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Flashback Friday: Would J. Sterling Morton have sacrificed his grandmother for political gain?

In honor of Arbor Day, Nebraska History associate editor Jim Potter examines part of  the political career of Arbor Day founder J. Sterling Morton. Some dramatic ...

Four Nebraskans and the 1915 Henry Ford Peace Ship Expedition

We're pursuing a nautical theme with this blog. Read our earlier post about the Titanic's Nebraska connections here. We love it when readers help us deepen our ...

Crowdfunded African American Sandhills Settlement Marker Dedication will be April 11

St. James A.ME. Church at DeWitty, Nebraska NSHS RG2301-1-3   Nebraska’s longest-lasting African American rural settlement will receive a state historical marker ...

“Gentle River Goes Mad”: The Republican River Flood of 1935

The Republican River Flood of May 31, 1935, washed this house about a quarter-mile downstream   After years of drought, the arrival of rain in 1935 seemed like a ...

Why So Serious? 3 reasons why you never see a smile in old photographs

Long before the selfie, photographs had a much more somber appearance: no one smiled. Research shows that attitudes toward photos have changed drastically since the ...

Flashback Friday: NHM Grand Re-opening TODAY

The only "flashback" part of this Friday is all the amazing historic artifacts and photos now on display at our newly renovated Nebraska History Museum. Otherwise, today ...

Marker Monday: U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot

Our Historical Markers across Nebraska highlight fascinating moments and places in our state's past.  Today we focus on the site of the Navy's largest World War II ...

Marker Monday: Dead Horse Creek

Our Historical Markers across Nebraska highlight fascinating moments and places in our state's past.  Today, we're focusing on the history behind the name of Loup ...

NSHS Archeology Division Co-hosts the Flint Hills Archeology Conference

Flint Hills Archeology Conference attendees at the Fort Atkinson Powder Magazine. From left, Bob Blasing, Diane Laffin, Rob Bozell, Laurie Schwab, Chris Hord, Nolan ...

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