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No More Ten-cent Shaves

This photograph of two barbers and their shop is from the Nebraska State Historical Society’s Dundy County Collection. NSHS RG3907-1-5 The idea of a man shaving himself ...

Steamboats Impractical in an Age of Railroads

Steamboat Red Cloud, 1873-1882. NSHS RG4997-69 The “Golden Age” of steamboating on the Missouri River was between 1850 and 1860. The outbreak of the Civil War retarded ...

Cigarettes in the Boudoir: Omaha’s Female Smokers in 1889

Nathaniel Currier’s 1847 lithograph depicted a reclining woman smoking a cigarette. NSHS 10645-4273 “From London comes the assurance that the duchess of Marlborough has ...

Arbor Day Ceremonies Plant New Trees at Schools

Cass School students in Omaha plant trees as part of an Arbor Day program in 1901. NSHS RG2991-11-2 Arbor Day originated in Nebraska in 1872 through the efforts of J. ...

Beauty at the Keyboard

Solomon D. Butcher’s photograph depicted C. W. Roush, principal of the Broken Bow Business College, and his stenographer, Mable Holcomb, both with typewriters. NSHS ...

Taking the Plunge at Anoka

The Anoka Plunge Bath. NSHS RG3153-1-10 The “Hot Mineral Plunge Bath” at Anoka, Boyd County, fed by an artesian well, was constructed in 1907, just four years after the ...

Buffalo Bones Once Plentiful on Nebraska Prairie

Unloading buffalo bones at rail terminal, Dakota Territory, in 1885. NSHS RG1204-3-2 The slaughter of the buffalo left the prairie marked by millions of tons of their ...

No Irish Babies Born in Nebraska in 1912

When the Nebraska State Board of Health released statistics in December 1912 on various aspects of life in this state, it probably didn’t expect to provoke any ...

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