Nebraska Museums Coalition [RG4120.AM]


RG4120.AM:  Nebraska Museums Coalition

Records: 1968-1983

Nebraska: Museum organization

Size: 3.0 cu.ft.; 3 boxes


The first organizational meeting of the Nebraska Museums Conference was held in 1958 in Lincoln.  It was attended by sixty-seven individuals from twenty-seven institutions around the state.  Annual meetings were held every year, and in 1968 the Conference decided to officially incorporate under the laws of the State of Nebraska.  The Conference eventually changed its name to the Nebraska Museums Coalition but continued to hold annual meetings, as well as hold programs and offer training around the state.  By the early 1980s the Coalition was facing financial difficulties and was forced to disband.


The collection consists of records relating to the operations of the Nebraska Museums Coalition and its predecessor, the Nebraska Museums Conference.  The records date from ca. 1968 to 1983 and include minutes of meetings, correspondence, project files, membership information, financial information, event programs, newsletters, etc.  The collection is unprocessed, but an inventory is available.


Box 1


    1. Media notebook

    1. Grant Coordinator, NAC: 1980-81-82

    1. Nebraska Arts Council

    1. Nebraska Committee for the Humanities

    1. Humanist in Residence (Neb. Committee on)

    1. Einstein grant

    1. Administration and the Small Museum, NCH #80-101, Sept. 11, 1980

    1. History, 1958-1968 (The Nebraska Museums Conference: The First Ten Years)

    1. Clay Center project

    1. Nebraska Arts Council – Grant Applications for NMC Directors

    1. NAC 1981-1982 $3000 operating fund request

    1. Fund Drive, 1981

    1. Foundations

    1. Calendars – 1982

    1. Museums outside Nebraska

    1. Museum Organizations outside Nebraska

    1. Workshops and meetings

    1. Long Range Planning Committee

    1. Fund Drive – off – June, 1981; Workshop – Board Meeting

    1. Museum Insurance

    1. Media contacts

    1. Legal service — Wittstruck

    1. Contracts – Automobile

    1. Office space

    1. Correspondence, misc.

    1. Correspondence, Legislators

    1. Correspondence

    1. Correspondence, General membership

    1. Correspondence, Board members

    1. Grant — 1980 Annual meeting/NCH #80-101

    1. Annual meeting, 1980 & 1981

    1. Intern programs

    1. Grant — “Northern Lights showing (NAC #124M81-10)

    1. Region 26 Council

    1. Job opening/inquiries

    1. Ceta grant – Theresa Mendoza

    1. Nebraska Organization for Volunteer Leaders

    1. Nebraska Panhandle RCD Planning Council

    1. Pioneer Endowment Program

    1. Publicity – photos, outlines

    1. Donations

    1. Michigan Museums

    1. Ohio Museums

    1. Arts & Museums in-state

    1. Nebraska Historical (County) Societies

    1. Nebraska County Historical Societies

    1. By-Laws

    1. Newsletters

    1. Secretary’s notebook

    1. Current Information 1982

    1. Current Information

    1. Final Letter to Members

    1. Board Info for June 5, 1982 Meeting & Resignation

    1. Laws Relating to Historical Activities

    1. Policies and Procedures

    1. Questionnaire Nov 1981

    1. Questionnaire – Survey, 7/1980

Box 2


    1. Consultant Buffalo C & Y H.

    1. Directory

    1. Films

    1. Federation of Public Programs in the Humanities

    1. Budget Projections

    1. Budget – Salaries

    1. Budget – FY 80-81

    1. Budget 1981-82

    1. Budget 1982-83

    1. Articles of Incorporation

    1. Kimball Public Library

    1. Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

    1. Mari Sandoz Room

    1. Nebraska Game and Parks – Lancaster

    1. North Platte Valley Historical Association, Inc. – Scotts Bluff

    1. Alexandria School House District 10

    1. Consultant Project

    1. Circuit Administrator Material

    1. CETA Program

    1. Bus Tours

    1. Director’s Report

    1. “Country School Legacy”

