Nebraska Hall of Fame

The Nebraska Hall of Fame was established in 1961 to officially recognize prominent Nebraskans. The Hall of Fame honors people who were born in Nebraska, who gained prominence while living in Nebraska, or whose residence in Nebraska was an important influence on their lives and contributed to their greatness. Busts of Hall of Fame members are displayed in the state capitol and other commission-approved locations.

The Nebraska Hall of Fame Commission, which has members appointed by the governor, names people to the Hall of Fame. Until 1996, the commission names one person every two years, with some occasional exceptions. Due to legislation passed in 1998, no more than one person can be added to the Hall of Fame every five years. That same legislation also requires that a person cannot be considered for the Hall of Fame until at least 35 years after their death.

For more information on the Nebraska Hall of Fame, please contact Trevor Jones, Director of History Nebraska and Secretary of the Nebraska Hall of Fame.

George Norris

(Inducted 1961)

Willa Cather

(Inducted 1962)

John J. Pershing 

(Inducted 1963-64)

Edward J. Flanagan

(Inducted 1965-66)

William Frederick Cody

(Inducted 1967-68)

William Jennings Bryan

(Inducted 1969-70)

Bess Streeter Aldrich

(Inducted 1971-72)

John Gneisenau Neihardt

(Inducted 1973-74)

J. Sterling Morton

(Inducted 1975-76)

Grace Abbott

(Inducted 1975-76)

Mari Sandoz

(Inducted 1975-76)

Nathan Pound

(Inducted 1975-76)

Standing Bear

(Inducted 1977-78)

Robert W. Furnas

(Inducted 1979-80)

Edward Creighton

(Inducted 1981-82)

Susette LaFlesche Tibbles

(Inducted 1983-84)

Gilbert M. Hitchcock

(Inducted 1985-86)

Loren Eiseley

(Inducted 1987-88)

Hartley Burr Alexander

(Inducted 1989-90)

Arthur Weimar Thompson

(Inducted 1990)

Dwight Palmer Griswold

(Inducted 1993-94)

Nathan J. Gold

(Inducted 1995-96)

Red Cloud

(Inducted 2000-01)

Charles E. Bessey‌

(Inducted 2007)

Alvin Saunders Johnson

(Inducted 2014)

Thomas R. Kimball

Inducted 2019

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