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Nebraska’s First Major League Player

1893: After spending years playing in the minor leagues, Falls City native Charles Abbey makes his major league debut.  (more…)

2022 History Nebraska Award Winners

History Nebraska is proud to announce the winners of the 2022 History Nebraska Awards. History Nebraska annually recognizes people that provide significant contributions ...

Divorce in Seward County

Curious as to how various events influenced marital status, Concordia University history professor Jerrald K. Pfabe studied divorce rates in Seward ...

History Nebraska Plate Pandemonium

In 2023, History Nebraska will create new license plates that can be purchased for your vehicle. We've come up with a lot of cool designs, but need your help to figure ...

Fort Robinson Photograph: “White as Any White Person”

A late-1800s photograph provides insight about the perceptions of race at that time.  (more…)

Pawnee Archeology

The Pawnee, who lived widely across Nebraska, are represented in a large collection of the state's archeology.  (more…)

Klondike Gold Rush

By Matt Piersol, Researcher, History Nebraska - Collections The Klondike Gold Rush of 1896-99 was truly a 'Children's Crusade'. Thousands of ill-prepared ...

Kearney Woman’s Club

The Kearney Woman’s Club has seen many changes over the decades, but their commitment to the community has not ceased.  (more…)

1976: Omaha’s Court-Ordered Integration (part two)

In an earlier post we looked at how a 1975 court order addressed Omaha Public Schools’ racial imbalance by requiring the reassignment of students to new schools and bus ...

1976: Omaha’s Court-Ordered Integration (part one)

The Omaha Public School District was forced to face its racial imbalance and produced an integration plan that would reassign students to new schools and bus ...

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