Wallace (Wally) M. Barnett, Jr., 1931-2016 [RG3746.AM]


RG3746.AM: Wallace (Wally) M. Barnett, Jr., 1931-2016

Papers: 1971-1975
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.: State Senator (26th District)
Size: 4.5 cu.ft.; 5 boxes


Wallace (Wally) M. Barnett, Jr., was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1931 to Wallace M. and Rosemarie (Varous) Barnett. He graduated form Lincoln High School and attended the University of Nebraska and various continuing education schools in Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. He served as an officer in the Lincoln Fire Department and was appointed Assistant State Fire Marshall. He was elected to the Nebraska State Legislature in 1970 and again in 1974, serving the 26th District, Lincoln, Nebraska. During his tenure in the State Legislature, Barnett’s main concerns were juvenile justice procedures, women’s rights, improved highway safety efforts, and improved state mental institutions. After his retirement from the legislature, Barnett accepted the position of State Fire Marshall. Wallace M. Barnett, Jr., died in Lincoln on March 18, 2016. He is buried in Lincoln Memorial Park, Lincoln, Nebraska.


This collection consists of five boxes of manuscript material arranged in three subgroups: (1) Legislative files: 82nd Legislature, 1971-1972; (2) Legislative files: 83rd Legislature, 1973-1974 and (3) Legislative files: 84th Legislature, 1975-1976. The records of the 82nd Legislature include topical files and legislative bill and resolution files. The records of the 83rd Legislature include topical files, legislative bill and resolution files, and general correspondence. The only single series for the 84th Legislature contains correspondence, 1975. This material relates to part of Wallace (Wally) M. Barnett’s tenure in the Nebraska State Legislature, covering the years, 1971-1975.


Subgroup 1: 82nd Legislature, 1971-1972
Series 1 – Topical Files

Box 1

  1. Abortions
  2. Appointments (Yes)
  3. Appointments (No)
  4. Attorney General’s Opinions
  5. Birth Control Legislation
  6. Budget Committee Rule Change
  7. Line Organization Resulting from Sen. Barnett’s Amendment to Budget Com.
  8. Listing of Candidates for the Primary Election and Delegates
  9. Cigarette Tax Information
  10. The City – County Merger
  11. Crime Commission
  12. Revision of the Criminal Code
  13. Council of State Governments and National Legislative Conference
  14. Education
  15. Twelve Month School Program (45-15) Plan – Education
  16. General Fund Appropriations for Nebraska Colleges
  17. Educational Accountability
  18. Fire Marshal
  19. Film – A Day in the Life of a Fireman
  20. Gun Laws – Statutes and Laws
  21. Hruska and Barnett Pictures
  22. Irrigation Bills – Nebraska State Irrigation Assoc.
  23. L.E.A.A. — Ferrara is the nominee for this
  24. Lincoln Flood Plain Regulation
  25. Lincoln Public Schools & Education Programs
  26. Mental Retardation

Box 2

  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Motor Vehicle Board & Highway Safety
  3. Lynne Webster – Population Ins.
  4. Population
  5. Department of Roads-Doyle
  6. Rules and Regulations Comm.
  7. S-U-N Project
  8. Guidelines for Student Press – Daily Nebraskan
  9. Welfare
  10. Women Under the Law Subcommittee

Series 2 – Legislative Bills and Resolutions

  1. LB 1196 Mini-bikes (Licensing)
  2. LB 1216 Orange Law – Hunters
  3. LB 1271 Student Fees
  4. LB 1326 Education Accountability Bill
  5. LB 1093 Merit System for Sheriffs
  6. LB 1094 Exempting First Hitch Servicemen
  7. LB 1096 Venereal Disease
  8. LB 1095 Breath Tests for Drivers
  9. LB 1097 Real Estate – Security Dept.
  10. LB 1098 Prohibit Administering Narcotics, Etc.
  11. LB 1129 Redistricting Proposal
  12. LB 1377 State Aid to Education
  13. Bill Testimonies
  14. Resolution #10
  15. LR 56 DeCamp’s Bribe
  16. Resolution 58
  17. Resolution – Railroad Crossing
  18. 1972 Resolutions – City Council Resolutions – Railway Comm.
  19. Future Legislation
  20. 1972 Interim Study Reports
  21. Other Bill Correspondence

Subgroup 2: 83rd Legislature, 1973-1974
Series 1 – Topical Files

Box 3

  1. Abortion
  2. Committee on Committees
  3. Attorney General Opinions
  4. Banking
  5. Budget
  6. Budget Amendment
  7. Child Labor Laws
  8. City of Lincoln, Nebr.
  9. Committee on Committees
  10. Contraception Law
  11. Criminal Code Provision
  12. D.C. Trip
  13. Doctors File
  14. Drugs
  15. Drunk Driving Penalties
  16. EHA Advisory Committee Members
  17. Equal Rights Amendment
  18. Future Legislation
  19. Fire Related
  20. Gateway Manor
  21. Governor’s Highway Safety Conference
  22. Housing
  23. Information
  24. Lincoln Technical College
  25. Majority Age
  26. Mental Retardation
  27. Miscellaneous
  28. No-Fault
  29. Ombudsman Form Letters
  30. Ombudsman
  31. Ombudsman Return Answers
  32. Pay Plan
  33. Penal Reform
  34. Personal
  35. Pollution
  36. RR Crossing – 56th & X Streets
  37. Railroad Transportation District
  38. Sex Education
  39. State Employees Conditions
  40. State Troopers
  41. State Patrol
  42. Sun Newspaper File
  43. Traffic Fatalities
  44. Traffic Fire Safety
  45. Trailer File
  46. Transportation & Commerce Committee
  47. University of Nebraska
  48. Veterans Affairs
  49. Vocational Rehabilitation
  50. Voter Lists

Series 2 – Legislative Bills and Resolutions

Box 4

  1. LB 9 Partisan Legislature
  2. LB 45 Rules of the Road Resolution – Resolution 30
  3. LB 45 Rule of the Road
  4. LB 65 Public School
  5. LB 96
  6. LB 67 Anatomical Gifts
  7. LB 100 State Institutions
  8. LB 114
  9. LB 144 Grade Crossing Protection Fund
  10. LB 147 State Patrolman
  11. LB 149 Ag College
  12. LB 162 Court Reporters Salaries
  13. LB 185
  14. LB 194
  15. LB 220 Service Officers
  16. LB 249 Insurance Fireman’s Bill
  17. LB 255
  18. LB 262 Fire Discrimination Act
  19. LB 275
  20. LB 293 Tenant Act
  21. LB 294 Revenue and Taxation
  22. LB 305
  23. LB 437 Financial Responsibility
  24. LB 448 Lincoln CC Election
  25. LB 514 Mandatory Use of Seat Belts
  26. LB 820 No-Fault Divorce
  27. Other Bill Correspondence

Series 3 – General Correspondence

  1. A-Z Correspondence
  2. General Correspondence, 1973

Box 5

  1. Schoolchildren’s Correspondence, 1974

Subgroup 3: 84th Legislature, 1975-1976
Series 1 – General Correspondence

  1. Correspondence, 1975, Jan.-Mar.
  2. Correspondence, 1975, Apr.-Dec.

Subject headings:

Barnett, Wallace M., Jr., 1931-2016
Legislation — Nebraska
Nebraska — Politics and government
Nebraska. Legislature, 1971-1976
Politics — Nebraska

Revised TMM 04-04-2008; 05-07-2018

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