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Brief Glimpses from Nebraska's Past




A Racing Novelity: Bicycles vs. Horses. A race planned for April 1889 between Buffalo Bill's cowboys on horses and three champion cyclists never occurred. (April 2013)

Abbott, Edith and Grace (April 1999)

Abbott, Othman A. (February 1999)

Accidents along the Trail - shootings, drownings, and other occurrences on the Overland Trail (November 2006)

Adams County's Michigan Colony (February 2008)

Advice to the Legislature

Agricultural Prospects - letters to the Nebraska Farmer, 1859 (February 2006)

Agricultural Trains - Burlington's Purebred Dairy Sires Special, 1924, and Profitable Pork Special, 1929

Air Brakes - in railroad cars (February 2000)

Airmail - to and from Omaha, 1920 (March 1997)

Airplanes in 1919 - The J. T. Stewart Motor Company of Omaha was one of the first airplane dealers in the Midwest. (January 2009)

Alexander, Hartley Burr - poet, philosopher, anthropologist (January 1998)

Almanacs and Weather Forecasts - A. L. Bixby of the Nebraska State Journal satirized the weather predictions in an 1899 almanac published by the Rev. Irl R. Hicks. (January 2011)

Alternative Crops (September 2003)

Alternative Fuels (August 1999)

An 1897 Election Romance - A political race for the Burt County school superintendent's job culminated in the marriage of a Republican officeholder-elect and his Populist opponent. (November 2012)

Annin, William E. (January 2005)

Anthony, Susan B., in Grand Island - Othman Abbott and his wife work for 1882 suffrage amendment (February 2003)

Anti-smoking Law of 1905 (January 2006)

April Fools in Omaha in 1886 - An Omaha barber, the victim of a supposed robbery, was among those fooled by pranksters on April 1. (March 2011)

April Fool's Lie - This 1885 spoof from the Omaha Daily Bee depicted a giant river serpent's death at Omaha. (April 2010)

Arbor Day (April 2001)

Arbor Day at Crete, 1896 (April 2004)

Arbor Day Origins (April 1998)

Arboreal Bureau - J. Sterling Morton's 1886 proposal that the State Historical Society establish a bureau to compile the history of all Nebraska orchards.

Armistice Day, 70 Years Ago

Army Laundresses (August 2003)

Around the World on Wheels Mr. and Mrs. H. Darwin McIlrath circled the world on bicycles, crossing Nebraska in 1895 from east to west on the first leg of their journey.� Mr. and Mrs. H. Darwin McIlrath circled the world on bicycles, crossing Nebraska in 1895 from east to west on the first leg of their journey. (April 2013)

Arsenic in the Candy: A Poisoning Sensation in Hastings - The trial of Viola Horlocker for delivering poisoned candy to the wife of her employer and sweetheart brought notoriety to Hastings in 1900.  (February 2013)

Art in Nebraska (October 2004)

Artificial Stone - concrete (September 2001)

Ash Hollow (December 2002)

Ashby, William H. - lawyer, civil servant, newspaperman, and land speculator (June 2006)

Ashland, the First Saunders County Seat - Ex-territorial Governor Alvin Saunders recalled the circumstances under which Ashland became for a time the county seat of the county named for him.  (March 2013)

Astaire, Fred (March 1999)

Aughey, Samuel - methods for fighting grasshoppers, 1877 (March 2006)

Automobile Camp at Elmwood Park - Omaha tourist camp in 1926 (April 2007)

Automobile Culture (July 2003)

Automobile Thieves (September 2003)


Bachelors' Protective Union of Kearney - A Kearney social club for young, single business and professional men was active from 1888 through the end of 1891. (March 2012)

Balcombe, Saint Andre Durand - pioneer Indian agent and newspaper editor of Omaha. (July 2009)

Balloon Ascension at Cushman Park, 1890 (July 2004)

Band Music - at Nebraska State Fair, 1888 (August 1998)

Banking in Nebraska Territory (September 2002)

Barbour, Erwin H. - geologist and paleontologist (May 1997)

Barns in Nebraska Territory - The Nebraska Farmer in 1861 called for more territorial farmers to build barns. (December 2009)

Barzynski, John (March 2003)

Baseball (May 2000)

Baseball at Cushman Park, 1889 (June 2003)

Baseball at North Bend - Cedar Bluffs vs. North Bend, 1895 (July 1997)

Baseball in Early Lincoln - Edward Manley's memories of (September 2002)

Baseball Sportswriter Insults, 1894 (May 1999/ May 2018)

Baseball in Nebraska City, 1870 (March 2005)

Baseball, Ruth vs Gehrig - in Omaha, 1927(1997)

Bauer, Harold W. - Medal of Honor winner during WWII (September 1996)

Beadle in Nebraska - Publisher Erastus F. Beadle visited Nebraska Territory in 1857. (November 2008)

Beals, Samuel DeWitt (February 2002)

Beating the Heat in 1906 - Sleeping outdoors in tents was one way for Norfolk residents to escape summer heat in 1906. (August 2010)

Beating the Heat in the 1930s - Ruth Godfrey Donovan's reminiscences of how Lincolnites coped with sizzling temperatures. (July 2009)

Beautifying the Farm

Beauty and the Beast - A Young Willa Cather was part of the cast of Beauty and the Beast, presented February 4, 1888, in Red Cloud. (July 2011)

Beauty Hints (July 2003)

Beauty Hints for the Honeymoon

Beauty in England - Praise for Beauty, a Durham shorthorn raised in Nebraska and shipped to Britain to promote the state. (April 2009)

Bedbugs - This anonymous lament of a sufferer from bedbugs appeared in the Omaha Daily Bee in 1891. (December 2010)

Becoming American

Bennet, H. P. - early Nebraska legislator (December 1996)

Bentley for President, 1896 (July 1996)

Bergstrom, Olof (January 2001)

Bernhardt, Sarah, in Omaha (August 2003)

Bessey, Charles E. - UNL professor of botany and horticulture voted into Nebraska Hall of Fame in 2007.

Bicycle Corps - 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps, 1897 (May 1998)

Bicycle Racing - Grand Island (November 2002)

Bicycles (July 2002)

Billy Sunday Cleans Up

Bird Day - never an official state holiday but supported by the Omaha World-Herald in 1899 (May 2006)

Bittenbender, Ada C. - leader in woman suffrage, temperance movements (February 1997)

Bixby on Football - columnist defends football, 1901 (September 1997)

Black Ghost - The specter of a veiled woman in black haunted Alma in 1902. (October 2008)

Blizzard of 1888 (January 2001)

Blizzards (February 1999)

Blue Rivers - Nebraska City News's praise of Blue River region in 1862 (September 2005)

A Blustery Thanksgiving in Valentine - In 1896 editor Robert Good of The Valentine Democrat found his Thanksgiving plans constrained by the weather. (November 2012)

Bobbitt and the Grange - Theodore N. Bobbitt's reminiscences in 1922

A Bogus Detective Agency - The "resistless charm" of playing detective made some Omahans the victims of fraud in 1887. (August 2011)

Bookwalter, a Model Farm Community - in Pawnee County, 1891 (December 2007)

Bootleggers' Carnival - Although both Iowa and Nebraska had statewide prohibition by May 1917 the manufacture and sale of liquor went on, providing a challenge to law enforcement. (May 2012)

Boyd, James E. (January 2000)

Brainerd, Henry A. - unofficial press historian of Nebraska (July 2007)

Brainerd and Furnas at the Fair - Henry Allen Brainerd and Robert W. Furnas viewed a champion hog at the Nebraska State Fair, ca. 1886-87. (August 2009)

Brandy Substitutes - The Anti-Saloon League offered alternatives to alcohol in 1907. (August 2006)

Brickyards - description of Schmidt Kirschke and Company of Grand Island, 1893 (March 2007)

Brooks, Harriet S., Woman Suffragist - Brooks was Nebraska's most senior woman's rights activist in the years just prior to 1882. (November 2009)

Brownville, 1859 (February 2004)

Bryan and the Japanese - Bryan and visiting Japanese trade delegation in 1909 (August 2007)

Bryan and the Russians - William Jennings Bryan welcomed several Russian proponents of democracy to Lincoln in 1907. (March 2011)

Bryan County (May 1996)

Bryan for President, 1896 (March 1996)

Bryan for President in 1920? - WJB refused an opportunity to make a fourth try for the presidency in 1920 on the Prohibition Party ticket. (August 2009)

Bryan in Florida (September 2003)

Bryan in Florida - WJB's last home (December 1998)

Bryan Still Popular in Nebraska in 1908 - WJB campaigned in Gering during his third and final run for the presidency. (November 2008)

Bryan's Letter to Mary Baird (June 2001)

Buffalo (June 1999)

Buffalo and Cow Chips - poetry from Trenton Register, Dec. 28, 1894 (September 2007)

Buffalo at Sidney, 1872 (February 1997)

Buffalo Bill in North Platte - Cody's return to his hometown in 1893 (May 2006)

Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel - Builders from Lincoln erected this Cody, Wyoming, hotel, named for Buffalo Bill's daughter, in 1902. (February 2007)

Buffalo Bill's Wild West, 1883 (March 1997)

Buffalo Hunt, 1871 - in the Republican Valley (November 1996)

Buffalo Hunt at Niagara Falls (October 2005)

Buffalo Hunt, by J. E. Johnson - 1860 hunt along Loup River (July 2006)

Buffalo Hunt, by Rolf Johnson (September 2000)

