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Buffalo Bill’s Big House

At first glance, an 18-room French Second Empire-style mansion might not strike you as “western,” but take a look at that huge barn! This is what a western man would ...

The symbols and secret codes of a 1922 KKK membership medallion

This pocket piece in History Nebraska’s collection served as a kind of membership card for admittance to Klan meetings. .It demonstrates how the KKK used symbolism ...

‘Detroit Riprap’ on the Loup River

Emily Copper noticed something weird along the Loup River near Columbus while looking at Google Maps. It looked like a line of old cars along the bank.  (more…)

Senator Wherry’s 1950 campaign to fire gay federal employees

As minority floor leader in 1950, Wherry called for a full Senate investigation into “moral perverts” in federal employment. Wherry said that homosexuality was a matter ...

Senator Joseph McCarthy attacks President Truman on Omaha radio, 1951

“You are not fooling anyone by screaming that McCarthy is lying,” said Sen. Joseph McCarthy into a KFAB microphone on August 24, 1951. He was addressing President Harry ...

Actor Robert Taylor testifies before House Committee on Un-American Activities, 1947

Born in Filley, Nebraska, Robert Taylor became one of Hollywood's biggest stars. In 1947 he testified before the House Committee on Un-American Activities about purposed ...

The gravestones with no names

This headstone once bore a child’s name, but it has been chiseled off. All other markers in the cemetery are likewise erased. Where is it? (more…)

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