Political Records

History Nebraska holds numerous manuscript collections relating to politics and government. The collections include records of various political organizations, as well as the papers of some U.S. Senators and Representatives, state legislators, and other elected officials. These collections reflect the processes of state and national government and document the lives and careers of the individuals involved.

If you have questions about any of these collections, contact our Reference Services department.

A New Day: Beyond ERA (Lincoln Neb), 1982 [RG4146]

Abbott, Luther Jewett, 1831-1900 [RG2642]

Allen, Katherine Fay Worley, 1876-1971 [RG2949]

Allen, Thomas Stinson, 1865-1945 [RG3804]

Allen, William Vincent, 1847-1924 [RG2632]

Anderson, Albin Theodore, 1911-1996 [RG3602]

Anderson, Gary Lee, 1939- [RG3747]

Armstrong, Robert M., 1892-1981 [RG3799]



Barnett, Wallace M., Jr., 1931-2016 [RG3746]

Bassett, Samuel Clay, 1844-1926 [RG2891]

Bauer, Hal W. [RG3588]

Beermann, Ralph Frederick, 1912-1977 [RG3089]

Berg, Theophil Herman, 1879-1967 [RG2631]

Berge, George W., 1864-1925 [RG3105]

Berge, Wendell, 1903-1955 [RG3106]

Beutler, Chris, 1944- [RG5564]

Bobbitt, Theodore Newton, 1843-1940 [RG3574]

Boosalis, Helen G., 1919-2009 [RG0743]

Bowen, Kenneth L., 1912-1981 [RG1077]

Brock, Lawrence, 1906-1968 [RG1781]

Brooks, Harriet Sophia (Brewer), 1828-1888 [RG4054]

Brown, Norris, 1863-1960 [RG1804]

Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925 [RG3198]

Burke, Edward Raymond, 1880-1968 [RG3253]

Burkett, Elmer Jacob, 1867-1935 [RG3590]

Butler, Hugh Alfred, 1878-1954 [RG2331]



Callan, Clair Armstrong, 1920-2005 [RG3685]

Carmody, Arthur, 1899-1987 [RG0872]

Carter, Edward Francis, 1897-1981 [RG4231]

Cavanaugh, John J., 1945- [RG4032]

Chambers, Ernie [RG6239]

Chapman, Samuel M., 1839-1907 [RG2974]

Chapman, Samuel M., 1839-1907 (Guide to Microfilm) [RG2974]

Clark, Robert Louis, 1914-1988 [RG3893]

Conklin, J.E., 1889-1965 [RG3535]

Copeland, Oren Sturman, 1887-1959 [RG1912]

Correll, Erasmus Michael, 1846-1895 [RG4430]

County Files Collection [RG6261]

Crete Bryan Club (Crete, Neb.) [RG3189]

Cuming, Thomas B., 1827-1858 [RG3654]

Cunningham, Glenn Clarence, 1912-2003 [RG1849] (PDF)

Curtis, Carl T. (Carl Thomas), 1905-2000 [RG3793] (PDF)



Dahlman, James Charles, 1856-1930 [RG2990]

Danner, Edward, 1901-1970 [RG3697]

Davis, Clarence Alba, 1894-1974 [RG3649] (PDF)

Davis, Horace Mansell, 1873-1971 [RG3625]

Democratic Party (Antelope County, Neb.) [RG0945]

Denney, Robert V. (Robert Vernon), 1916-1981 [RG3561] (PDF)

Dierks, Merton L. “Cap”, 1932- [RG5790] (PDF)

Diers, William H., 1890-1982 [RG5818] (PDF)

Dundy, Elmer Scipio, 1830-1896 [RG0969]



Evans, I.D. (Isaiah David), 1844-1935 [RG0745]

Exon, J. James (John James), 1921-2005 [RG4932]



Ferguson, Fenner, 1814-1859 [RG3518]

Fleming, Fenton B., 1883-1953 [RG3926]

Frost, Lincoln, 1861-1945 [RG3583]

Fulton, Tony, 1972- [RG5814] (PDF)



Gillespie, John, 1832-1897 [RG1189]

Governor’s Mansion [RG2869]

Griswold, Dwight Palmer, 1893-1954 [RG1596]



Hager, Walter E., 1878-1974 [RG3663] (PDF)

Half-Breed Tract (Nemaha and Richardson Counties, Neb.) [RG0726]

Harrison, Robert D., 1897-1977 [RG1799]

Harsh, Lester, 1910-1994 [RG3712]

Hass, Eric, 1905-1980 [RG3703]

Herman, Dick, 1928-2015 [RG3682]

Hitchcock, Gilbert Monell, 1859-1934 [RG3640]

Howard, Edgar, 1858-1951 [RG3297]

Howe, Church, 1839-1915 [RG0788]

Howell, Robert Beecher, 1864-1933 [RG0704]

Hruska, Roman Lee, 1904-1999 [RG3762] (PDF)

Humboldt Bryan Club (Humboldt, Neb.) [RG1100]

Humphrey, Frederick Blaine, 1876-1952 [RG0716]



Johnston, Alva M., 1872-1953 [RG3621]



Kennard, Thomas Perkins, 1828-1920 [RG3796] (PDF)

Kennedy, Frank A., 1862-1928 [RG1127]

Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968 [RG6237]

Kenny, Mary E., 1900-1971 [RG5593]

Kristensen, Douglas A., 1955- [RG5427] (PDF)

Kroh, John Simon, 1871-1952 [RG3812]



Lahners, Thomas, 1860-1937 [RG3112]

Landis, David, 1948- [RG5563]