Buffalo, Protection for (October 2003)

Buffalo Soldiers West - NSHS exhibit (January 1997)

Bull Fight, The

Bungalow Filling Stations - Standard Oil of Nebraska's drive-in filling stations (September 2006)

The Burlington's Profitable Pork Special - Newspaperman Will M. Maupin reported on the Burlington Railroad's 1929 educational train to encourage the Nebraska pork industry. (November 2011)

Burman, Ellis - sculptor (November 1996)

Burning of State Asylum - fire at Nebraska Asylum for the Insane in 1871 (May 2007)

Burns, Robert - celebration of his birthday in Nebraska (January 2006)

Burns, Robert - his birthday noted in Omaha Bee, Jan. 26, 1876 (January 2007)

Burrows, Maud Marston - her interview of Nellie Bly, 1897 (May 1997)

Burt, Francis (January 2001)

Business Education - The instruction offered by the Omaha College of Shorthand and Typewriting in 1893 illustrates the change in business practice during the last century. (April 2010)

Butcher, Solomon D. (August 2002)

Butler's Compensation Claim - In 1889 ex-Governor David Butler urged the state of Nebraska to pay him $50,000 as compensation for his earlier removal from office. (July 2010)

Byers, William N. (December 2003)


Calhoun on Arbor Day - The editor of the Lincoln Weekly Herald complained about his friends' conflicting advice on how to plant trees. (April 2011)

Calvert, Thomas E. and the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad

Camp Clarke Bridge - built by Henry T. Clarke (September 1998)

Campaign Buttons of 1896 - The presidential election of 1896, in which Republican William McKinley defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan, spawned a great variety of colorful campaign buttons. (November 2012)

Camping Vacation - by J. D. Calhoun (June 1999)

Canning the Way to Victory - Housewives during World War I were urged to "can Vegetables Fruit & the Kaiser too" and to "Back Up the Cannon by Use of the Canner."  (October 2011)

Capital Removal - from Omaha to Lincoln, 1867 (March 1998)

Capitol (First) of Nebraska (April 1998)

Capitol (Second) of Nebraska (August 2005)

Carry Nation Debated Woman Suffrage at Seward - Joint-smashing wasn't the only item on Carry Nation's agenda during her visit to Nebraska in late 1901 and 1902.  (October 2011)

Carry Nation Tours Omaha - The famous hatchet wielder visited Omaha's saloons and red light district during her brief lecture tour through Nebraska in early 1902. (September 2011)

Cartooning Rosewater - Victor Rosewater described in 1918 how it felt to be caricatured. (February 2007)

Cass County Fair, 1861 - "Female Equestrianism" was the highlight of the event, according to the Nebraska Farmer in November 1861. (August 2008)

Casting the Ballot

Catfish (December 1999)

Cather, Willa (January 1999)

Cather, Willa - as Nebraska State Journal staff member (September 1998)

Cattle Drives (December 1999)

Celebrating Labor Day in 1890: The Butchers' Picnic - A butchers' picnic in Iowa turned rowdy after Omaha butchers challenged their Iowa counterparts to a fight-and then failed to show up. (September 2010)

Celery - niche crop in the Kearney area, 1901 (May 2007)

Census (April 2004)

Census of 1890 (August 2005)

Census of 1900 (January 1998)

Census Taker's Lament - A census taker in 1880 found it difficult to get accurate information from denizens of Omaha's notorious third ward. (September 2010)

Census Takers Wanted - Enumerators hired for the 1890 census were paid two cents for each living inhabitant counted. (June 2010)

Centennial County Histories - Nebraska communities were asked to have their histories compiled and read at local Fourth of July celebrations as a part of the nation's centennial observances in 1876. (June 2011)

Centennial Supper, The

Centoria, the State - an 1890 proposal to create a new state from the western half of Nebraska (September 2006)

A Certificate of Moral Character: Rosewater and Rosicky on Immigration - Two Omaha newspapermen, both Czech immigrants, differed on immigration policy in 1891. (July 2012)

Chautauqua in Scottsbluff - The North Platte Valley Chautauqua in 1908 offered "a complete, magnificent and varied entertainment."

Cherry County Divided - A proposal to divide the present Cherry County into five sections in 1911 suffered defeat at the hands of voters. (August 2010)

Cherry County Stories

Cherry Creek Gold (April 2004)

Cherry Day at the Watson Ranch - This annual event at H. D. Watson's famed ranch near Kearney once attracted hundreds of area residents to harvest the cherry crop. (June 2012)

The Lincoln Chicken War - by J. D. Calhoun (June 2002/ June 2018)

Cholera (April 2000)

Christmas (December 2000)

Christmas at Creighton, 1876 (December 2001)

Christmas at Fort Robinson, 1880 (November 1997)

Christmas at Fort Robinson, 1882 (December 1997)

Christmas for a Nebraska Soldier - in the Philippines, 1898 (December 1998)

Christmas in 1905 - Shoppers with plenty of money to spend on holiday gifts scooped up mechanical toys, "good" cigars, and jewelry. (December 2010)

Christmas on a Sherman County Homestead, 1884 (December 1997)

Christmas Parade, 1893 - Santa Claus leads procession to Hayden Brothers store in Omaha (December 2007)

Christmas Postal Rush (December 2002)

Christmas Shopping Season - increasing length of the holiday shopping season noted in 1907 (December 2006)

Christmas Trees Opposed by J. Sterling Morton - In The Conservative in 1899 Morton voiced his opposition to the cutting of healthy trees for use as holiday decorations. (December 2012)

Christmas with the Cumings - in Omaha, 1854 (November 1998)

Churning Butter - butter making in Nebraska during the early 1900s (December 2006)

'Chutist, The

Cigar Making (May 2001)

Cigar Making in Grand Island (September 2003)

Circus Wedding - marriage of two circus performers in Seward in 1883 (August 2006)

Civilian Conservation Corps (March 2000)

The Civil War and Nebraska, 1861 - The beginning of the Civil War on April 12, 1861, precipitated a call for volunteers to form the First Nebraska Regiment. (April 2011)

Clarke, Henry T. (September 2001)

Class of '73, The

C. L. Brainard at the Nebraska State Normal School - Brainard entered the school at the age of fifteen and taught grammar school students from the town of Peru as a part of his normal instruction. (January 2011)

The Clough Murder Case - A pardon issued on New Year's Day 1891 by Gov. John M. Thayer freed penitentiary inmate Warren Clough, convicted fifteen years before for murdering his brother at Seward. (January 2013)

Coal for Home Heating - A visit to Charles B. Gregory's coal yard in 1902, when coal heated most of the homes in Lincoln. (November 2008)

Coal in Nebraska (November 2003)

Coal Prices Rise: The Price of Heat in 1909 - Omaha coal dealers denied that the recent hike in the price of hard coal was a result of price fixing by coal dealers. (December 2009)

Coal Thieves (January 2002)

Cowboys and Art - an anecdote of Buffalo Bill's Wild West at the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. (June 2009)

Cody vs. Carver (October 2004)

Coffee Substitutes Included Carrots, Okra - Letters to the Nebraska Farmer in 1862 suggested inexpensive alternatives to coffee. (November 2009)

Coggia's Comet (July 2004)

Colonels in Nebraska (January 2001)

Comic Valentines (February 2006)

Commencement at Omaha Medical College (May 2004)

Commencement at Nemaha High School (May 2001)

Commencement - praise of 1889 graduates (May 1998)

Commencement Traditions Change - Omaha High School's High School Register in October 1901 disapproved of having a single commencement speaker replace traditional student "orations."

Communist Threat, The

Confederate Corn - from Jefferson Davis to Robert Furnas (June 1998)

Considerate Robbers, The

Cook's Cattle Drive North, 1876 (September 2001)

Corn Bread Day (June 2000)

Corn Contest - state

Corn Contest, 1905 (June 1996)

Cornhuskers in Demand - A scarcity of labor in northern Nebraska in 1906 forced farmers to pay up to five cents per bushel for corn husked. (Novemer 2010)

Corn Husking - by J. D. Calhoun (July 2001)

Cost of Living (July 2002)

Cost of Living, 1874 - Beatrice (March 2005)

County and State Fairs - C. L. Brainard's memories (July 2001)

Covington, Columbus and Black Hills Railroad (May 2002)

Council with the Otoes, 1844 (February 1997)

Cowboys (April 1999)

Cox, Samuel D. - newspaper and temperance career (December 1997)

Crawford - William E. Annin's description of (September 2004)

Crawford, Emmet - town of Crawford named for (May 1996)

Creighton, Edward A. (March 1999)

Crime - W. C. Brown, bad check writer (February 2003)

Crime along the Overland Trail (January 2004)

Crime on Streetcars (January 2003)

Crop Failure: The Ice Harvest in 1882 - "A panic among the ice dealers, brewers, butchers and packers" was caused by a short ice crop around Omaha. (January 2011)

Cruelty to Men - summer uniform of Omaha police in 1897 (July 2007)

Cudahy Kidnapping (December 2000)

Cuming City (August 2004)


Dairy Sires Special (September 1999)

Dake, Orsamus C. (November 2003)

Dance Craze - fox trot, bunny hug, and other so-called animal dances of the early 1900s (May 2007)

The Dandelion Rake - During the 1910s in Kearney, Ernest Gillette invented, and Charles A. Hazlett later manufactured, an implement guaranteed to root out dandelions. (May 2012)

Dangerous 4th, The

Dangerous Dollars - movie (December 2005)

Dannevirke - early Danish settlement in Howard County (August 1996)

Darwin Diary (January 2005)

David P. Abbott - Born in Falls City, this magician and investigator of the paranormal lived and worked in Omaha. (January 2010)

Davey Ghost - A "ghost" frightened Davey area residents in 1890, with one of its pranks the midnight operation of a threshing machine. (October 2010)

Davis, Dr. Byron B. (January 2000)

Dawson, John L. (August 2005)

Death in a Well - Seward County, 1877 (December 1996)

Death of Col. William McCord, First Nebraska Volunteer Infantry - This veteran of battles at Fort Donelson and Shiloh survived to return to Nebraska, only to die by drowning in the Missouri River after falling from a steamboat. (April 2012)

Defending the Cancan - The Omaha Bee defended public performances of a "risqué" dance in 1875. (September 2006)

Depression Living - Drought and hard economic times affected the lifestyles of Nebraskans. (October 2008) 

Diamond Dick Tanner ( August 2004)

Dividing the Land - surveying in Nebraska (September 1997)

Dodge County Seat Removal - Dodge County voters in 1884 rejected by a resounding majority a proposal to remove the county seat from Fremont to a locality called Centerville.

