    Lisa, Manuel
    McClasky, James
    McClellan, Robert
    McLaughlin, Dr. J.
    Marin, James and Claude
    Marin, Pierre Paul Sieur de
    Matthieu, F.K.
    Meek, Joseph L. and Stephen
    Minard, Pierre
    Mitchell, David
    Monier, Jean Baptiste
    Montardy, Pierre
    Monterevier, Jean B.
    Morgan, Alex. L.
    Morrision, William
    Nash, Ira
    Newell, Robert
    Nolan, Philip
  3. O’Brien, Allen and Larkin
    O’Fallon, Benjamin
    Ogden, Peter
    O’Heyne Family
    Papin Family
    Perkins, Joseph
    Petit, Sol.
    Picotte, Honore
    Pilcher, Joshua
    Porneuf, Baron
    Pouree, Eugene
    Pratte Family, Pierre, Paul
    Prorot, Staphen
    Purcell, James
    Recontre, Xavier
    Robidoux Family
    Rose, Ed
    Sandoval, Isidore
    Sanford, Major John F.H.
    Sanguenette, Charles, Sr.
    Sansouci, Louis
    Saint Vrain
    Sarpy Family
    Smith, Jedidiah Strong
    Smith, Thomas
    Spanish Co. Ex. Missouri River
    Sublette, Andrew, Milton, William, Solomon Perry
    Trecy, Rev. Jere
    Trudeau, John Baptiste
    Turner, John
    Valle, John Baptiste and Francois
    Vanderburgh, William
    Vasquitz, Benito, Sr., Anton, Francis, Pierre and Louis
    Velder, John de
    Vial, Petro
    Waldo, Dr. David
    Walker, James Redford
    Williams, Bill and Ezechiel
    Young, Ewing
  4. American Fur Co. Posts in or near Nebraska
  5. Missouri Fur Company
  6. Trading Posts in Nebraska
  7. Manuel Lisa’s employees
  8. Miamis Post
  9. English or British Trading Posts on the Frontier of the U.S. or Fr. Sp. Louisiana
  10. Northwest Fur Trading Co.
  11. Campbell and Sublette Fur Co.
  12. Indian Traders, 1776-1777
  13. Indian Traders, 1769
  14. British Trading Posts
  15. California Pioneers and former trappers
  16. Jean L’Archiveque or Juan de Archibec
  17. Taos, New Mexico
  18. Thomas Fitzpatrick and William Gordon
  19. Rocky Mountain Fur Co.
  20. The Columbia Fur Co., 1822-1827
  21. Colonel Boone
  22. Early Fur Traders in Nebraska
Series 2 – North American Indians
Box 2
  1. Illinois, Osage and Otoptata Chiefs in Paris, 1725
  2. The Flathead Embassy – Whitman – DeSmet
  3. Native Nebraskans Before 1854
  4. Pawnee Chiefs, 1817-1906
  5. Pawnee Vocabulary – with English Pronunciation
  6. Pawnee Annals, 1650-1874
  7. Additional Pawnee Annals
  8. General History of Pawnee Indians
  9. Frank North’s Pawnee Scouts – Names – Indian and English
  10. Pawnee Sacrifices
  11. Elisha Dorian on Early Indian History, 1875
  12. Notes on the Mandan
  13. The Coming of the Siouan Tribes into Eastern Nebraska
  14. The Ground House Indians and Stone Cist Graves of Kansas & Nebr.
  15. Clippings regarding Indians
  16. Indian finger rings
  17. Omaha Indians
  18. Omaha Indian Annals, 1541-1884; Biographical Material, General History vocabulary
  19. Oglala Annals, 1640-1904
  20. Ouyatanon Annals, 1694-1780
  21. Jemes (He’ mish or Haemish) Indian Annals, 1598-1782
  22. Cahokia Annals, 1786-1799
  23. The Nebraska Aborigines as they appeared in the 18th Century
  24. Nebraska Indian Tribes and Treaties
  25. Long’s Indian Vocabulary
  26. Omaha Notes from the “Middle Five” and Opata vocabulary
  27. Zuni Annals, 1539-1713
  28. Yankton Annals, 1640-1909

