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Nebraska History Moments – For Further Reading

Do you have your copy of Nebraska History Moments, published by History Nebraska? This page is for readers who have the book and want to know more about its stories. ...

Treating Certificates at the Gerald Ford Conservation Center

These certificates are now more stable and with proper storage and handling will be for many years to come. (more…)

Fire(s) in Benkelman, 1906

Wooden buildings, no building codes, and often no fire department to speak of. What could possibly go wrong? (more…)

How long will Chimney Rock last?

“The Chimney is rough and looks as if it would not stand a week,” wrote Franklin Starr in 1849. (more…)

The Blacksmith Shop

The blacksmith shop was always one of the first businesses established in any frontier community. It was hard to imagine a world without the clang of a hammer on an ...

Two daring rescues of children from the path of a speeding train

George Poell looked out the locomotive’s window as soon as he felt the pull of the emergency brakes. A small child was wandering along the tracks, and the train was ...

The Origins of the Husker Volleyball Team

The University of Nebraska women's volleyball team is known for its large fan base and its five national championships, but this wasn't always the case.  (more…)

Why John G. Neihardt was named Nebraska Poet Laureate in 1921

One hundred years ago, on April 18, 1921, the Nebraska state legislature became the first to name a state poet laureate, honoring forty-year-old John G. Neihardt of ...

1952 Huskerville Polio Outbreak

A small Lincoln community experienced a polio epidemic, but it was unclear what exactly caused the unusual outbreak. The mystery remained until a later study revealed a ...

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