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A Tombstone and a Blizzard

Chicago man who tried to drive a buckboard twenty miles through a blizzard on the Nebraska prairie and his narrow escape from death. Many tales of ...

John T. Bell’s Shorthand in the Courtroom

Historian John T. Bell was also one of Nebraska’s earliest court stenographers. NSHS RG2411-384-a Before the invention of recording and dictation machines, shorthand ...

A New Calendar for the New Year

This 1914 calendar from McCool Junction in York County included a Christmas greeting. RG2856-6-3 It seems appropriate to start the New Year by putting up new calendars. ...

Holiday Greetings and a Free Show

An expectant crowd outside the Husker Theater on December 24, 1948. NSHS RG2183-1948-1224   This crowd in front of the Husker Theater at 1444 O Street in Lincoln ...

Turkey from a Hog: Omaha’s First Christmases

To mark the approach of Christmas in 1889 the Omaha Bee published brief recollections by some of the city’s earliest settlers about their first observances of the ...

Don Stiegert’s Hanger Machine

Yesterday, I posted a photo of a mystery machine, a recent donation to the Nebraska State Historical Society by Don Stiegert of Fremont. It really isn’t a mystery at ...

What is it?

It has a wooden base, and lots of tubing. Pressing a foot pedal, causes the red metal pieces to move and lock into place. What is it? Post your guesses in the comment ...

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