Vertical Files [RG5000.AM]


RG5000.AM:  Vertical Files

Records, papers, etc.:
Size:  13.5 cu.ft.; 14 boxes


The Vertical Files collection is organized alphabetically and contains information on a wide variety of subjects, people, businesses, organizations, etc. The information contained in the collection was compiled from various sources and may include pamphlets, brochures, reports, newsletters, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, maps, biographies, advertisements and/or miscellaneous other ephemera.

Note:  There is a second vertical file containing general information about various counties and towns in Nebraska.


Box 1

551st Strategic Missile Squadron Association

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge (Blair, Neb.)

Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON)

Academies — Nebraska

Action Coordinating Team


Agriculture — Statistics

American Indian Center of Omaha (Omaha, Neb.)

American Indian Movement (includes clippings about AIM Wounded Knee occupation trials)

American Interprofessional Institute

American Red Cross

American Study Forum (Omaha, Neb.)

American Veterans Committee. Lincoln Chapter, George W. Norris Chapter

Ancient Mystic Order of Samaritans (North Platte, Neb.)

Ancient Order of United Workman — Nebraska

Arbor Day

Arrow Airport (Lincoln, Neb.)

Ashby, Lyle Walter, 1905-1996

Association of Grocers and Meat Dealers (Lincoln, Neb.)

Association of Nebraska Community Action Agencies, Inc.

Audubon Naturalists Club (Lincoln, Neb.)

Automobile Dealers and Suppliers

Box 2

Bader, Lawrence Joseph

Baird, Bil

Baker Ice Machine Company (Omaha, Neb.)

Baker, James Hiram, 1880-

Baled-hay house

Ballantyne Company (Omaha, Neb.)

Bankers Life Insurance Company of Nebraska

Banks — Nebraska

Baptist Church (Belmont, Neb.)

Barnard, Harry Everett


Barrows, Pelham A.

Bartos, Stanley, 1883-1966

Bauer, John

Beach, Charles Carol, 1846-

Beaver Creek Sheep Ranch

Beets and beet sugar

Belmont Community Center (Lincoln, Neb.)

Bennett, Anne (McGrew), 1903-1986

Bennett, Wilbur Van Horne

Berry, Arelias B., 1880-1935

Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska (BRAN)

Birds — Nebraska


Bixby, Ammi Leander, 1856-1934

Blacks in Nebraska

Blacksmith Museum (Lincoln, Neb.)

Blizzards (see also OB008)

Bloomington Town Company (Bloomington, Neb.)

Blue agate (Nebraska state gemstone)

Blue and Gray Reunion Committee

Blue Star Memorial Highways

Bolte Manufacturing Company (Kearney, Neb.)

Boy Scouts of America

Boys Town


Bristow, Julia J.

Bross, Harmon

Brownell family

Bruce, Lars, 1877-1958

Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925

Bryan Memorial Hospital

Bryant, James Howard, 1866-

Box 3

Buckner, James Dysart Monroe, 1855-

Buechler, August F.

Buffalo Bill Rodeo (North Platte, Neb.)

Buffalo hunting

Bullock Brothers (Lincoln, Neb.)

Bures, Vaclav

Burke, Edward Raymond, 1880-1968

Burke, Harry A., 1896-1962

Burns, Joseph

Bus accidents

Business Mens Association (Lincoln, Neb.)

Buster, William Marion, 1838-1923

C.A. Swanson & Sons (Omaha, Neb.)

California Lunch Room (Lincoln, Neb.)

Campbell, Jacob Newton, 1864-

Canary, Martha Jane, 1852-1903

Capital City Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle (Lincoln, Neb.)

Carpenter, Terry

Carson, Johnny

Cathedral High School (Lincoln, Neb.)

Cather, Willa Sibert, 1873-1947


Cattle brands — Nebraska

Cavett, Dick

Cayou, Frank (Francis M.), 1878-1948

Cedars Home for Children (Lincoln, Neb.)

