Reconstructed Buildings at the West Ranch

Rock Creek Station became famous in 1861 when James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok shot and killed David McCanles over an unpaid debt owed to McCanles. 

Fort Hartsuff 1951

Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park is located in the North Loup Valley near the town of Elyria. 

Chadron State Park 25DW1-5

The theme of Archeology Month 2021 is Archeology in Nebraska State Parks. While Ft. Atkinson and Ft. Robinson have seen the most archeological work, we start in Nebraska’s oldest park: Chadron State Park.

Depositional Layers

The Nebraska State Archeology Office preserves, explores, and interprets Nebraska's archeological sites and other historic resources for the benefit of the public and the advancement of Archeological understanding. It acts as the clearinghouse for all archeological activity within Nebraska.

The Spring 2018 issue of Nebraska History is devoted to the history and archeology of Engineer Cantonment. The 80-page magazine comes with a membership to the Nebraska State Historical Society. Single copies are available for $9.95 through the Nebraska History Museum.

Here’s the table of contents:

painting of steamboat on river beside bluffs

painting of steamboat on river beside bluffs

How do you find an archeological site that’s been lost for nearly 200 years? Fifteen years ago, NSHS archeologists made the discovery of a lifetime—and they did it using some surprising tools.

 Half of a soddy, brought down by cattle after breaching the owner’s protective fencing during a blizzard many years ago.


Fort Robinson excavation, May 2012Visitors to Fort Robinson State Park (near Nebraska’s northwest corner) see many original

The Boyd County skull, showing what appears to be a bullet hole in the forehead.

Entrance to ford of Beaver Creek at the archeological site

Entrance to ford of Beaver Creek at the archeological site at left.

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