Nebraska Women’s Foundation [RG6249.AM]


RG6249.AM: Nebraska Women’s Foundation, Inc.

Records: 1980s-2007
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska
Size: 2.5 cu.ft.; 3 boxes


Formed in 1985, the Nebraska Women’s Foundation provided support for the programs of the Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women and other women’s organizations in Nebraska. The Nebraska Women’s Foundation continued to raise funds in support of the Commission until 2008 when the State Legislature voted to completely defund the Commission. At that time, both entities closed down.


This collection consists of three boxes of records relating to the Nebraska Women’s Foundation. The bulk of the collection dates from 1985 to the early 2000s. Included in the collection are minutes of meetings, membership lists, correspondence, etc. The collection is currently unprocessed, but a basic inventory is available.

Note: For official records of the Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women, see RG0101. See also the library for various publications by the Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women.


Box 1

  1. Bylaws, etc.
  2. Financials, etc., 1987-1988
  3. Misc. 1980s
  4. General information, late 1980s-early 1990s, pt. 1
  5. General information, late 1980s-early 1990s, pt. 2
  6. General information, mid-late 1980s, pt. 1
  7. General information, mid-late 1980s, pt. 2
  8. General information, mid 1980s-mid 1990s, pt. 1
  9. General information, mid 1980s-mid 1990s, pt. 2
  10. General information, early 1980s-early 1990s, pt. 1
  11. General information, early 1980s-early 1990s, pt. 2
  12. NCSW/NWF Press articles
  13. 2001
  14. Foundation info.
  15. Commission fundraising
  16. The Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women: An Investment in Nebraska
  17. NWF, 1992
  18. Women’s Foundation – 1995
  19. Fundraising reports
  20. General Foundation information
  21. Board of Directors
  22. Foundation, 2000-2002
  23. Foundation, 2003-2004
  24. NWF audit, 2003
  25. “Women Walk” shirt
  26. Foundation and Commission efforts to save the Commission, 2003
  27. Women’s Commission, 2003-2004
  28. Women’s Foundation
  29. Agendas
  30. Foundation
  31. NWF meeting notes, August 1999
  32. Prior’s Club
  33. Tax information
  34. Minutes
  35. Grants
  36. FYE Financial reports – copies
  37. Financial updates

Box 2

  1. NWF, 2003-2005
  2. Sower pins orders
  3. Misc. financials
  4. NWF, 2004
  5. Income tax info, 2004-2005
  6. NWF tax exempt forms
  7. Financial records
  8. Law firm thank yous
  9. Financial summaries, 2003-2004
  10. Consignment – sower pins
  11. Misc. 2003-2004
  12. NWF e-mails
  13. Sower project
  14. Sower pin invoices
  15. Tax returns, 2002-2004
  16. NCSW/Women’s Health Alliance, 1993
  17. NWF, 2003
  18. NCSW meeting handouts, 1997-1998
  19. 2007
  20. 2008
  21. NWF meeting notes, 2004-2005
  22. NE Community Foundation agreement, 2003-2004
  23. NWF e-mails, 2004-2005
  24. NWF e-mails, 2005
  25. NWF e-mails, 2006
  26. NWF e-mails, mostly 2006
  27. NWF fundraising, 2004
  28. NE sales tax, 2003-2005
  29. Pin/donation transactions, Dec. 2004
  30. NWF, 2004
  31. NWF, 2004
  32. Taxes, 2004-2006

Box 3

  1. Women’s Conference – One Year Later – September 28, 1996
  2. NCSW, 2004-2005
  3. NCSW, misc.
  4. Women’s Commission, sower pin
  5. NCSW, misc.
  6. Women’s Commission last effort, October 2005
  7. Job support/Employment
  8. 1995-1996
  9. Misc. publications


Subject headings:

Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women
Nebraska Women’s Foundation, Inc.


TMM 07-15-2022


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