Liebers, Otto Hugo, 1887-1968 [RG3533]

Louden, LeRoy J., 1936- [RG5844] (PDF)

Lowitt, Richard, 1922- [RG3101]



Majors, Thomas Jefferson, 1841-1932 [RG2189]

Manderson, Charles Frederick, 1832-1911 [RG1211]

Marriage law. Nebraska [RG1213]

Marsh, Frank Irving, 1924-2001 [RG5514]

Marsh, Shirley, 1925- [RG5513]

Martin, Dave (David Thomas), 1907-1997 [RG3530] (PDF)

Mason, Oliver Perry, 1829-1891 [RG3903]

Mattson, Ivan Harold, 1895-1952 [RG2216]

Maxwell, Samuel, 1825-1901 [RG3905]

Maxwell, Samuel, 1825-1901 (Guide to Microfilm) [RG3905]

McCarty, John S., 1869-1922 [RG4030]

McGinley, Donald F., 1920-2005 [RG5677]

McKinley, William, 1843-1901 [RG1169]

Meier, William Henry, 1904-1997 [RG3563]

Meiklejohn, George DeRue, 1857-1929 [RG3500] (PDF)

Miller, Arthur Lewis, 1892-1967 [RG3713]

Morton, Julius Sterling, 1832-1902 [RG1013]

Morton, Julius Sterling, 1832-1902 (Guide to Microfilm) [RG1013]



Nebraska Democratic Party [RG0792]

Nebraska Farmers’ Alliance [RG2623] (PDF)

Nebraska Farmers’ Alliance (Guide to Microfilm) [RG2623]

Nebraska State Capitol [RG1234]

Nebraska Woman Suffrage Association [RG1073]

Nebraska. Boundaries [RG1283]

Nebraska. Governors [RG4039] (PDF)

Newell, David R., 1946- [RG4195]

Norris, George William, 1861-1944 [RG3298]



O’Gara, William Henry, 1877-1955 [RG1895]



Paddock, Algernon Sidney, 1830-1897 [RG1451]

People’s Independent Party (Adams County, Neb.) [RG3141]

Peterson, Carl Petrus, 1880-1965 [RG3932]

Peterson, Val, 1903-1983 [RG2386]

Pierson, David C., 1935-1989 [RG5113]

Political Parties – Campaign Materials [RG4321]

Pool, Charles Wesley, 1856-1930 [RG2410]

Powers, Raphael “Ray” P., 1924-2011 [RG4031]

Price, Marian [RG6252]

Price, William Buchanan, 1865-1935 [RG4336]

Progressive Party (Nebraska) [RG1332]



Radke, Franz C., 1890-1966 [RG2427]

Raecke, Walter R., 1895-1960 [RG3109]

Republican Party (National, State and Local) [RG1266]

Reynolds, Charles W., 1876-1930 [RG2032]

Ritchie, William, 1886-1956 [RG4402] (PDF)

Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919, Collection [RG1255]

Rosewater Family [RG3628]

Rumery, Myron G.A., 1905-1982 [RG4144]



Sadilek, Frank J., 1851-1933 [RG1363]

Salisbury, Alonzo F., -1858 [RG3187]

Sawyer, Andrew J., 1844-1924 [RG2511] (PDF)

Schimek, DiAnna, 1940- [RG5635]

Scofield, Sandra K. [RG5562] (PDF)

Senning, John Peter, 1884-1954 [RG2006] (PDF)

Simmons, Robert Glenmore, 1891-1969 [RG3642]

Slepicka, Alois, 1875-1964 [RG0787]

Sorensen, Christian Abraham, 1890-1959 [RG2951]

Srb, Hugo Frank, 1900-1975 [RG4217]

Stebbins, Lucien, 1833-1921 [RG1432]

Stefan, Karl, 1884-1951 [RG2624] (PDF)

Stephens, Dan Voorhees, 1868-1939 [RG3643]

Stromer, Gerald A. “Jerry,” 1942- [RG5199]

Svoboda, Charles Vincent, 1859-1953 [RG1245]

Sweet, John Hyde, 1880-1964 [RG2503]



Taylor, William H., 1827-1865 [RG1458]

Terry, Lee, 1962- [RG5930] (PDF)

Tipton, Thomas Weston, 1817-1899 [RG4337]

Thurston, John Mellen, 1847-1916 [RG3517]

Tvrdik, Charles Francis, 1903-1962 [RG3511]



Van Wyck, Charles Henry, 1824-1895 [RG0844]

Vertical Files [RG5000]

Voegler, Douglas Gene, 1950- [RG3934]



Waldo, Willard H., 1912-2010 [RG4181]

Waldron, John James, 1936-2007 [RG3656] (PDF)

Warner, Jerome, 1928-1997 [RG4990]

Weaver, Archibald Jerard, 1843-1887 [RG3650]

Weaver, Phillip Hart, 1919-1989 [RG6047]

Wehrbein, Roger, 1938- [RG5566] (PDF)

Welch, Frank, 1835-1878 [RG4457]

Wenzlaff, Theodore C., 1903-1988 [RG3684] (PDF)

Wesely, Don, 1954- [RG0760]

Wherry, Kenneth S., 1892-1951 [RG3559]

Wickersham, William Robert (Bob), 1948- [RG5370]

Williams, George Arthur, 1864-1946 [RG3759]

Willkie, Wendell Lewis, 1892-1944 [RG1226]

Withem, Ron, 1946- [RG5062] (PDF)

Woman’s Bi-Metallic League (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG0719]



Ziebarth, Wayne W. [RG3531]

Zorinsky, Edward F., 1928-1987 [RG4240]

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