    1. Membership

    1. Owed

    1. Great Plains Motel-Owed

    1. Calendars Orders & Tax Records

    1. Insurance for Personnel

    1. Operating Policy & Procedure for NMC Employees

    1. State Unemployment Fund

    1. Bookkeeping (1980 & 1979)

    1. Financial Statements and Misc. Accounts

    1. Corres – Financial Records

    1. Treasurers Reports

    1. N.M.C. old Bylaws

    1. Tax Exemption Cert., Employer ID No., Articles of Incorp., 1978 Bylaws Financial Info

    1. 1977 Directory Questionnaire

    1. Neb. Museums Coalition

    1. Neb. Museums Coalition

    1. Neb. Museum Assoc

    1. “Dreams in Dry Places”

    1. Dreams & Dry Place 1982

    1. NMC Debts Outstanding

    1. Bylaws of Nebraska Museums Conference, Inc.

    1. Nebraska Arts Council 1979-80 Guidelines

    1. Nebraska Museums Conference – Coordinator Grant Expenditures & Related Expenses

    1. Sidney Board Meeting – Apr 5 1980

    1. Bassett Board Meeting June 28 1980

    1. Board Meeting Kearney

    1. Board and Annual Meeting – Sep 27 1980 Hastings

    1. Dee Board meeting – Beatrice – 12/6/80

    1. The Nebraska Center for Continuing Education

    1. Conference Material

    1. Nebraska Museums Coalition – Annual Meeting 1980

    1. Operating Policy and Procedure

    1. Clippings and Newsletters

Box 3


    1. Newsletters from Nebraska Cities

    1. Supplies Clearinghouse

    1. Traveling Exhibits

    1. Grant – Humanist-In-Residence/NCH

    1. Humanist in Residence 1981-1982 – Various Counties

    1. Long-Range Planning Committee

    1. Annual Meeting 1980

    1. NMC – General Info, Projects, Etc.

    1. NMC Long Term Planning Co. Old File

    1. Long Term Planning Request

    1. Challenge Grant – NEH

    1. Grant – Humanist in Residence in Nebraska Museums

    1. Correspondence with Victoria

    1. Publicity for Cheyenne Co.

    1. Publicity – Thayer Co.

    1. Publicity – Saunders Co.

    1. Financial Reports from Jan.

    1. General & Misc.

    1. Personnel – Victoria Massa

    1. Cheyenne County Hist. Assoc. for John Carter

    1. Saunders Co. Exhibits

    1. Exhibits – Thayer Co.

    1. Match – Saunders Co.

    1. Match – Thayer Co.

    1. Reports from Victoria – Saunders Co.

    1. Reports – Thayer Co.

    1. Reports from Victoria – Cheyenne Co.

    1. Correspondence with NCH

    1. Humanist/Intern – 1981 – Major Grant

    1. Cheyenne Co. Exhibits

    1. Exhibit Planning Material Compiled by Victoria Massa

    1. Match Cheyenne Co.

    1. Long Term Planning Committee – Nebraska Museums Conference

    1. First National Bank of Kearney vs Nebraska Museums Coalition

    1. Humanist in Residence Balance Sheet

    1. Nebraska Museums Conference – Mailing List

    1. 1977 Neb. Museums Conference – Lincoln

    1. Nebraska Museums Conference, Inc.

    1. Nebraska Museums Conference – Meeting in Grand Island 8 Oct. 1976

    1. Nebraska Museums

    1. Nebr. Museum Conf. Newsletter

    1. Nebraska Museums Conference – Grand Island Meeting 1974

    1. Nebraska Museums Conference History and Letters

    1. Nebraska Museums Conf.

    1. Nebraska Museums Conference – Board Business

    1. Past members (index cards)


Subject headings:

Museums — Nebraska

Nebraska Museums Coalition

Nebraska Museums Conference


Bl           03-14-2008

TMM      07-11-2018

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