Dodge-McGuire Murder Case ( April 2003 )

Double Holiday, The

Dowsing for Water ( October 2004 )

Dr. Rustin's Mysterious Death - The shooting death of Omaha's Dr. Frederick Rustin on September 2, 1908, captured statewide attention but remains unsolved. (August 2012)

Drilling for Oil at Shelton - An ill-fated quest for oil near Shelton in Buffalo County between 1910 and 1915 ended in failure. (February 2013)

A Drink for New Year's Eve - In 1926 prohibition administrator Glen A. Brunson suggested a beverage for those who thought they needed alcohol to celebrate on New Year's Eve. (December 2012)

Drought and Depression in 1890s Nebraska - Charles H. Morrill's recollections of economic conditions in Nebraska in the early 1890s. (March 2010)

Drought in Buffalo County - description by B. S. Gitchel, 1894 (July 1997)

Drought Relief by the GAR ( March 2002)

Dry Farming

Dugout Construction ( October 2003 )

Dundass Overland Trail Diary ( May 2000)

Duren, Terence - artist (July 1997)

Dust and Snow - A dust storm was climaxed by snow in the Hastings area in March 1935.  (March 2009)


Earthquakes (August 1998)

Easter Blizzard, The

Easter Cards - The Omaha Daily Bee in 1887 described these "pretty souvenirs of the season" on sale in Omaha. (March 2010)

Earthquake in Lincoln, 1877 (July 2003)

Eaton Brothers - Webster and O. V. Eaton operated the Lincoln Pottery Works from 1881 to 1901. (July 2008)

Effect of Motion Pictures, The

Egan Letter (June 2001)

Egan, Patrick - Irish patriot in Lincoln (March 1998)

E. H. Barbour Recalls Mari and "Old Jules" Sandoz - Well-known geologist and paleontologist Erwin H. Barbour was an acquaintance of both author Mari Sandoz and her father. (June 2012)

Election Excitement in 1884 - Democrat Grover Cleveland defeated Republican James G. Blaine for President although Blaine carried Lancaster County. (November 2008)

Election for Nebraska Supreme Court Judge, 1891 (August 2000)

Election in Rock Bluff, 1866 (March 2000)

Electioneering in 1897 - Fusion candidates defeated Republican rivals for Supreme Court judge and two regents' slots in 1897. (April 2009)

Elections in Nebraska, 1886 (July 2002)

Elopers Flee Lincoln, 1877 (February 2001)

Emancipation Day

Emory Wyman and Compulsory Voting - Fusionist Emory Wyman introduced a bill in the Nebraska House of Representatives in 1899 that would have compelled all legal voters to cast ballots in general elections. (October 2012)

English Sparrows - One group of these birds was brought from New York to Omaha in 1878 by a porter for the Union Pacific Railroad. (February 2009)

Entertainment (January 1999)

E. R. Purcell Remembers Newspaper Career in Custer County - Longtime editor of the Custer County Chief recalled his early days in Broken Bow and Merna.The First Nebraska Regiment's Baptism of Fire, 1862 ­ The 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Donelson provides an opportunity to remember the First Nebraska Volunteer Infantry's role in this Civil War battle.

Excursion to Lincoln, 1868 (March 2002)


Fading Horse, The - The automobile's replacement of the fashionable driving horse was well underway by 1909. (Novemer 2010)

Fair Charmer (March 2005)

Fairmont Foods (July 2006)

Farmer Invasion, The

Farmers' Excursion to Lincoln, 1875 (October 2000)

Farming Soldiers, The

Fashion and Golf, 1901 (July 1999)

Fashion Along the Overland Trail (February 2000)

FDR's Visit

Films from Nebraska at St. Louis World's Fair (May 2003)

Finch, John B. (January 2002)

Fire Fighting, 1878 (March 2003)

First Nebraska Regiment - in Spanish American War (August 2007)

First Nebraska Regiment's Baptism of Fire, 1862 - The 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Donelson provides an opportunity to remember the First Nebraska Volunteer Infantry's role in this Civil War battle. (February 2012)

First Territorial Capitol - Built by an Omaha ferry company, the building "was a neat and substantial one, but altogether too small for the purpose intended." (September 2008)

First Territorial Legislature  (January 1947)

Fish in Nebraska - state fish culture in 1877 (April 2006)

Fishing Tale (April 2002)

Fitchie, Samuel D. (August 2002)

Flies and Livery Stables - unsanitary conditions in downtown Lincoln stables in 1907 (August 2006)

Floating the Platte river in Fur Trade Days (April 1996/ April 2018)

Florence (January 1999)

Flour from Nebraska - A forty-car trainload of Omar Wonder Flour, milled in Omaha, was shipped to Boston and New England. (March 2010)

Flour Mills - at Fort Atkinson, Winter Quarters (November 1998)

Flu Epidemic, 1918 (November 1999)

Flying High at Ninety

Folklore in Nebraska - Rawhide Creek fable (October 1998)

Food Along the Overland Trail (August 2000)

Food Conservation

Fool's Graveyard, The

Football at the Omaha Medical College, 1900

Football at University of Nebraska, 1895

Football Bowl Games - opinions in 1938 (December 1998)

Football in 1893 (November 2004)

Football in Lincoln, 1892 (October 2000)

Football is Dangerous, according to Lincoln Call (November 2002)

Football is Dangerous, according to Nebraska State Journal (November 2001)

Football Spirit in Nebraska in 1902 - NU Coach W. C. "Bummy" Booth's team went 9-0 and was unscored upon. The resulting student enthusiasm reached far beyond the campus. (September 2008)

Footrace in Lincoln, 1877 (August 2003)

Football in Wilcox, 1904 (September 1996)

Ford and the 1976 Nebraska Primary (June 1996)

Ford in Fremont - Henry Ford visited the Fremont Tractor Show in 1916. (July 2008)

Foreign Investors

Forests in Nebraska - state forestry exhibit at World's Columbian Exposition in 1893 (April 2006)

Fort Crook - description in 1896 (March 1998)

Fort Kearny - Sydenham's Memories (May 2003)

Fort Kearny in 1849 (April 2000)

Fort Kearny on the Missouri (July 2005)

Fort Kearny, 1860 (October 2002)

Fort Kearny, 1871 - call for preservation of its history (June 1997)

Fort Niobrara (February 2001)

Fort Robinson Hop (December 2002)

A Fortune in Spain-Maybe - In 1933 some Kearney residents received offers of $120,000 in return for a small upfront payment to a mysterious Mr. S., supposedly imprisoned in Spain.

Fossil Discovery from 1860 - Robert W. Furnas's description of I. N. Kelly's find about 150 miles west of Brownville.

A Kids' View of Fourth of July at Beaver City, 1897 (June 2003/ June 2018)

Fourth of July at Capitol Beach - More than ten thousand people celebrated with baseball, wrestling, shooting, picnics, and water sports. (July 2009)

Fourth of July at Epworth Park - Independence Day in Lincoln in 1907 (June 2006)

Fourth of July at Falls City - Isham Reavis recalled an Independence Day celebration at Falls City in the 1850s that included a roasted beef, speeches, music, and dancing by settlers and Native Americans. (June 2009)

Fourth of July at Pawnee City, 1872 (June 2004)

Fourth of July at Tecumseh, 1883 (June 2005)

Fourth of July at the Trans-Mississippi Exposition - A memorable parade, fireworks, and news of the end of America's war with Spain made this holiday special. (July 2010)

Fourth of July Fireworks, 1887 (June 1999)

Fourth of July Hazards - warning from state fire commissioner, 1912 (June 1997)

Fourth of July in Dundy County, 1922 (June 2000)

Fourth of July in Knox County - Independence Day in Bazile Mills, Niobrara, and Walnut Grove in 1878 (June 2007)

Fourth of July in Southeast Nebraska, 1884 (June 2001)

Fourth of July -  in Stuart, Newport, 1901 (June 1998)

Free Auto Camps - The Omaha Trade Exhibit satirized the "Flivver Hobo" attracted by free auto camps along Nebraska's roads in the 1920s. (September 2010)

Free Street Fair, The

Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad - H. F. McIntosh criticized the railroad for misleading prospective settlers. (December 2009)

Fremont Maps, The

French in Nemaha County (May 1998)