Box 3

  1. Osage Annals, 1673-1873
  2. Ogalala Annals, 1806-1852
  3. Miami Annals, 1806-1852
  4. Kansas Annals, 1800-1872
  5. Peoria and Kansas Annals, 1541-1800
  6. Kiowa Annals, 1732
  7. Cahokia Annals, 1698-1826
  8. Arikara Annals, 1541-1871
  9. Arapaho Annals, 1688-1724; 1742-1892
  10. Aijaos or Osage Annals, 1601-1777
  11. Sac and Fox Annals, 1688-1842
  12. Otoe Annals, 1634-1885; vocabulary
  13. Omaha Tribes and Treaties: Blackbird Chief
  14. Missouri Annals, 1634-1908 (vocab.)


Box 4

  1. Mandan Annals, 1673-1851 (with creation myth and vocabulary)
  2. Comanche Annals, 1530-1880
  3. Cheyenne Annals, 1680-1892 (vocab.)
  4. Iowa Annals, 1650-1872
  5. Joseph La Flesche
  6. Jumanos Indians, 1582-1789
  7. Kaskaskias Annals, 1673-1799
  8. Ponca Indian Annals, 1777-1880
  9. Omaha Dictionary – 4 notebooks
  10. Indian Wars
  11. History of Indian Tribes – Omaha, Otoe and Pawnee, Pawnee and Paducas, Mochas, Otoe, Siouan, Winnebago
  12. Indians Cessions – Kansas, Pawnee, Omahas, Otoe, Pawnee, Iowas
  13. Notes on various tribes, expeditions, etc.: Algonquinn – Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Pawnee, Alysworth, Pawnee, Dunbar

Series 3 – Explorers and Exploration

  1. DeSoto’s March
  2. The Boundary of Louisiana on the upper Missouri
  3. French and Nebraska Geographical Names
  4. Copala Province or Lake
  5. James Mackay’s Journal of a Voyage up the Missouri toward South Sea, 1794
  6. The Platte River
  7. Dr. George Bird Grinnell’s points
  8. The Spanish Commercial Company
  9. Taking Possession of Louisiana by M. Cavelier de La Salle, 1682

Box 5

  1. Narrative of DeSoto’s Expedition by Luis Hernandez de Biedma
  2. Hercule Brassac
  3. La Verendrye
  4. James O. Pattie’s Journey, 1824
  5. Cabeza de Vaca
  6. Notes from Theodore Irving’s “The Conquest of Florida, by Hernando DeSoto”
  7. Etienne de Veniard, Sieur de Bourgmont
  8. Villasur Massacre
  9. Voyages of the brothers Pierre Antoine and Paul Mallet
  10. Perine Pivers de La Renaudiere’s Memorial on Mines
  11. Alexander Majors’ “Seventy Years on the Frontier”
  12. Lewis and Clark, 1804

    Aylsworth Report on Hunt Expedition

    Johnson – History of Nebraska

    Nathaniel Wyeth’s Journal

    George Catlin Expedition

    Report by Hart-Warren Exploration and Long Exploration

    Sheldon on John T. Irving’s “Indian Sketches”

    Howard Sainsbury Trip to Utah

    Expeditions of American Government (Dale, Personnel, Place, Purpose, Falt (sic), Authority)
  13. Sheldon – Discovery of Rocky Mountains

    Barrett on Fremont

    Aylsworth – Brownville

    Persinger – Exploration and French Exploration

    Explorers – American

    Coronado Bibliography

    Indian – Bibliography

    Spanish Expeditions

    American Expeditions

Series 4 – Catholicism

  1. Lists and biographies of the clergy from the beginning to 1700
  2. Lists of Priests, 1700-1832
  3. Lists of Priests in the U.S., 1700-1900
  4. Priests in the U.S. in 1800

    Lists of Priests in U.S., 1800-1833

    Catalogue of Jesuits, 1807-1811

    The Jesuit in the Mississippi Valley

    Catalogue Maryland Mission, 1818-1819
  5. Lists and biographies of priests

Box 6

  1. Baptismal Records, 1840-1868
  2. Biographies of Clergy
  3. Biographies of Priests
  4. Notes for Sermons
  5. Notes for Sermons
  6. Research on Priests
  7. Residence of the clergy from 1875