Centennial — Nebraska — Lincoln

Centennial — Nebraska — Statehood

Centennial — Nebraska — Territorial

Center for Rural Affairs

Central High School (Lincoln, Neb.) WWII Memorial

Central Nebraska Great Lakes Association

Chadron State Normal School (Chadron, Neb.)

Chase, Jackson B.


Chautauqua — Nebraska City, 1908

Child Saving Institute (Omaha, Neb.)

Children’s Code Commission (Neb.)

Christian Record Benevolent Association, Inc.

Churches, Baptist

Churches, Catholic

Churches, Christian Science

Churches, Community

Churches, Congregational

Box 4

Churches, Covenant

Churches, Disciples of Christ

Churches, Episcopal

Churches, Federated

Churches, Lutheran

Churches, Methodist

Churches, Presbyterian

Churches, Reformed

Churches, Seventh-Day Adventist

Churches, United Brethren

Churches, United Church of Christ

Citizens for Nebraska’s Future

Citizens’ Movement for Human Rights (Lincoln, Neb.)

Citizens Street Improvement Committee (Lincoln, Neb.)


Civilian Conservation Corps

Clark, Neil McCullough

Clayburn, Henry

Cline, Kenneth

Club, The (Lincoln, Neb.)

Cobbey, Joseph Elliott, 1854-1911

Committee for Better Local Government in Nebraska

Community Improvement Program

Community Peacemakers (Lincoln, Neb.)

Conference on County Government in Nebraska

Congress of Freedom, Inc. (Omaha, Neb.)

Cook, Harold James, 1887-

Cook, James Henry, 1857-1942


Cooperative movement

Corn Tassel National Emblem Association

Cornell, Fred D., ca. 1869-1942

Council of Women’s State Organizations

County seat fights

Covered Wagon, The (motion picture)

Covered Wagon Centennial, 1930


Crazy Horse Cultural Center of Northwestern Nebraska


Credit Bureau of Lincoln, Nebraska

Credit unions — Nebraska

Crime and criminals

Crowe, Patrick T. (See Cudahy, Edward A.)

Crowell Memorial Home

Croxton, John H.

Crusade for Freedom — Nebraska

Crusaders — Nebraska

Crystal Waterproofing Company of Nebraska

Cuban Land and Steamship Company

Cudahy, Edward A. (kidnapping of)

Curran, Sterritt M., 1832?-1880

Custer County (Neb.) — Newspapers — History

Czechs in Nebraska

Box 5

Daly, Joseph E.

Dams and reservoirs

Dancing Leaf Medicine Wheel (see oversize)

Davison, Charles M., 1907-1974 (see oversize)

Dean, Mary L.

Defense Day, 1924

Dejarnette, Major B.

Democratic Party — Seward County

Denmark’s Daughters (Lincoln, Neb.)

Dern, George Henry, 1872-1936

Deshler Broom Factory (Deshler, Neb.)

Detroit, Lincoln and Denver Highway Association

Dickinson, William W.

Doane College

Dobry, James

Donavan House

Douglas County Association of Nebraska Pioneers

Dover, Sylvia May (Groff), 1869-1960

Drainage District #1 (Richardson County, Neb.)

Dry farming

Duras, Victor Hugo, 1880-1943

Dyer, Jr., W. Earl

Eastern Star, Order of the

Education — Nebraska

Educational Council of Nebraska

Elastic Stop Nut Corporation

Elections — Nebraska, 1884

Elections — Nebraska, 1966

Elections — Nebraska, 1972

Elections — Nebraska — Contests

Electric cooperatives

Elks, Benevolent and Protective Order Of

Emigration and Immigration — Nebraska

Engineers Club of Omaha (Omaha, Neb.)

Entwistle, ?

Enyart, Logan, 1831-1912

Epworth League, Nebraska Conference

Epworth Park (Lincoln, Neb.)