Friday the Thirteenth - Various superstitions connected with this day included those that actually regarded it as lucky. (July 2012)

Frontier Editor - Mark J. Kelley, of The Little Blue, editorialized in 1870 on running a frontier newspaper. (November 2006)

Fuel and Water -- The Housewife's Needs - Wood and water needs of farmers' wives in 1905. (January 2009)

Fuller Automobile (May 2001)

Funke Opera House (July 2000)

Fur Trade (November 1998)

Fur Trade - John Dougherty described the American Fur Company posts above Council Bluffs in 1831. (April 2007)

Furnas, Robert W. (January 2004)


Gaining and Losing: James C. Dahlman and William Howard Taft - The "Perpetual Mayor of Omaha" offers to send President Taft his secret for remaining lean if Taft will tell him how to gain weight. (October 2010)

Garten Institute - Dr. M. H. Garten of Lincoln treated alcoholism and drug addiction in the 1890s. (February 2009)

Gates Gridiron Greats

Gere, Charles H. (November 2000)

Ghost in North Omaha - A Chinese chef's tale of a nightly supernatural visitor in 1912. (October 2009)

Ghost in Prospect Hill Cemetery (October 2001)

Ghost Story (October 2005)

Gibson, George Howard (August 2001)

Gibson, Hoot (August 2005)

Gillespie Diary - The Gillespie family traveled from Nebraska to Oklahoma by covered wagon in 1899. (April 2009)

Gold Cure for the Liquor Habit - Dr. Leslie E. Keeley's nineteenth-century cure for alcoholism, using bichloride of gold, was widely imitated. (January 2012)

Gold Rush, 1858, by J. H. Presson - reminiscences of trip across Nebraska to Pike's Peak (July 2006)

Gold Rush, 1898 - Nebraskans who joined the rush (December 1998)

Gonne, Maud, in Omaha, 1900 (March 2003)

Good Old Clerking Days

Good Roads - Letter writers to the Nebraska Farmer discussed road conditions in western Nebraska in 1916.

Governor's Mansion - first (May 2005)

Grasshoppers - A Letter from Carlton (November 2002)

Grasshoppers - Othman's Abbott's Description (September 1999)

Grasshoppers - Lawrence Bruner's Campaign Against (July 2003)

Grasshoppers, 1876 - "F.N.C." of Buffalo County described a visit by the pests to his farm. (March 2007)

Grasshoppers and Concussion - One 1877 theory of grasshopper destruction debunked in the pages of the Nebraska Farmer.

Grave Matters - Housing the dead in 1878 and in 1883, including a new invention, the glass coffin, by Henry H. Barry. (October 2010)

Great Race of 1908 - Omaha clothing companies competed to have the racers wear--and advertise--their gear.

Green, Guy W. (July 2005)

Greetings from 1930

Griswold's Description of Corbett vs. Mitchell (January 2003)

Groundhog Day in Nebraska - Some Nebraskans believed that this little animal could predict the weather. (February 2012)

Gubernatorial Race, In Nebraska, 1892 (October 2001)

Gun or Packet, Which?


H. Winnett Orr at the University of Nebraska - This pioneer orthopedic surgeon recalled his college years in Lincoln during the 1890s by reviewing his itemized expenses from that period. (February 2011)

Hair Hoax - A Saunders County woman during the 1880s had a rude surprise when she tried to order a hair switch. (June 2010)

Halley's Comet - viewed in Omaha, 1910 (June 1997)

Hallmark Cards - born in Norfolk (December 1997)

Halloween in Hickman, 1892 (October 2003)

Halloween in Omaha, 1909 (October 2004 )

Halloween, 1883 (October 1999)

Harden, Edward - judicial appointee in Nebraska Territory (January 1998)

Hardy, Harvey Wesley (August 2002)

Harrison Johnson's History of Nebraska - Johnson (1822-1885) was the author of the state's first extended history, published in 1880. (February 2013)

Hartmann in Omaha - Leo Hartmann, anti-Czarist revolutionary, visited Council Bluffs and Omaha in 1881. (June 2006)

Harvey's Description of Nebraska - Augustus F. Harvey's enthusiastic description of the state's advantages in 1869. (March 2011)

Harvey, Turlington (January 1999)

Haunted House in Omaha - An Omaha real estate agent recalled for the Daily Bee his experiences with a haunted house in Omaha about 1870. (October 2011)

Hayes, Rutherford B. (February 2005 )

Hayes County Thanksgiving

Heat wave (August 2004)

Henry D. Perky, the Shredded Wheat King - Perky (1843-1906), a lawyer, businessman, railroad builder, and promoter, is best remembered for his invention of shredded wheat. (February 2011)

Henry Olerich, Utopian Reformer - Olerich (1851-1927), a little-known Utopian writer and reformer, spent much of his career in Omaha. (September 2010)

Hesse-Wartegg's Journey Across Nebraska (September 2000)

Hickman Gets the Fair - Hickman captured the Lancaster County Fair from Lincoln in 1892. (August 2010)

Highways, Named (February 2002)

Historical Marker - commemorating Bohemian immigrants drowned in flood in Red Willow County (November 1996)

Hoarding Hermits, The

Hobo Harvest Hands

Holden, William C., Nebraska Newspaperman - Holden, editor of newspapers in Harlan County, Kearney, and Lincoln, is best remembered for his muckraking style. (Novemer 2010)

Hollingworth, Leta (January 2002)

Hollins in the Black Hills - Letter from William G. Hollins to Omaha Bee on gold mining in the Black Hills plus Martha Allis Hollins quilt. (October 2009)

Speed Holman’s Air Race Crash​ (May 1999/May 2018)

Homan J. Walsh and the Kite that Helped Build a Bridge - Walsh, a Lincoln businessman, as a boy flew a kite across the Niagara River gorge as the first step toward construction of a suspension bridge there in 1848. (May 2010)

Horner, Charles F. - Chautauqua organizer (January 1997)

Horse Heaven - One of a team of horses died in Omaha in 1875 and was mourned by the surviving animal as well as its owner. (July 2008)

Horse Railways (November 2000)

Horseless Delivery Truck, The

Horses Yield to Tractors - This gradual transition was well underway by 1916, when farmers debated the issue in the pages of the Nebraska Farmer.

Hot Lunch Plan, The

Housing Problems in the 1850s - (October 1946)

How Hot It Was! (July 2005)

How They Hitch - A yarn from the Omaha Daily Bee on wedding ceremonies performed by a justice of the peace in 1881. (June 2010)

How Times Change, Thoughts on Christmas in 1925 - Christmas in town of Friend (December 2007)

Howard, Edgar (January 2002)

Howard K. Clover's Picturesque Career - Clover, a flamboyant inventor and con artist, lived and worked in Omaha from 1888 to 1900 before moving on to greener pastures farther west. (January 2012)

H. P. Bennet and Nebraska's First Territorial Legislature - Age and residence requirements were not strictly observed by members of the first territorial legislature. (April 2011)

Human Nature at the Marriage License Bureau - Anecdotes from "the man that issues the permits" in Douglas County inspired this 1900 article in the Omaha Daily Bee. (June 2011)

Hunger's Coffin - A seventy-six-year-old Lincoln man told a newspaper interviewer in 1914 that he had built his own coffin, placed it on his front porch, and slept in it every night. (October 2012)

Frontier Hunting Accidents (June 2003/June 2018)

Hunting for Food and Recreation - Hunting was important during the early days of settlement, according to W. A. Anderson of Ord. (June 2009)

Hunting Wild Game - Frank A. Root noted the excellent hunting on the prairie in the 1860s. (July 2010)

Husbands Wanted - Two "factory girls" from Kentucky wrote to the Gering Courier seeking Nebraska husbands in 1908 (December 2008)


I-80 150 Years Old (August 1996)

I Want to be a Submarine

I Want Your Money

Ice Cream Cones Seized - Federal food and drug inspectors impounded thousands of baked cones contaminated with boric acid in Omaha in 1910. (August 2008)

Ice Industry - cut from lakes and rivers (February 2001)

Ice Industry - the rise of mechanical refrigeration (August 1997)

Ice Union of Two Cities - In January of 1888 Council Bluffs and Omaha hosted sleighing parties for revelers who crossed the frozen Missouri River. (January 2012)

Indian Fighters and Pensions

Instant Town, The

Ionia Volcano (July 2004)

Irish in Lincoln, 1890 (March 2002)

"Iron Man" Sarg Cole - Cole, a Canadian stunt driver, survived five continuous days and nights of driving a car through Omaha streets in May of 1925. (July 2008)

Irrigation - State Irrigation Association meeting, 1894 (June 1997)

Irvine in Nebraska Territory in 1855 - Omaha was only one of many new towns along the Missouri River in 1855. (Septemmber 2009)

"It's Going to be a Stunner": Feminine Swimsuits in 1887 - Women's swimming costumes at Omaha area resorts included a blouse, trousers, and attached skirt. (August 2010)


Jackson, William H., Artist and Photographer (November 1999)

Jacob H. Culver of Milford - Culver was once prominent in business and military circles in this state and sold bottled Shogo Lithia Spring water from near Milford. (September 2012)

Japanese Invasion, The

Johnson, William E. (June 2000)

Joint Smashing Justified - Temperance leader Carry Nation lectured in Fremont in 1902 (December 2008)

Junior Normal Schools (November 2001)

Jury Duty - poor conditions for sequestered jurors in Lincoln in 1893 (August 2007)

