Moving Image Inventories

The Moving Image Collections held by the Nebraska State Historical Society contain over 6 million feet of motion picture film and thousands of vintage videotape formats, all relating to Nebraska by virtue of their content or production. Moving images date from 1900 to the recent past. The collections contain many genres, such as home movies, sponsored and promotional works, public service films, local television news footage, and Nebraska-made “local talent” films. The content is particularly rich in agriculture and ranching activities, town scenes, domestic life, Native Americans, aviation, railroads, and Nebraska businesses.

Access to the collections is accomplished through consultation with the Curator of Audiovisual Collections. Moving images are digitized on demand, and there may be a cost. See Fees for Duplication and Special Access for details.  Media producers may be required to pay use fees; see Fees for the Use of Moving Images and Sound Recordings for more information.

For examples from the moving image collections, see the NSHS Youtube Channel’s archival moving image playlist.

See the following for inventories and/or shot lists from some of the Moving Image collections:

RG0039MI - Penitentiary.pdf

RG0782MI - Wilson, L.E..pdf

RG1658MI - Geier, Jacob G..pdf

RG1714MI - White Horse Ranch.pdf

RG1793MI - Hill, Lee.pdf

RG2039MI - Sheldon, Addison.pdf

RG2114MI - Kingsley Dam.pdf

RG3422MI - Cherry, L. Dwight.pdf

RG4169MI - German, Milo.pdf

RG4581MI - Avery Jesse.pdf

RG4664MI - Omaha Air Races.pdf

RG4692MI - Universal News - Disc version.pdf

RG4917MI - This is Our Town Syracuse.pdf


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