Estabrook, Henry D.

Estey, William Andrew, 1835-1913

Estray horses

Fairbrother, Al, 1860-1930

Family Service Association (Lincoln, Neb.)

Farm Mobilization Day

Farmer-Labor Party — Nebraska

Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance Company

Farmers’ Mutual Canal Company (Scottsbluff, Nebraska)

Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Nebraska

Farmers National Company (Omaha, Neb.)

Farmers & Merchants Insurance Company (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Farris, James Robert, 1875-1955

Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska



Field Club of Omaha (Omaha, Neb.)

Fisher, Dorothy Canfield, 1879-1958

Fitzpatrick, Thomas Jefferson, 1868-1952

Fleming Manufacturing Company (Hastings, Neb.)


Floods — Republican Valley

Box 6

Fontenelle Forest

Ford, Gerald Rudolph, Jr., 1913-

Fort Butler, Nebraska

Fort Montrose, Nebraska

Fort Randall, South Dakota

Fortnightly Club of Lincoln

Fouts, William D., Ca. 1816-1865

Freedom Volunteers

Freeman, Daniel, 1826-1908


Fremont, Elkhorn, and Missouri Valley Railroad

Fry, Edwin Augustus, 1851-1936

Galveston, Texas

Gaslin, William, 1827-1910

General German Colonization Society

German American National Bund. Nebraska

German-American Alliance of Nebraska

Germans in Nebraska

Ghost towns

Giddings, Napoleon Bonaparte, 1816-1897

Gillaspie, Robert F. “Arkansas Bob,” 1861-1906

Gillett & Strong (North Platte, Neb.)

Goding, Luther L., 1884-1995

Gooch Flour Mill (Lincoln, Neb.)

Good, Edward E., 1862-1937

Goodwill Industries

Goss, Charles A., 1863-1938

Gould, Charlotte A., Ca. 1843-1929

Grand Army of the Republic


Great Plains Prairie Parkway

Great Platte River Road Archway Monument (Kearney, Neb.)

Greater America Exposition

Green, C.A.

Greenback Party

Grief Center (Lincoln, Neb.)

Guarantee Fund Life Association (Omaha, Neb.)

Gunn, Lucian L.

Gurney, Harlan A.

Gymnastic Unit Sokolice Omaha

Haas, Charles C.

Hagenow, August, 1859-1948

Hail, Susan O., 1818-1852

Hall, Ruth Gaines

Hamilton, Judge Charles C.

Hammond, A.H.

Hanscom Park Garden Club (Omaha, Neb.)

Hanson, Fred T.

Hanson, Howard Harold, 1896-1981

Hanson, James Ferdinand, 1857-1930

Happy Hour Club (Louisville, Neb.)

Hardy, Albert Howard, -1950

Harrop, Roy M., ca. 1884-1971

Hastings, George Henry, 1848-1926

Box 7

Hattie B. Munroe Home for Convalescing Crippled Children (Omaha, Neb.)

Hawxby, Frederick George, 1871-1954

Hay calculator

Hedges, Jesse W., -1911

Helmer, Adolph R.

Higgins, Andrew J. (Andrew Jackson), 1886-1952

Highway 70

Highway Maintainer Company (Havelock, Neb.)

Hillcrest Country Club (Lincoln, Neb.)

Hiram Scott College

Hirsch, M. Mathilde, 1882-1952

Hoffmeister, Max

Home building

Home for The Friendless (Lincoln, Neb.)

Homestead National Monument of America

Hopping, Mary E.

Hospitals — Nebraska

Hotel Lincoln (Lincoln, Neb.)

Housing — Nebraska — Lincoln

Howard’s Day

Howe, Edgar Watson, 1853-1937

Huguenot Society of Nebraska

Human Betterment League of Nebraska

Humphrey, Hubert Horatio, 1911-1978

Hunt, Robert Sanford, 1872-1957


Imperial Order of Muscovites (North Platte, Neb.)