"Just Say No," 1880's Style


Kansas-Nebraska Act (May 2002)

Kearney and Black Hills Stage - Kearney as jumping-off point for Black Hills in 1877 (March 2006)

Kearney Cotton Mill (October 1998)

Kearney Ghost Story, A

Kearney - spelling the name (March 1996)

Keep Up Your Fires! - 1874 admonition to homemakers (November 2005)

Keeley Cure - nineteenth-century "gold cure," chiefly for alcoholism (November 2005)

Kimball, Thomas Rogers (December 2000)

Kool-Aid (July 2002)

Kuska, Val (March 2001)


La Flesche Sisters (March 2001)

Labor Day Parade (September 2004)

Labor Day Parade, 1894 - in Omaha (September 2006)

Labor Day 1889

Labor Day, 1907 (September 2005)

Labor Day, Objections to (August 2002)

Labor Unions - Omaha bakers' strike, 1900 (August 1997)

Land Speculation in Nebraska Territory - Algernon S. Paddock's observations of the frenzied land speculation in the territory prior to the Panic of 1857. (June 2009)

Landmarks on Paper - cachets used by Nebraska communities to commemorate National Airmail Week in 1938 (May 2006)

The Last Buffalo and Other Hunting Stories - A. N. Ward recalled in 1910 that while on an 1881 hunt on Birdwood Creek, he shot what he believed to be the last wild buffalo killed in Nebraska.

Latter-day Saints at Genoa (November 2000)

Lawn Party, The

Leap Year Customs (February 2004)

Leap Year Masquerade Ball (February 2008)

Leap Year Once Viewed as Opportunity for Women - In 1896 women took advantage of a rare chance to invite men to dances, picnics, and other social events. (February 2012)

A Learning Vacation: Crete Chautauqua in 1886 - Practical advice from the Omaha Daily Bee for attendees of the Crete Chautauqua staged in July 1886. (July 2012)

Lease, Mary Elizabeth, in Nebraska (February 2006)

Lechery and Lead

Lemmon, J. H. - reminiscences of buffalo hunting along Little Blue River in 1860 (February 2007)

Let the Traders Beware

Letter Home, A

Lewis and Clark Expedition, Centennial Observances of (January 2004)

Lewis and Clark Expedition, Medicine for (September 1998)

Liberty Bell - Thousands saw America's Liberty Bell in 1915 as it was transported through Lincoln on its way to the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco.

Libraries - in Nebraska Territory (April 1998)

Lifeblood of the Nation

Lightning Rod Salesmen - in Nemaha County in the 1880s (May 2006)

Lightning Rods (April 2002)

Lilljeholm, John - expected dangers on the trail, 1849 (September 1997)

Lincoln City Council's Imprisonment - in Omaha, 1887 (June 1998)

Lincoln-Douglas Debates, The

Lincoln Lot Sales (October 2002)

Lincoln Penny - The year 2009 is the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the Lincoln penny. (April 2009)

Lincoln's Founding (April 2001)

Lincoln's Lindell Hotel - This premier hotel, opened in 1886, hosted many famous Nebraskans, including William Jennings Bryan. (May 2011)

Lincoln's Unsolved Homicides - In 1931 newspaperman Will M. Maupin discussed several "cold cases" from Lincoln Police Department files. (June 2011)

Linotype (June 2005)

Liquor's Last Days - before state-wide prohibition in 1917 (July 1996)

Little Egypt in Omaha - Was the "original" Little Egypt in Omaha in 1897? (May 2009)

Lives Risked for a Drink of Water

Livestock Transportation - Several Omaha inventors devised an improved boxcar for shipping cattle in 1879. (June 2010)

Lockwood, Belva, Visits Lincoln, 1885 (December 2001)

Logging on the Niobrara

Lost in a Streetcar - Omahans accidentally left behind everything from Bibles to a live turtle. (October 2009)

Lost in the Mail: Solders' Civil War Photographs - The United States Post Office exhibited 15,000 unclaimed photographs of Civil War soldiers at the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition in Omaha in 1898. (May 2012)

Love Letters, 1909 (February 2005)

Lowell, the History of a Boom Town (September 2004)

Lubber, the World's Largest Horse - The animal exhibited in the 1920s as the biggest horse in the world was born and raised in Holt County. (December 2011)

Luring Christmas Shoppers - Hardware and grocery merchants in 1893 tried to attract holiday buyers with artful window displays (December 2008)

Lyden, Pierce - Nebraska-born cowboy actor (October 2007)


Man-powered Paddle Boats on the Missouri - under Gen. Henry Atkinson, 1824 (April 1996)

Magic Among the Indians - A renowned magician accompanying Julius Meyer on a visit to the Sioux in the 1870s finds the tables turned on him when he tries to dazzle the Indians with his magical abilities. (March 2013)

Maher, John G. (September 1999)

Mail for the Little Blue - Mark J. Kelley, editor of the Little Blue in Jefferson County, criticized the mail service in 1869. (May 2009)

Major North's Blizzard - Minnie Freeman Penney's account, taken from her father's diary, of an 1871 storm.  (January 2010)

Majors, Thomas J. - This pioneer soldier and farmer narrowly missed being elected governor in 1894.  (July 2009)

Marriage in Hard Times - The Depression years of 1931 and 1932 saw fewer marriages in Nebraska than during more prosperous economic times. (January 2013)

Married in a Cemetery - The touching, if somewhat strange, story of a Nebraska cattle buyer who wed his New York sweetheart in a cemetery was probably a newspaper hoax. (June 2012)

Matrimonial Event - Wealthy cattleman weds queen of the Omaha demimonde, 1890

Maupin's Nebraska Tall Tale - Newspaperman Will M. Maupin's tongue-in-cheek anecdote of a fast-growing pumpkin vine that prevented a train wreck.  (February 2010)

May, Foster - in Nebraska radio and politics (April 1997)

McBride at Fort Kearny - J. C. McBride's description of the almost abandoned site in the May 1877 Nebraska Farmer.

McIntyre, Lydia - A well-known Omaha panhandler was remembered after her death in 1937.  (March 2009)

Meat Inspection (March 2004)

Melbourne, the Rainmaker - Frank Melbourne's 1893 letter reported his rainmaking successes at Grand Island, O'Neill, and Nelson, Nebraska.   (April 2010)

Memorial Day Parade (May 2000)

Memorial Stadium (October 1999)

Metcalfe, Richard - his newspaper, business, and political career (January 1998)

Meteorites - including sighting of February 18, 1948 (July 1997)

Midland Pacific Railroad (April 2002)

Midsummer Christmas Eve - Omaha's temperature on December 24, 1889, was the highest ever recorded for that date. (December 2011)

Millard Hotel Fire (March 2000)

Miller, George L. (February 2000)

Miller, George L., Reminiscences in 1905 (September 2007)

Missionaries to Pawnee - Gottlieb Frederick Oehler and David Zeisberger Smith in 1851 (May 2007)

Missionaries to the Indians - Moses, John Dunbar, Samuel Allis, and others (May 1996)

Mitchell, D. S. - photographer of the Lakota (August 2007)

Monarch's Sad Fate - Monarch, a buffalo retired from Buffalo Bill's Wild West, was judged to be too dangerous to exhibit to the public and was finally slaughtered, with Omaha Mayor "Cowboy Jim" Dahlman awarded the dubious honor of shooting him. (December 2012)

Mormon Summer Quarters - farming operations, 1847 (May 1997)

Morrow, Stanley J. - photographer of the Lakota (September 2007)

Morton and the Public Printer (June 2003)

Morton and Wilson, Nebraska Territory's Ghost Counties - These two counties, established by the Nebraska Territorial Legislature in January 1860 in an area now part of the state of Wyoming, had only a paper existence. (September 2012)

Morton as Secretary of Agriculture (April 2001)

Morton, J. Sterling -  by Kate Winslow Davis (April 1998)

Morton on Economy (October 2005)

Morton, Thomas (November 2003)

Morton's Buffalo Hunt (October 2002)

Morton's College Years (April 2000)

Morton's Praise of Corn (April 2003)

Morton's The Conservative (September 2004)

Mosby in Nebraska: "These Fences Must Come Down!" - Former Confederate cavalry commander John S. Mosby was temporarily assigned by the U.S. Department of the Interior to Alliance in 1902 to enforce federal fencing laws there. (August 2011)

Mosher, C. W., and the Capital National Bank (April 2002)

Mother's Day in Nebraska in 1909 - Governor Ashton C. Shallenberger designated Sunday, May 9, as Mother's Day in Nebraska.

