Nebraska Genealogical Society [RG1390.AM]


RG1390.AM:  Nebraska Genealogical Society (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Records and genealogical material: 1928-1944
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska:  Genealogical society
Size:  4.0 cu.ft.; 4 boxes


The Nebraska Genealogical Society was organized in the 1920’s in Lincoln, Nebraska, “to preserve the genealogical records of the Middle West and, wherever possible, trace the families of the Middle West to the eastern progenitors”.  To promote these ends, the Society published The Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, from 1928-1944.  On October 27, 1944, the members voted to disband the organization and discontinue publication of its periodical.


This collection consists of four boxes and one oversized volume.  The collection consists of correspondence, minutes and financial records of the Nebraska Genealogical Society together with genealogical information collected by the organization.  There are genealogies, bible records, county maps as well as vital statistics copied from newspapers, censuses, cemeteries and county records.  The collection is unprocessed, but a preliminary inventory is available.

Note:  See the library collections for issues of The Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record [978.2 N27] as well as numerous other genealogical resources.


Box 1

  1. Russell, Richardson, Parker, Parkes, Parke, Ward, Manning, Slanning, Lopes
  2. John Alden, Clan and kindred
  3. Woodruff, Owen Family
  4. Chase Family
  5. Mosher, Royce, Bruen, Porter
  6. Correspondence, 1930-1935
  7. Correspondence, 1935-1939
  8. Correspondence, 1936-1939
  9. Enslow, Gillet, Pelton, Forney: Baptist History, Correspondence, 1932-1939
  10. Bidwell presidential tract, copy of “The Lakeside”, various newspaper clippings, Mormon Tract, Methodist Episcopal Missionary Map (1887), Monmouth Democrat-11/18/1937, Sundry genealogical notes, Owen Correspondence, 1930-1939
  11. Wilson, Penn
  12. Book and newspaper references
  13. 2nd Presbyterian Church of Freeport Ill., First Methodist Episcopal Church of Stephenson County, Ill., Joshua Phillips’ Family Records
  14. Mayflower line, Gov. Trent, Jacob Polsley
  15. Index of Subjects
  16. Listing of genealogical libraries, Sundry notes and correspondence, Samuel Drake, Jehiel Murray Saxon, List of DAR chapters, Addresses
  17. Aylesworth, Baldwing, Bright, Bronson, Chambers, Cole, Dewey, Ellsworth, Glenson, Hammel, Harper, Harris, Henry, Hogaboom, Kellogg, Kniffen, Lyon, Mann, Mosher, Woland, Perham, Pierce, Porter, Powell, Reynolds, Shettler, Stiles, Washburn, Whitman; Seventh Regiment Dutchers Co, Militia- Colonel Cudenton
  18. Addresses
  19. Hughes, Grandall, Babcock, Burdick, Lewis, Hubbard
  20. Fairman, Lowry-Diary excerpts from 1850’s, Council Bluffs, Bellevue Mission
  21. School District records of Cass County, 1850’s
  22. Correspondence, R.E. Dale, 1932
  23. Mrs. Edward Howlett, Forman
  24. Conklin-Storm Families
  25. Royce- Beach
  26. Saxton
  27. Saxton