Independent Order of Odd Fellows (various lodges)

Indians of North America — Government relations

Indians of North America — Missions

International Friendship, Mayor’s Committee for (Lincoln, Neb.)

Iowa-Nebraska Light and Power Company

Irish, Orsamus H., 1831-1883


J.C. Robinson Seed Company (Waterloo, Neb.)

Jack, Olive Maude, -1940

James, Jesse Woodson, 1847-1882

Jeambey, Edward Louis, 1893-1974

Jeary, Clark, 1892-1959

Jeffersonian Club (Lincoln, Neb.)

Jenks, William

Johnson, Alvin Saunders, 1874-1971

Joy, Oliver Terrill, 1902-1987

Junior League of Omaha

Juvenile courts

Kano, Hiram Hisanori

Kansas-Nebraska Act (see also oversize)

Kemeys, Edward, 1843-1907

Kennedy, Robert Francis, 1925-1968

Kilroy, Joseph A.

Kinkaid Act

Kiwanis Club

Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben

Knights of Pythias (Fremont, Neb.)

Knights of Pythias (Neb.)

KOLN Television (Lincoln, Neb.)

Kooser, Ted, 1939-

Ku Klux Klan

Kuroki, Ben

Box 8

Ladies Columbian Reading Club (Rushville, Neb.)

Lancaster County Cemetery Association

Lancaster County Council of Veterans Affairs

Lancaster County Historical Society (Lancaster County, Neb.)

Lancaster County Tuberculosis Association (Lancaster County, Neb.)

Lavender, Luke, Ca. 1817-1894

League of Nations Associations (Neb.)

League to Enforce Peace, Nebraska Committee

Lee, Don Arthur, 1917-1953

Legislative Farm Bloc

Liberty Amendment

Liberty Bell

Lieurance, Thurlow, 1878-1963

Lincoln Academy (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Aeronautical Institute (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Alliance (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Bar Association (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Baseball Club (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Book Fair (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Boys Choir (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Cathedral (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Civic Progress Association (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Coin Club (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Community Chest (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Conference on World Affairs (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Co-operative Health Association, Inc. (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Council Manager League (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Council on Human Relations (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Country Club (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Folk and Square Dance Council (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln High School (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Highway

Lincoln Inaction

Lincoln Journal Star (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Monument

Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Oratorio Society (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Photo Supply Company (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Post Office (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Press Club (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Rotary Club #14 (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Singfest Committee (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Teachers Association (Lincoln, Neb.)

Box 9


Loup City riot, 1934 (Loup City, Neb.)

Love, Don L., 1863-1940

Luckey, Henry Carl

Luedtke, Roland A., 1924-

Luther College (Wahoo, Neb.)

Lutheran Welfare Council of Nebraska

Magee, Wayland Wells, 1881-

Magna Charta Dames (Neb.)

Magoon, Charles E., 1861-1920

Mallalieu University (Bartley, Neb.)

Malone Community Center (Lincoln, Neb.)

Mann, Newton M., 1836-1926

Marietta Town Company

Marquett, Turner Martin, 1829-1894

Marshall Company (Arlington, Neb.)

Martin, Bennett S.

Massacre Canyon

Matinee Musicale (Lincoln, Neb.)

McAnulty, George W., 1852-1940

McCarthy, Eugene, 1916-

McCarty, Luther, 1892-1913

McConihe, John, 1834-1864

McKelvie Family

McPherson Normal College (Republican City, Neb.)

Medals, Nebraska Indian War

Medicine — History — Nebraska — Omaha

Medicine Creek Reservoir (Neb.)

Meier, Henry A., 1874-1953

Memorial Athenaeum International (Lincoln, Neb.)

Mercer, David Henry, 1857-1919

Merry Manor School of Childhood (Lincoln, Neb.)

