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John Anderson Collection

John Anderson was a photographer who worked primarily at Fort Niobrara in Nebraska and on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Born in Sweden in 1869, he came to ...

Throwback Thursday Photo, KOIL Foley Artist

Crash! Boom! Bang! Today’s Throwback Thursday photograph features a foley artist at work creating sound effects at the Omaha radio station KOIL on August 24, 1937. ...

Saving Face

Unusual objects have a way of showing up for treatment at the Ford Conservation Center. So in some ways the 69 masks by Nebraska artist Doane Powell were no surprise. ...

Nebraska Unwrapped: What would you include?

Calling all would-be curators! What should the Nebraska State Historical Society be collecting? When the Nebraska History Museum in Lincoln re-opens on April 1st, it ...

On This Day: Welcoming Displaced Persons

Governor Val Peterson, center, reviewing relief plans during the blizzard of 1949. On February 4, 1948, the Honorable Val Peterson, Governor of the State of Nebraska, ...

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