    List of Deaths, 1867-1902

    Biographies of Rev. W. Kelley, Fr. O’Connor

    Baptismal Records, St. Benedicts, Atchison, Kansas
  8. Clippings on religion, spiritualism, etc.
  9. Baptism Register of Nebraska of Fr. Francis Shalek
  10. Reminiscences of St. Joseph’s Parish, Leavenworth, Kansas, by Rev. Fr. Kuhls, 1908
  11. Friar Juan de Padilla First Martyr of Nebraska
  12. St. Joseph’s Baptism Register, Council Bluffs, Iowa, June-December, 1838
  13. History of Council Bluffs Indian Mission

Box 7

  1. Miscellaneous information on the history of missions in Nebraska 
  2. Meeting of Priests of the Diocese of Lincoln, 1919
  3. Subscriptions for the building of a dwelling for the Pastor of Omaha, 1858
  4. Pope St. Agatha, 678-681
  5. History of St. Peter’s Church, New York City          
  6. Pioneer Missionary work of Fr. DeSmet by Rev. Fr. William Dalton, 1914
  7. Annals of Vincennes, 1727-1798
  8. Annals of Santa Fe with clergy list, 1609-1846
  9. The First Catholic Bishop in Nebraska
  10. A History of the Catholic Church in Nemaha County by Rev. D.G. Fitzgerald
  11. History of St. Mary’s Church and Missions
  12. History of the Lincoln Diocese
  13. Historical Sketch of the Catholic Church in Clay County, Nebraska
  14. Notes on religious history and schools – Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic
  15. Bishops of the U.S.
  16. Miscellaneous notes on Catholicism

Series 5 – Nebraska History

  1. Fontenelle History
  2. Annals of Bellevue
  3. Bellevue, Nebraska
  4. Nebraska City notes
  5. New light on Early Nebraska History
  6. History of Sutton and Clay County by J.R. Maltby, August 14, 1879
  7. Fr. DeSmet in Nebraska
  8. Rev. Samuel Allis; Joseph Lutz
  9. Plattsmouth items
  10. Petition for S.W. Chambers for Postmaster of Blair
  11. Notes on the History of Omaha and Douglas County by Wakely
  12. Rev. Moses Merrill
  13. Shinns Ferry
  14. Fort Atkinson
  15. Historical Sketches – Fairfield Mission; Pottawatumie Mission; Brownville; Fairmont

Box 8

  1. The Irish in Nebraska
  2. Early events relating to Nebraska
  3. Nebraska books and authors
  4. Dr. Marcus Whitman in Nebraska
  5. Notes on Nebraska Territorial population
  6. Notes on the Kansas-Nebraska Bill
  7. Notes on surveys and lands in Nebraska
  8. Notes on legislation and government agencies
  9. Notes on statehood and politics
  10. Notes on routes, industries, location of the capital, etc.
  11. Misc. notes relating to Nebraska
  12. Newspaper clippings regarding Nebraska history

Series 6 – Forts

  1. Fort Kansas
  2. Fort Dearborn massacre
  3. Forts or posts at or near Council Bluffs, Iowa
  4. Forts

Series 7 – Correspondence

  1. Correspondence, 1857, 1895
  2. Correspondence, 1902-1912
  3. Correspondence, 1913-1916

Box 9

  1. Correspondence, 1917-1920
  2. Correspondence, 1921-1925
  3. Correspondence, 1926, n.d.

Series 8 – Miscellaneous

  1. Notes on the prehistory of Michigan
  2. Notes on the history of Wyoming
  3. The Emigrant Convention in Buffalo, 1856
  4. Calendar of Little Office
  5. “The Reform of the Present Calendar Begun” by William F. Rigge
  6. Svoboda family
  7. The Manchester Martyrs
  8. Oregon migration, 1841-1842
  9. Oregon notes
  10. Miscellaneous notes
  11. Miscellaneous notes
  12. Miscellaneous


Subject headings:

Bassett, Samuel Clay, 1844-1926
Catholicism. U.S.
Fur trade
Indians of North America — Annals
Nebraska — History
Paine, Clarence Sunner, 1868-1916
Sheldon, Addison Erwin, 1861-1943
Shine, Michael Allen, 1868-1927

AIP/lm   12-08-1980

Revised 04-23-2008   TMM

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