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The Fourth of July at the Trans-Mississippi Exposition

Independence Day at Omaha's Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition in 1898 was marked by a memorable parade and a celebration of American victory in the war with ...

Timeline Tuesday: Electioneering in 1897

John M. Thurston was the featured speaker at the Republican state convention in 1897. From Alfred T. Andreas, History of the State of Nebraska (1882).     ...

Flashback Friday: Where Is Hidden Paradise?

"Bathing Beauties" in 1930. Heritage House collections, Long Pine, Nebraska   What did rural Nebraska travel and recreation look like in the early-to-mid ...

Flashback Friday: Omaha’s Bus Boycott of 1952-54

Years before the famous Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott of 1955-56, a group of Omahans led a bus boycott of their own. In this case, the target was the Omaha and ...

Game Day: Nebraska vs. Notre Dame, Part 2

the history nebraska blogThe November 10 game was a classic. Nebraska upset Notre Dame 14-7. Between 1922 and 1924, Notre Dame Coach Knute Rockne’s legendary “Four ...

Flashback Friday: The First Frisbee Competition in Lincoln, 1957

    You may have had one of these as a kid, a classic Wham-O Frisbee. Nebraska played a role in the history of this popular toy. In 1957, Lincoln hosted what ...

Flashback Friday: Weird Laws-Busted for Ugliness

  The Lincoln Police Department has a history page on its website (including a lot of material they found at our K Street Government Records ...

Marker Monday: Pawnee Villages

Our Historical Markers across Nebraska highlight fascinating moments in our state's past. Today we're highlighting a marker near the location of the last Pawnee ...

Marker Monday: Nebraska City

  Location 2120-2182 State Highway 2 Bus, Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska View this marker's location 40.673479, -95.87219 Marker Text Permanent ...

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