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Saturday Evening Post 1948

Poster featuring the Saturday Evening Post cover for the July 24, 1948 issue. The cover features the illustration "Photos on Fake Broncos" by John Falter. The ...

“Girls, if you want to vote…”: fraud, condescension, and voting rights in 1919 Nebraska

Anti-suffragists reacted to Nebraska's 1917 limited suffrage law with a mix of condescension and actual fraud. But it didn't work. (more…)

Nebraska airmail in the 1920s

Early airmail pilots flew open-cockpit biplanes, using simple technology and facilities. In the space of 10 years, things became dramatically different. (more…)

The 1918 Flu Pandemic in Nebraska

World War I killed some 15 to 19 million people, but the flu epidemic of 1918 was far worse. As the flu raged around the world, Nebraska communities responded. (more…)

2019 History Nebraska Celebration

            Please join us for this year’s annual meeting on Oct. 17 at Blatt Beer & Table in Omaha featuring a ...

Nebraska Artist Terence Duren’s Childhood Desk

This small desk belonged to Nebraska artist Terence Duren. Duren was born in 1904 and lived most of his life in Shelby, Nebraska. Provenance provided with the desk ...

Watch Where You Sit!

Dr. John Dorwart of Friend, Nebraska wanted to ensure each of his nine children always had something to remember him by. So he made them furniture out of horns. ...

Made in Nebraska: The Douglas Voting Booth

This voting booth was manufactured by the Douglas Manufacturing Company in Crete, Nebraska in 1996. The company was founded by William W. and Elizabeth (Robb) Douglas. ...

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