Box 2

  1. Miami County, Ohio Newspaper Notices, 1847; Meigs County Ohio, Meigs County Telegraph, 1857
  2. North Carolina Map, 1783; Nebraska City Newspaper items, 1864-1865; Nebraska Map, 1860; New York Map, 1800 (Montgomery County, 1790); Nobel Pension Record
  3. Otoe County, Nebraska- Nebraska City News, 1860-1867; Otoe County, Nebraska-Nebraska City Cemeteries, copied 1932
  4. Platte County, Nebraska- Marriages, 1858-1868; Polk County, Nebraska- Marriages 1871-1876
  5. Peoria County Ill.- Marriages, 1825-1840
  6. Westchester County, New York- Gravestones; Washington County, Nebraska- Desoto Pilot, 1857; Washington County, Nebraska- NE Enquirer, 1859-1861; White Pensions, The Plot, 1876-1878
  7. Chatteton Pension and War Record; Cumming County, Nebraska- The Progress; Cass County, Nebraska- Platte Valley Herald, Nebraska Herald (1865-1866), Plattsmouth Jeffersonian; Cass County, Nebraska- Death Records; Cincinnati, Ohio, Newspaper Notices, 1848; Clay County, Nebraska- Clay County Globe; Cheyenne County, Nebraska- Sidney Plain Dealer
  8. Schoharie County, New York- Gravestones; Seward County, Nebraska- Blue Valley Record; Saline County, Nebraska- The Opposition, Crete Sentinel and Pleasant Hill Notes.
  9. Drake, Wills, Etc.; Douglas County Marriages
  10. Bible Records: Bonham, Brazelton, Bailey, Butler, Bass
  11. Nebraska Census of 1854, abstract, notes, index
  12. Tuscon-Will, Freeport, Ill. Church Records
  13. Ingham, certificate of baptism
  14. Kenton County, Kentucky, newspaper notices
  15. Extracts from “Burkes Extinct Peerage”
  16. Bible Records: Ells, Ewing, Easton
  17. Bible Records: Gardner, Gray, Gaylor, Graves
  18. Bible Records: Harman, Hamilton, Harvil, Holden, Hunter, Harris, Hall
  19. Bible Records: Johnson, Jones
  20. Bible Records: McAlister, Maupin, Morris, Matlox, Mason, Mosher
  21. Family Records: Newland
  22. Family Records: Olmstead
  23. Bible Records: Phillips, Pilcher, Perkins, Peterman, Palmer, Potter
  24. Bible Records: Rowley, Roberts
  25. Bible Records: Scudder, Simpson, Saxton, Showalter
  26. Freeport, Ill. Grave Records
  27. Bible Records: Collins, Caryell, Cumings, Clark, Currie, Cawkins
  28. Bible Records: Adamson, Abbey, Austin
  29. Family Records: Dunn
  30. Family Records: Lyons/Lyon
  31. Coats of Arms- Miscellaneous tracings
  32. “Extracts from Reitstaf’s Armory” translated from French by Colonel B.H.D.
  33. Bonham Pensions; Brownville, Nebraska- Newspaper items, Federal Census (1860); Beatrice, Nebraska- Newspaper items; Buffalo County, Nebraska- Central Nebraska Press
  34. Bible Records: Warner
  35. Bible Records: White, Wikoff, Wilber, Willson
  36. Bible Records: Van Dyke, Van Valkenburgh
  37. Bible Records: Taylor, Tallman
  38. Bradford Royal Ancestry
  39. Index of subjects, bible treasury, wheat & corn production graphs

Box 3

  1. Correspondence to University Library c.o. Mr. R.E. Dale; Marriages in Richardson County
  2. Correspondence, 1932-1933
  3. Correspondence, 1931; Miscellaneous Articles: Throop Family Bible; Rulo, Nebraska Tombstone Inscriptions; Nebraska History; Nebraska Territorial Pioneer pamphlet; Congregational Nebraska, ca1905
  4. Correspondence, 1931-1933; genealogical inquiries
  5. Book Sections: “Congregational Nebraska”; The Pioneer Record, 1896; St. Johnsville Enterprise and news, March 28, 1934; Correspondence; DAR papers; Eugenics paper; Catalogue of St. Johnsville Enterprise; Mennonite Settlements in Pennsylvania; Settlements in Virginia; The Dutch in New York
  6. Financial correspondence, 1939-1941
  7. Miscellaneous genealogical inquiries, booklet on ancestry of Ray G. Hulbert
  8. Notes on the Caldwell and allied families; Hulbert genealogy; Zook, Bricker, Watson, Levers; Sue Dinsmore Worrall; Peebles; “The Ancestor”; 2 spiral notebooks; miscellaneous index and inquiries
  9. Barkley; abstract of Steven’s Parish of Caroline County, Va.; The Russell Family; The Alger Family of Maine; Edward Jones; Elizabeth Palmer; Burbage; Farmer; John Snelling; Elizabeth Paine; index and inquiries
  10. Irish
  11. Hunt
  12. Gleason
  13. Sweet
  14. Sadler, etc
  15. Dayton
  16. White of New Jersey/ Maryland
  17. Eschester, New York
  18. Pell
  19. DAR chapters
  20. Anderson, M.B., Kilpatrick, Edson, Shorwold
  21. Heraldry

Box 4

Spiral Notebook: Houston, Mickle, Dodson, Griffith, DAR information exchange, Steele
Journal Notebook: Berryman, Battaile, Haecken
Papers, Clippings, Castle Genealogy, newspaper sources
Black loose-leaf Notebook: Berkley correspondence, 1937-1945; Hart; DAR; Merrill
The “Every-Day” File: correspondence, 1930-1935; photographs; correspondence Mr. R.E. Dale, 1935-1939; Mrs. Lee Dunn
Cash Book: Financial statements, 1941-1943
Spiral Notebook: Hart genealogical research book
3 Spiral Notebooks: Berkley(Barkley) genealogical research books
9 assorted genealogical workbooks
2 bound scrapbooks concerning the Nebraska Genealogical Society
Records of Nebraska Genealogical Society (minutes), 1922
Membership cards with dues and payment list
Ficklin, Gillette, Lewis: genealogical research (see oversize)

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