Motion Pictures (May 2005)

Moving the Court House - from Hemingford to Alliance on the Burlington in 1899 (July 2007)

Mrs. Stanton Speaks

Mud Springs - This Morrill County site served at various times as a pony express, stagecoach, and telegraph station.  (February 2010)

Murder at the Lincoln Hotel: The Irvine-Montgomery Case - W. H. Irvine's sensational trial in October 1892 for the murder of C. E. Montgomery resulted in a verdict of "not guilty." (December 2011)

A Murderer's Pardon: Governor Poynter and John Benwell Kearns - Nebraska Governor William A. Poynter's pardon of penitentiary inmate Kearns in 1899 spurred statewide indignation. (June 2012)

My Dear Cousin Hans

Mysterious Man in Red - A nocturnal visitor alarmed an Omaha couple in 1876. (May 2009)

Mystery Grave in Boyd County - The body in a grave discovered in a field near Lynch in 2000 is probably that of Jack Richards, killed in 1895 for robbing a cornfield. (March 2012)


Nahum Harwood in Nebraska Territory - Harwood and two friends traveled West from Boston in 1856 to try their luck at getting rich in Nebraska Territory. (December 2010)

Nan J. Aspinwall, Western Entertainer - The horseback ride of "Two Gun Nan" across the continent from San Francisco to New York in 1911 was the career highlight of this sharpshooter, trick roper, and dancer, who grew up in Gage County. (March 2012)

Nation, Carry - in Omaha, 1901 (March 2001)

Nation, Carry - in Nebraska City, 1902 (March 1997)

National Air Mail Week - May 15-21, 1938, to celebrate twentieth anniversary of first airmail route (April 2006)

National Corn Exposition - Gurdon W. Wattles was the chief organizer of this 1908 exposition that attracted more than 100,000 visitors to Omaha.  (August 2009)

Nebraska Apples - at the U.S. centennial exposition in Philadelphia, 1877

Nebraska As It Is?

Nebraska As It Was, As It Is, As It Will Be

Nebraska As It Was, Is, and Will Be, by J. Garside - from the first issue of Nebraska Farmer in 1859 (March 2006)

Nebraska City Directory, 1870 (March 2004)

Nebraska City Fire, 1860 (January 2004)

Nebraska City, 1866 (July 2001)

Nebraska City's Pontoon Bridge (January 2000)

Nebraska Connections to the Battle of Bull Run, 1861 - Samuel G. Daily, Nebraska Territory's delegate to Congress, witnessed the battle in which former Nebraska City resident Phil K. Reily of the First Virginia Regiment was wounded. (July 2011)

Nebraska Election Trivia - youngest governor, first women legislators, and more (April 1996/ April 2018)

Nebraska Farmer's First Issue - The first number in October 1859 asked for submissions from "Agricultural, Mechanical, and Educational interests." (May 2009)

Nebraska Firsts

Nebraska Guidebook, A

Nebraska Hall of Fame (December 2000)

Nebraska Hall of Fame, Early Members (April 1996)

Nebraska Indians Baseball Team (June 2005)

Nebraska Legislature - memories of Nebraska's first territorial legislature (October 1998)

Nebraska National Forest (August 1999)

Nebraska Poet? - The Omaha Bee satirized Senator P. W. Hitchcock in 1874. (June 2007)

Nebraska Resources (February 2005)

Nebraska Territorial Fair Premiums (August 2003)

Nebraska Territorial Fair, 1859 (August 2000)

Nebraska Territory - A Trip into the Interior, 1858 (July 2004)

Nebraska Territory, by D. A. Chapman (December 2002)

Nebraska University (January 2003)

Nebraskans Urged to Help the Boers - Plans were underway in December 1899 and January 1900 to recruit Nebraska volunteers to fight the British alongside the Boers in Africa. (January 2013)

Nebraska's Bees - The Omaha Bee wasn't the state's only newspaper named for the stinging insect. (November 2009)

Nebraska's First Aviation Meet - Aviation pioneer Glenn H. Curtiss flew at the Mid-West Aviation Meet in Omaha in July 1910. (September 2009)

Nebraska's First Motion Picture

Nebraska's First Secretary of Agriculture

Nebraska's Seventy-fifth, 1854-1929 - In November 1929 Nebraskans celebrated the 75th anniversary of the creation of Nebraska Territory with a three-day event in Omaha. (November 2012)

Need for Daycare, 1915, The

Neihardt and the Bancroft Blade (September 1996)

Neihardt Book Review (February 2003)

Neihardt, John G. (April 2003)

Neihardt, Mona (March 2002)

Nellie Bly in Nebraska - her visit to Nebraska in 1895 (April 1997/ April 2018)​

A New Leaf for the New Year - A stack of discarded reporters' assignment books provided the Omaha Daily Bee with the topic for a New Year's Day column in 1900. (December 2010)

New Washington in Nebraska - Moses Sydenham proposed the relocation of the U.S. capital to "New Washington," to be constructed on the abandoned Fort Kearny military reservation. (September 2011)

New Year's Balls at Alliance, 1903 (December 2001)

New Year's Calling Cards - used in Lincoln in 1890 (January 2007)

New Year's Calls by Joseph Barker (December 2003)

New Year's Calls, by Clement Chase (December 2004)

New Year's Eclipse - A partial eclipse of the sun was the highlight of New Year's Day in Nebraska in 1889. (December 2011)

New Year's Holiday (December 1999)

New Year's Resolutions for 1907 - Tongue-in-cheek resolutions of Lincoln's leading business and professional men. (January 2008)

New Year's Welcome in 1914 - Some Omahans ushered in the holiday with gunfire--with painful results. (January 2010)

Newspaper Scandal and a Murder - The shooting of Myron Van Fleet by A. D. Yocum in Hastings in February 1892 was rooted in slander and sensational newspaper reporting. (March 2013)

Newspaper Portraits - from the Nebraska State Journal, 1888 (May 1996)

Newspapers in Seward County - by William H. Smith (March 1997)

Nicknames for Nebraska -1 (March 2003)

Nicknames for Nebraska - 2 (December 2004)

1905 State Corn Contest, The

'90 Census, The

No Irish Babies Born in Nebraska in 1912 - When the State Board of Health released 1912 birth statistics for various ethnic groups in the state, it failed to include a separate category for the Irish. (March 2012)

Noise Pollution (April 2003)

Norris, George W. (October 2000)

North Platte Baseball - The North Platte Telegraph urged formation of a town baseball team in 1906.

Not-So-Gay Nineties, The

Novel Flying Machine (December 2005)


Oblinger Letters (September 2002)

Old Cowboy Writes, An

Old Settlers Picnic, The

Omadi - ghost town (March 2004)

Omaha Bee Balloon (September 2005)

Omaha Clothing Factory in 1896 (February 2008)

Omaha Daily Union (December 2003)

Omaha in 1860 (May 2002)

Omaha in 1867 - description by de Trobriand (February 1998)

Omaha, Millard's Recollections of (September 2002)

Omaha-Fort Kearny Road (November 1999)

Founding Fronteir Omaha (June 2002/ June 2018)

Omaha's Prospects, 1857 (October 2002)

On the Road in 1912 --The Model T - Vivian Roeder recalled her family's first car driven over the roads of western Nebraska (December 2008)

O'Neill, Gen. John (March 2000)

O'Neill on Northern Nebraska - Gen. John O'Neill's efforts in 1874 to promote northern Nebraska to prospective settlers. (February 2009)

Opera Houses (August 2001)

Oscar Wilde in Omaha - The English poet and self-styled aesthetic spoke at the Boyd Opera house during a lecture tour in 1882. (October 2010)

Overland Coupe - marketing cars to women in 1924 (November 2006)

Overland Freighting by George Marvin (October 2001)

Overland Freighting by Herman Lyon (March 1999)

Overland Trail - abandonment of goods along (June 1998)


Paddock, Algernon S. (June 2005)

Paderewski in Lincoln, 1900 (May 2004)

Palmer on Freighting - Henry E. Palmer freighted to Pike's Peak in 1860 (June 2007)

Parachuting Accident (April 2005)

Parking Problems in the 1920s (May 2004)

Parks (July 2000)

Paul Wupper and the Beemer State Bank-The three-year, nationwide police hunt for Paul Wupper, accused of embezzling more than one million dollars from the Beemer State Bank, ended in April 1931 when Wupper gave himself up in Philadelphia. (April 2013)

Pawnee (October 1999)

Pawnee at Fort Atkinson, 1824 (May 1997)

Pawnee Foods (May 2004)

Pawnee Suffer in a Blizzard - The Fremont Tribune reported the fate of a war party of Republican Pawnee caught in a fierce blizzard in 1870. (January 2011)

Paxson, Joseph - physician to the Winnebago (December 1996)

Paxton, William A. (September 1999)

Peabody's Treatment of Cholera - Dr. James H. Peabody battled a cholera outbreak in Omaha in 1867. (March 2010)

Peace Ship - Henry Ford's diplomatic effort to end WWI (July 1996)

Peattie on Women Reporters - experiences of Elia Peattie, Omaha World-Herald reporter and writer, 1892(December 2006)

People's Party, The

Pests on the Plains: The Potato Bug - Next to the grasshopper, the potato bug was the most hated insect to afflict pioneer farmers and gardeners. (August 2011)

Petroleum Boom in Richardson County (September 2000)

Pershing for President in 1920 - John J. Pershing's unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination (January 2008)

Phonograph (May 2005)

Phrenology: Science or Entertainment? - A nineteenth-century pseudoscience had devotees in Nebraska as early as 1870. (October 2012)

Picnic Mishaps - Problems more serious than ants plagued these early Nebraska picnickers at North Bend and Albion. (June 2011)

Pigs in Plattsmouth (April 2001)

Pioneer Cooking - 1 (April 1999)

Pioneer Cooking - 2 (January 2000)

Pioneer Lawyers (November 2004)

Pioneer Life - building a home (October 1998)

Pioneer Recreation

Pioneer Social Life (June 2002)

Pitch Pine Posts (January 1997)

Plea for Parks, A

Pleasure Trip?