Metropolitan Utilities District (Omaha, Neb.)

Middleton, Doc (David Cherry), 1849-1913

Midwest Bible School (Auburn, Neb.)

Midwest Life Insurance Company (Lincoln, Neb.)

Miles, Clarence Gillespie, 1887-1959

Military education

Mill Boy (Civil War steamship)

Miller, Louise Tinsley

Mills and mill-work

Milner, Moses Embree “California Joe,” 1829-1876

Mirage Flats Irrigation Project

Miss Nebraska Pageant

Missouri River navigation

Missouri River Navigation Association

Missouri Valley Authority

Moomaw, Leonidas Austin

Mormons — Nebraska

Morning, William McClellan, 1863-1924

Morrill, Charles Henry, ca. 1843-1928

Mosby, John S., 1833-1916

Movius, Clemens, 1870-1966

Munger family

Mutual Insurance Companies

Mutual Live Stock Commission Company (Omaha, Neb.)

Myers, Frank A., 1880-1962(?)

Box 10

Names, geographical — Nebraska

National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Inc.

National Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations — Nebraska

National Creamery Buttermakers’ Association

National Editorial Association

National Guard Association of Nebraska

National Red Stamp Co.

National Seed & Import Co. (Omaha, Neb.)

Near South Neighborhood Association (Lincoln, Neb.)

Nebraska — Description and travel

Nebraska Advertising Commission

Nebraska Alumni Association of Workers for the Blind

Nebraska Archery Association

Nebraska Architect’s Association

Nebraska Association

Nebraska Association of Meat Processors

Nebraska Association of Postmasters

Nebraska Association of Retired School Personnel (NARSP)

Nebraska Association of School Boards

Nebraska Association of Small Loan Companies (Lincoln, Neb.)

Nebraska Business Hall of Fame

Nebraska Census Records

Nebraska Children’s Home Society (Omaha, Nebraska)

Nebraska Christian Endeavor Union

Nebraska Citizens Committee for the Nebraska Merit Plan

Nebraska City Academy (Nebraska City, Neb.)

Nebraska City News (Nebraska City, Neb.)

Nebraska City Pontoon Bridge (Nebraska City, Neb.)

Nebraska Committee for Economic Freedom (Lincoln, Neb.)

Nebraska Conference in the Interest of Religious Education

Nebraska Consolidated Communications Corporation (Lincoln, Neb.)

Nebraska Crop Growers’ Association

Nebraska Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Nebraska Direct Legislation League

Nebraska Educational League

Nebraska Emergency Relief Administration

Nebraska Epworth Assembly

Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation

Nebraska Farmers Union (see also oversize)

Nebraska Folk and Square Dance Association

Nebraska Folklore Society

Nebraska Foreign Language Association

Nebraska Gasoline Tax Exemption Association

Nebraska Good Roads Association (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Nebraska High School Athletic Association

Nebraska High School Debating League

Nebraska Honey Producers Association

Nebraska Legislative League

Nebraska Marching Band Festival

Nebraska Motel Association

Nebraska Motor Carriers’ Association

Nebraska Music Teachers Association

Nebraska National Forest (Halsey, Neb.)

Nebraska National Guard

Nebraska Navy

Nebraska Old Age Pension Association

Nebraska Optometric Association

Nebraska Ornithologists Union

Nebraska Peace Celebration Commission

Nebraska Petroleum Council

Nebraska Pioneers in Tax and Debt Freedom

Nebraska Pork Producers Association

Nebraska Prairie Appreciation Week

Nebraska Public Radio

Nebraska Reclamation Association

Nebraska Semi-Centennial Celebration

Nebraska Society of Mayflower Descendants

Nebraska State Custodians Association

Nebraska State Employment Service

Box 11

Nebraska State Highway Road Marker

Nebraska State Retired Teachers Association

Nebraska State Square & Round Dance Association

Nebraska Sunday School Association

Nebraska Tax Facts Committee

Nebraska Tobacco Growers Association

Nebraska Welcoming Committee

Nebraska Women’s Educational Club

Nebraska Young Americans for Freedom

Nebraska: The State of Opportunity


NEBRASKAland Youth Hostel Club

Neighborhood Youth Corps

Newspaper Carriers’ Annual New Year’s Day Addresses (see also oversize)

Nineteenth Century Club (Kearney, Neb.)

