Nebraska County Atlases and Plat Books

The History Nebraska Library has a collection of over 800 county atlases or plat books ranging from the approximately 1885 to the present.  Of these, 147 are on microfilm. (Nebraska Plat Books on Microfilm).


  • The microfilmed copies date mainly from 1885 to 1947, though not every county has an atlas for every year. Donated copies are always considered for years that we do not have in the Library.
  • The Nebraska Atlases/Plat Books database gives a listing of most of the Library holdings to help researchers in verifying the existence of atlases/plat books for their years of interest.
  • Input a Nebraska county and a listing of all the years of coverage for that county in the Library are provided.
  • This listing includes cataloged/uncataloged atlases/plat books as well as those ONLY available on microfilm.
  • The Library has flat maps from various counties/dates that are NOT included in this database.  Contact the Reference Department for further assistance with flat maps.

Besides county, the following information is given for most entries:

  • The year
  • The title of the atlas/plat book
  • The name of the publisher

A database (Nebraska Atlases/Plat Books) has been developed to give an accurate account of our holdings and to help researchers in verifying the existence of atlases/plat books for their years of interest. The researcher may input a county and will be given a listing of all the years we have coverage for that county.


Nebraska Atlas/Plat Books Index

Enter county:


  • The County Atlas/Plat Book Name Index database allows researchers to locate name references within Nebraska atlases/plat books THAT ARE ON MICROFILM (see Nebraska Plat Books on Microfilm).  
  • Enter a Family/Person Name, County, and/or Year of Publication and all matching name index entries are listed.
  • Example:
  • Enter Family/Person Name: Stolley
  • Enter County: Hall
  • Enter Year of Publication: 1904
  • All references to the last name “Stolley” in any “Hall” County Atlas
  • Note that only one field is required for a search.  If you don’t know the County and/or Year of Publication, leave those fields blank.

The following information is given for each entry:

  • Name
  • County
  • Year of Publication
  • Page
  • Notes (Township/Range &/or other Page Description)
  • Microfilm Reel Number


Nebraska Atlas/Plat Book Name Index Search

Enter Family/Person Name:

Enter County:

Enter Year of Publication:


Long Distance Research


  • Original Nebraska county atlases/plat books are NOT available for interlibrary loan.
  • If staff identify an atlas/plat book that is on microfilm, you may have your local library borrow the relevant film roll(s) via our interlibrary loan program.
  • If you are unable to visit our facility to do research in original atlas/plat books, you may write to our Library/Archives Reference Department to request a search of these atlases/plat books. 
  • Email us: or write to us at Library/Archives, History Nebraska, 1500 R Street, Lincoln, NE 68508. This address or e-mail should also be used for general questions about our atlas/plat book holdings.
  • REMINDER: The original atlases/plat books may not always have their own name index, so a request without a township (precinct) or at least an address may not be possible.



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