Plenty of Beer - An August 16, 1930, spoof from the Kearney Daily Hub about the popularity of root beer during Prohibition. (August 2012)

Plenty of Work - An economic boom in Omaha in 1888 fueled demand for workmen of all kinds. (May 2010)

Political Rallies, According to Pyle

Populist Convention Reunion - proposed by A. E. Sheldon in 1941 to commemorate Omaha convention of 1892 (February 2007)

Porter, William F. (March 2001)

Postcards (February 2000)

Potato Train - "The first potato special probably ever seen in the United States" started from Harrison on February 28, 1905. (August 2008)

Pottery Making in Nebraska (March 2002)

Pound, Roscoe - legal scholar (February 1998)

Powell, Doane - artist (June 1996)

Powers, John H. - 1913 recollections of change in Nebraska agriculture (October 2006)

Prairie Fire, 1864 - A "line of fire a mile long, coming like a great wave, at times leaping fifty feet in the air" threatened the John S. Collins party crossing the Plains. (September 2008)

Prairie Fires (July 1999)

Prairie Fires, by Rolf Johnson (October 2000)

Prairie Stoves - using hay as fuel (June 1996)

Pratt, James H. - rancher, farmer, land speculator, freighter (April 2006)

Preacher Took a Drink, The

A Premature Fireworks Display - A carelessly discarded match precipitated an unplanned fireworks display the day before the Fourth of July in Omaha in 1901.

Presley in Nebraska - Elvis visits Lincoln in 1956, 1977 (November 1997)

Prizefighting -- Not in Omaha!  - A proposed prizefight at the Omaha Athletic Club in 1893 did not take place.

Prohibition Amendment, The

Prohibition Party Candidates in 1894 - A woman, Belle G. Bigelow, was nominated for lieutenant governor long before women could vote. E. A. Gerrard of Monroe ran for governor. (September 2008)

Protecting the Pedestrian

Public holidays - protest against in 1890 (April 2007)

Pure Food Question, The


Quesenbury, William M. - artist and overland traveler (March 1996)

A Question of Business: Will Phonographs Replace Stenographers? - The Omaha Daily Bee in 1890 discussed the role of "The New Talking Machine" in the business world and asked, "Will It Force the Stenographer to the Wall?" (September 2011)


Rabbit Drives - in western Nebraska during 1930s (August 1998)

Railroad Ecology - railroads' needs for water and fuel (August 1997)

Railroads and Immigration (August 2001)

Rain in Nebraska

Rainmakers (July 1999)

A Real Romance - Practicality trumped love in this story of a "Real Romance" from the Omaha Daily Bee.

Red Willow County's First Thanksgiving - F. M. Kimmell of the McCook Tribune recalled that the county's first Thanksgiving in November 1871 included flapjacks and syrup. (Novemer 2010)

Relief in Nebraska, 1895 - Luther P. Ludden's report on State Relief Commission's efforts (October 2007)

The Rescue of Oscar Phelps - A horse named Oscar Phelps narrowly escaped a watery grave when he broke through the Missouri River ice in the winter of 1882. (January 2013)

Restaurants in Omaha - Eating establishments were "multiplying thick and fast" in Omaha in 1886, offering a wide range of foods and prices. (May 2011)

Rhubarb, The Pie Lover's Delight - This distinctive vegetable has long been a favorite of dessert and pie lovers. (April 2012)

Rhyming Recipe, The, - bread making

Ricker, Eli S. (January 2006)

Robbery at Brownville - by J. K. Baer, 1869 (November 1998)

Robidoux Pass (July 2005)

Roller Skating in Brownville, 1883 (April 2004)

Roller Skating in Lincoln, 1877 (May 2003)

Roller Skating Once a Popular Adult Pastime - Roller skating has gone through several boom-and-bust cycles since the 1880s. (May 2011)

Roosevelt, Theodore, Visits Nebraska, 1900 (May 2000)

Roping Elk - James E. Farley recalled an incident on an 1881 roundup in which a cowboy without a gun roped and killed an elk. (May 2010)

Rosewater, Edward (September 2001)

Rosewater, Victor - Edward Rosewater's son Victor and his career on the Omaha Bee (January 2008)

Rosewater's Christmas (December 2005)

Ross Letter - James M. Ross described his Johnson County home in 1868. (October 2006)

Rothacker, O. H. - newspaperman (December 2005)

Rubel, Maud - racial divide reflected in an 1894 murder in Omaha (November 2005)

Ruth vs. Gehrig - in Omaha, 1927 (November 1997)


SAC Memorial - chapel at Offutt Air Force Base (August 1996)

Saloons, Billiard Halls - Fass Brothers in Nebraska City (December 2005)

Salt Creek Basin (November 2002)

Salutatory - A. M. Church and the Stuart Ledger (March 1996)

Sand Hills Memories

Sandhills, Hawley's Proposed Reclamation of (April 2005)

Santa Claus (December 2003)

Santa Fe Trail (October 1999)

Santee Sioux Musical Band - musician and bandmaster (April 1997/ April 2018)​

Save Our Youth--Grow Watermelon

Save the Buffalo - plea by Nebraska State Journal, 1874 (December 1996)

Saving the State's Money - An investigation in 1908 revealed that state employees working in the Second Capitol were being supplied with mineral water at taxpayers' expense. (March 2013)

Sawyer's Timeline - Representative events from A. J. Sawyer's 1916 history of Lincoln and Lancaster County. (July 2010)

The Search for Better Babies - The 1914 Nebraska State Fair hosted a Better Babies contest that selected champion youngsters based on a scoring system similar to that used for livestock judging. (September 2012)

Searching for Prairie Gems

Searching for Smuggled Hooch

Second Territorial Capitol - Erected in Omaha in 1857-58 under architect William Rumbold.  (March 2009)

Seeing Lincoln: Civil War Veterans Remember - Abraham Lincoln's birthday in 1925 was the occasion for reminiscences by several of Nebraska's "old soldiers" who had seen Lincoln in person during their military service. (February 2012)

Seeing the Elephant (January 2001)

Selfish Young Men - Empty pockets prevented some men in Lincoln from escorting women to social events in 1890. (December 2006)

Semicentennial - fiftieth anniversary of Nebraska statehood in 1917 (March 2006)

Senator Cody

Sewing the Flag

Shoeing Omaha: "Attirement of Their Feet" in 1888 - Omahans in 1888 found footwear in sizes that seem small to today's shoppers. (September 2012)

The Shoemaker's Ashes - The Omaha Daily Bee in 1887 reported a cobbler/fortune teller's unusual request that his body be cremated and the ashes placed in his favorite saloon. (November 2011)

Should Casler's Grave Be Decorated? - Seward newspaperman William H. Smith in May 1929 editorialized on recognizing the grave of Civil War veteran Orlando Casler, hanged in Seward for murder fifty years before.  (May 2012)

Should the Government Plant Trees? by J. Sterling Morton  (April 1972)

Should We Pay the Rainmaker?

Sidney, 1877 (May 2002)

Silver Anniversary of Nebraska (March 2005)

Skating Under Cover: Kearney's Indoor Ice Rink - The opening of an indoor ice skating rink in Kearney in 1891 gave skaters the opportunity to enjoy a favorite winter sport in relative comfort. (January 2012)

Skinner, George B. (November 2001)

Skirmish at Warbonnet Creek (February 2006)

Skirting the Skirmishes - Indian scare in Lancaster Co., 1864 (September 1997)

Sleighing - Sleighs added ease and pleasure to winter travel over snow-covered streets and roads. (January 2010)

Smallpox (December 1999)

Smokers on the Campus (August 2004)

Snake Folklore from Louise Pound (February 1999)

Snowbound (January 2005)

Snowbound -- The Blizzards of 1948-49 - Irene Woodburn of Wausa worked as a telephone operator through the crisis. (January 2009)

Society Fads and Fancies - social news coverage in Lincoln in 1892 (October 2006)

Society Page (May 2005)

Sod House Construction - by Rolf Johnson (July 1996)

Sod Schooldays

Soldier's Christmas - Lt. Norman B. Curtice, stationed in France, described his 1917 Christmas observances there. (December 2009)

The Soldier's Free Homestead Colony of Gibbon - On April 7, 1871, a Union Pacific emigrant train, bearing members of this colony, composed largely of Union veterans and their families, arrived at Gibbon siding. (April 2012)

Sorenson, Alfred (November 2001)

Sorenson, Grace - Omaha author, publisher, of children's literature (November 1996)

Southeast Nebraska in 1871 - T. F. McCamant's journey from Omaha to Falls City by Missouri River steamer.  (February 2010)

Southern State Line - first survey of southern boundary, 1854 (August 1997)

Souvenir Spoons - The Omaha Daily Bee in 1891 discussed the fad of collecting souvenir spoons and described the first such spoon advertising Omaha. (August 2011)

Spanish American War (June 2002)

Sparrows (February 2002)

Spearman, Frank H. - Nebraska-born author of railroad fiction (January 2007)

Spitting Prohibited - The government began a campaign in 1906 to prevent spitting on the floors in federal buildings, including the one at Norfolk. (March 2011)

Squatter Governor's Inaugural Address, The

St. Patrick's Day Ball in Lincoln, 1878 (March 2001)

St. Patrick's Day, 1891 - The Irish-American holiday was celebrated with a parade and religious services in Lincoln.