Niobrara River

Niobrara Valley I.O.O.F. Association (Lynch, Neb.)

Norfolk Business College (Norfolk, Neb.)

North Platte Valley Water Users Association

Nursery Hill Monument (Syracuse, Neb.)

Nursing homes

Occupy Lincoln (Lincoln, Neb.)

Offutt Air Force Base (Omaha, Neb.)

Oil — Nebraska

Old Oregon Trail Centennial, 1943

Olive, Isom Prentice, 1839?-1886

Omaha Athletic Club (Omaha, Neb.)

Omaha Business Woman’s Club (Omaha, Neb.)

Omaha Centennial Committee (Omaha, Neb.)

Omaha Chamber of Commerce (Omaha, Neb.)

Omaha City Mission Society (Omaha, Neb.)

Omaha Community Chest (Omaha, Neb.)

Omaha Home for Boys (Omaha, Neb.)

Omaha Indians

Omaha Industrial Foundation (Omaha, Neb.)

Omaha tornado, 1913

Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, Inc. (OTHRP)

Omaha Woman’s Club (Omaha, Neb.)

Omaha World Herald (Omaha, Neb.)

Omaha, Neb. — Politics and government

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail Memorial Association

Orme, Fern Hubbard, 1903-

Otoe and Missouria Indians

Page, John C.


Paine, Bartlett L., Ca 1855-1921

Pawnee Indians

Pennsylvania Society of Omaha (Omaha, Neb.)

Pershing Auditorium (Lincoln Neb.) [See also the dedication program]

Pettis, Marian


Box 12

Pierce, W.P.

Pioneer Gavel Club #48 (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Pla-Co Pork Producers

Platte Institute for Economic Research

Platte River Whooping Crane Habitat Maintenance Trust, Inc.

Platte Valley’s Civic Music Association (Big Springs, Neb.)

Populist Party

Port Huron Machinery & Supply Co. (Lincoln, Neb.)

Postal history — Nebraska


Poynter, William Amos, 1848-1909

Price, Thomas E., 1839-

Prisoner of war (POW) camps (Neb.)

Progress for Nebraska with LB1059 Committee

Railroad Brotherhoods

Railroads — Nebraska


Randolph High School (Randolph, Neb.)

Rankin, David, 1825-1910 (PDF)

Ravenscroft, Thurl Arthur, 1914-2005

Red Cockatoo, The

Reeves, Elmer Howard

Register Cliff

Rehabilitation Association of Nebraska

Republican Valley — Nebraska — History

Richardson County Teachers Association (Richardson County, Neb.)

Righter, Charles Boardman, 1896-1997

Riverfront Communities Development Foundation (Omaha, Neb.) [see also OB008]

Rivington, Tom, 1850-1939

Roads — Nebraska

Robber’s Cave (Lincoln, Neb.)

Robinette Farms (Martell, Neb.)

Rohde, Ruth Bryan Owen, 1885-1954

Round Table Club (Lincoln, Neb.)

Rowbotham, Richard (Barney), 1898-1968

Rural Electrification Administration

Salt-Wahoo Watershed District

Sandhills — Nebraska

Scandinavian-Americans — Nebraska

Schoolhouses — Travelling

Schudel, Paul M.

Scott, Barrett, 1842-1894

Scott, John Tucker

Scully, William, -1906

Seacrest, Joseph Classett, 1864-1942

Seaton, Frederick Andrew, 1909-1974

Seeman, Marlin L., ca. 1946-

Selective Service

Shackelford, Harry W.

