Marker Monday Encore: "Haumann Sisters: Lost in the Sandhills"

Six generations of the Haumann family attended the marker dedicaiton in Thedford on Sunday, May 1, 2016. From left to right: Alan & wife Ronda Haumann, Shari and husband, Warren Haumann, their daughter Hannah in front of Shari, Michelle (Hodges) McIntosh, holding her daughter, Hope, Janice (Haumann) Hodges, Chad McIntosh with son Luke, Vada behind Dave Haumann.

The Ruins along Highway 2

Highway 2 through the Sandhills is one of Nebraska’s most scenic drives. Deep in the Sandhills lakes country, near the tiny town of Antioch, stand desolate, oddly-shaped concrete ruins visible from the highway—as if Antioch had once been a much larger city, or home to some inexplicably large enterprise. And that’s pretty much what happened during World War I when Antioch became a potash boomtown.

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