Stage Ride, The

Stagecoach Travel - Nebraska City freighter William Fulton recalled in 1899 his earlier travels in "stuffy, uncomfortable" stagecoaches, which he considered greatly inferior to trains.  (August 2009)

Nebraska Stagecoaches (May 1999/May 2018)

Stanley, Henry M. - newspaper career in Omaha (September 1996)

State Fair, 1870 (August 1999)

State Fair, 1874 (August 2001)

State Flag (October 2001)

Stout, W. H. B. (January 2005)

Straight, Henry Harrison, Educator (July 2000)

Street Railways in Lincoln (May 2002)

Strong, Anna Louise (July 2001)

Students and the Saloon - Lincoln prohibitionists sought to use the issue of keeping liquor away from university students to bolster their cause at the polls in 1909-10. (December 2012)

Stunt Travelers - Nellie Bly, George Francis Train, and others (September 1998)

Sugar Palace (March 2004)

Sullivan, John L., in Lincoln (April 2005)

Summer Recreation - in Omaha, 1902 (August 1996)

Sunday Baseball

Sunday Closing Laws (November 2001)

A Surprising Foot Race - A local runner unexpectedly beat an outsider in a Lincoln foot race in 1890. (October 2008)

Swisher, William B. (October 2005)

Sydenham's Praise of Central Nebraska (February 2003)


A Tale of Woe, Divorce in 1900 - strident Pries divorce suit in Omaha (December 2007)

Tales from Frontier Courtrooms (May 2000/ May 2018)

Teachers - teaching as a female profession, 1903 (July 1998)

Telautograph - ancestor of the fax machine (October 1997)

Telegraph at Brownville (July 2000)

Territorial Towns (May 1998)

Texas Cattle Trade - the Omaha Bee's description of the industry in 1875 (October 2007)

The Textile Industry Goes to War: Women's Clothing of the 1930s and 1940s - Muriel R. Wilkins of Washington County reminisced about women's fashion during the World War II era. (May 2010)

Thanksgiving in Early 1890s (November 2003)

Thanksgiving in Lincoln, 1907 (November 2005)

Thanksgiving in Omaha, 1909 (November 2004)

Thayer, John M. (February 2004)

Thayer's Invention - Frederick W. Thayer, inventor of the catcher's mask in baseball, once played the game in Omaha. (April 2011)

Thedore Roosevelt Tours Nebraska

Those Fish Stories - The Norfolk Weekly News-Journal reported fishing tall tales from Verdigre, Neligh, and Valentine. (May 2011)

Those Jitneys!

Timber Culture Act of 1873 - U.S. Senator Phineas W. Hitchcock was the author of this act designed to promote the planting of trees. (April 2010)

Titanic - Nebraska passengers (March 1998)

Too Much Beef, A Football Complaint - York College defeated the Grand Island High School team in 1895. (Septemeber 2009)

Touring Nebraska Orchards in 1872 - J. Sterling Morton and other Otoe County fruit growers hosted the State Horticultural Society's summer tour in 1872. (April 2012)

Tournament Baseball

Tractor Evolution (October 1955)

Tractor, Square Turn - manufactured in Norfolk, 1914 (September 1970)

Tractor Testing in Nebraska - The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory was established in 1920 in response to a state law enacted in 1919 requiring farm tractors to perform as advertised. (Septemeber 2009)

Tractors (February 2002)

Train, George Francis (February 2001)

Train, George Francis, in Kearney - His brief stop in Kearney during his 1890 trip around the world. (October 2009)

Trans-Mississippi Exposition Centennial (July 1998)

Trans-Mississippi Exposition, Opening of (August 1998)

Trans-Mississippi Exposition Parade (July 1998)

Traveling Schoolhouses - schoolhouses on wheels in Sandhills (January 1997)

Trester's Travels - Lancaster County pioneer M. L. Trester described an 1869 journey from Elkhorn to Lincoln. (August 2008)

Trip on the Fast Mail - The Burlington's railway mail service in 1892 (August 2006)

Truck Tour - A demonstration tour of the latest truck models for farmers in July 1920.  (March 2009)

Turn-of-the Century War On Drugs

Twister Tall Tales - Several entertaining yarns from the Columbus Journal on the freakish nature of Nebraska tornadoes. (August 2012)


Umland, Rudolph E. - and Federal Writers' Project (October 1997)

Union Pacific Railroad (September 2001)

University of Nebraska, 1878 (September 2005)

University of Nebraska - by Edward Manley (November 2000)

University of Nebraska - by H. W. Caldwell, 1889 (October 1997)

Unmerited Request, An


Vacationing on a Budget in 1909 - Long Pine in Brown County was one of the locations recommended by the Omaha Daily News in 1909 to the budget-conscious Nebraska vacationer. (July 2011)

Valentines (February 1998)

Valentines from 1931 (February 1999)

Valentines, Comic (February 2004)

Valentines for Officials - Comic valentines, many with original verse, filled the wastebaskets of Omaha city officials in 1891. (February 2013)

Vandervoort, Paul - founder of La Gloria, Cuban colony for Civil War veterans (November 2006)

Vifquain, Victor (April 2005)

Vifquain's Buffalo Hunt (May 2003)

Visit to the Penitentiary in 1875 - An Omaha Bee reporter toured the State Penitentiary in 1875. (January 2008)


W.C.T.U.'s Crusade Against Drugs (January 2003)

Walker, Dr. Mary - visit of Civil War physician to Omaha in 1875 (January 2007)

Was It Murder? The Shooting of George W. Hollister - One of Nebraska Territory�s first recorded killings that resulted in legal proceedings was the shooting of George W. Hollister by Dr. Charles A. Henry near Bellevue on April 3, 1855. (April 2013)

Washington's Birthday - GAR and student celebrations before the holiday was merged in the popular mind into Presidents' Day.   (February 2010)

Water Shortage - dry times in Grand Island in 1893 (June 2006)

Watson, H. D., and the Watson Ranch (May 2001)

Way Back in '67

Weather Bureau in 1890s Nebraska - Newspaperman H. F. McIntosh in 1892 called the Weather Bureau a hoax and a waste of tax money. (November 2009)

Webster's Last Romantic Buffalo Hunt - In the fall of 1872 a buffalo hunting party in the Republican River valley included John L. Webster, Elmer S. Dundy, James Neville, Watson B. Smith, Lt. Frederick Schwatka, and Buffalo Bill. (October 2012)

Wedding Customs (June 2004)

Wedding in Photography Studio (June 2000)

Wedding of Mollie Dorsey Sanford (June 1999)

Weddings in Seward County (June 2001)

Well Digging, by F. J. Coil (May 2001)

Well Digging, by Henry Sands (March 1999)

Wentworth's Elk - Conrad "Little Buckshot" Wentworth trained and drove a team of elk in 1872-73. (October 2008)

We're Number One

What Are Legitimate Features of the Fair?

What Did You Do in the War?

When It Absolutely Had to be There Overnight

Which Baby is the Best? - Baby shows were once a staple of state and local fairs and church festivals. (August 2012)

White Buffalo Girl - grave at Neligh (July 1998)

Whitcomb, Edward A. - apiarist, newspaperman of Friend (March 2007)

Whitmore, Howard J. (December 2001)

Wild West of 1902 - Buffalo Bill's show included more than Western acts. (September 2007)

Wild, Wild West, The

Wildcat Banks (October 1997)

Will Pigs Help Win the War? - Herbert Hoover, head of the U.S. Food Administration during World War I, urged town dwellers to raise pigs to increase the nation's food supply. (November 2011)

Will the Governor Run?

Wind Wagon of the 1890s - trip from Lamar to Venango by wind power (October 2006)

Windmills (June 2004)

Winter - of 1856-57 in Nebraska Territory (February 1998)

Winter Travel - by Joseph E. Johnson (January 2006)

Wolf Bounties in Nebraska - The state suspected that collectors of wolf bounties were raising their own wolves. (January 2009)

Wolfe, Emanuel, Photographer (April 1999)

Wolfenbarger, Andrew G. (July 2002)

Woman Suffrage (January 2000)

Woman Suffrage - failure of woman suffrage amendment to state constitution in 1881-82 (July 2006)

Women Artists of Nebraska (February 2008)

Women Homesteaders - in Grant Co., 1912-13 (April 1997)

Women in Barbershops - By 1926 the barbershop was no longer a male domain. (July 2007)

Women in Institutional Management - The University of Nebraska organized institutional management courses for women in 1907.

Women in Trousers - new costume for "typewriters" in 1891 (October 2007)

Women Workers, 1916 (November 1997)

Women Workers in World War II - Selective Service official Guy Henninger pleaded for more Nebraska women to enter war production work. (February 2009)

Woodbey for Regent! - An African American woman, Anna R. Woodbey, ran for the NU Board of Regents on the Prohibition Party ticket in 1895.

World War I - Sugar Shortage (June 2004)

World War II - Airplane Mechanic School in Lincoln (March 2000)

World War II - Aviation Hangars (April 2000)

World War II - Crop Corps (July 2000)

World War II - Elmer Houk Letter (November 2004)

World War II - Omaha Citizens' Defense Corps (July 2001)

World War II - Victory Gardens (September 2000)

World's Columbian Exposition - Nebraska Day (February 2005)

World's Columbian Exposition - The Nebraska Building (August 2000)

World's Industrial and Cotton Exposition (November 2000)

Worrall, Thomas (December 2004)


Young, Whitney, Jr. - civil rights leader (February 1997)

Younger, Cole (July 1999)

Yuletide in Knox County


Zanuck, Darryl F. - movie mogul (April 2007)

Zest for the New Year

Ziegfeld Girls - Omaha men discussed "Flo" Ziegfeld's description of the model woman for 1926 (March 2007)

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