Shaeffer, Harry M.


Shepherd & Gosney (Nebraska City, Neb.)

Sigma Delta Chi (Neb.)

Simants, Erwin Charles

Sioux City and Pacific Railroad Company

Box 13

Sioux Indians

Sioux Lookout

Sitgreaves, Lorenzo, 1827-1888

Smith, Andrew J., 1820s-1872

Smith, William Henry, 1873-1954

Smoke Signal Sculpture (Pioneers Park)

Soap box derby

Social Welfare Society (Lincoln, Neb.)

Sod House Society

Solar energy

Songs — Nebraska

South Platte United Chambers of Commerce

Southeast Nebraska Travel Council

Southeastern Nebraska Educational Association

St. Elizabeth Community Health Center (Lincoln, Neb.)

Stage coaches and lines

Steam wagon

Steam Wagon Road


Stolley State Park (Grand Island, Neb.)

Strobel, J.G., Jr.

Stryker, Harold B., 1915-

Sutton Telephone Company (Sutton, Neb.)

Tabitha Home (Lincoln, Neb.)

Taggart, John Miller, 1818-1887

Talbot, Adolphus Robert, 1859-1944

Taxation — Nebraska



Tercentenary Celebration of the Landing of the Pilgrims

Terms of Endearment

Thomas, E.A.

Thompson, David Eugene, 1854-1942

Thompson, William H.

Thomson, Leon

Tintern Monastery (Oakdale, Neb.)


Towle, Maxwell G., 1889-1969

Tree Planting

Tucker, John William (“Wild Bill”), 1892-

Twelve Club (Lincoln, Neb.)

U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot (Hastings, Neb.)

Ukrainian-Americans — Nebraska


Union Pacific Mutual Aid Association

United States George Washington Bicentennial Commission

United States. Farm Security Administration

Unity Club (Lincoln, Neb.)

Unthank, Oliver Nixon, 1842-1928

USS Nebraska

Vestey, Lady Evelyn Brodstone, 1875-1941

Vietnam Conflict

Wade, Albert (“Kid”), -1884

Wagon Box Fight (Fort Phil Kearny, Wyoming)

Wagon roads

Walker, George E., 1889-1974

Walker’s Ranch (Kearney County, Neb.)

Wallace, Fred S., 1887-1957

Wallace, George Corley, 1919-

Box 14

Wallis, William (see also oversize)

Wamsley, Clarence Leroy “Brownie,” 1924-1997

Wanzer, Nancy Howe Leach, -1891

Watson, John C., 1850-1916

Watson, Woods Brothers, and Kelly Co. (Lincoln, Neb.)

Wattles, Gurdon Wallace, 1855-1932

Wayne County Teachers’ Institute (Wayne County, Neb.)

Weaver, Arthur J., 1873-1945

Webster, John Lee, ca. 1847-1929

Weekes family

Welsh Americans — Nebraska

Welsch, Roger

Weltfish, Gene, 1902-

Western Celt (Omaha, Neb.)

Western Mutual Benevolent Association (Beatrice, Neb.)

Westside Community Schools (Omaha, Neb.)

Wiggenjost, A. Oscar

Wiles, Isaac, 1830-1921

Wilson, William Lewis

Winkler, Joy

Winnebago Indians

Witherbee Neighborhood Association (Lincoln, Neb.)

Women’s Club (West Point, Neb.)

Woodmen Accident and Life Company (Lincoln, Neb.)

Woods, Frank Henry, 1868-1952

Woods, Ralph Emerson, 1882-1956

Wounded Knee

Wyoming Stock Growers Association (see also oversize)

York Lodge No. 56, A.F. & A.M. (York, Neb.)

Young, Gladwin E., 1900-1973

Zion Bohemian Presbyterian Church (Colfax County, Neb.)


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