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A Blizzard Can (Sometimes) Be Fun

Young people have a different perspective on the hardships of winter. During the legendary winter of 1949, Charlie Wright was sixteen years old and staying at his ...

Christmas in Falls City

The painting was the centerpiece of an exhibit on John Falter at the Nebraska History Museum in 2012.  It was in good condition but needed a little help to be ...

The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act: History Nebraska’s Repatriation Program

Read about what the NAGPRA Law means for Native Americans and how History Nebraska works with tribes across the state.  (more…)

Neligh Carnegie Library Saved and Becomes a Home

Andrew Carnegie It’s hard to imagine a world without free access to the unlimited knowledge offered by public libraries. But at the beginning of the twentieth century, ...

Lincoln’s Carnegie Library Serves Homeless, Fights Hunger

Of the 1,689 Carnegie libraries in the United States, 69 were in Nebraska. Today, not all still serve as libraries. Some serve in new and different ways. (more…)

The Old Filling Station

When we think about landmark buildings, gas stations probably aren’t the first places that come to mind. These photos illustrate how automobile culture developed in ...

The Blue River Cattle Trail: from Abilene into Nebraska

By Breanna Fanta, Editorial Assistant  Waves of Texas longhorns were driven to northern beef markets in Nebraska and Kansas in the latter nineteenth century. ...

Elvis Presley’s Last Nebraska Performance

While Elvis Presley, famed “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” didn’t have direct ties to Nebraska, Omaha and Lincoln were the sites for two of his final performances in the summer ...

Triumphs and Troubles: The Early History of the NAACP in Nebraska, 1918-1940

  By Breanna Fanta, Editorial Assistant    In a period of intense racial discrimination, groups like the NAACP (National Association for the ...

Mabel Gillespie: First Re-elected Woman in Legislature

By Breanna Fanta, Editorial Assistant    Mabel Gillespie was one of the first women elected to the Nebraska legislature, and the first to be re-elected, ...

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