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Becoming Arbor Lodge

Arbor Lodge State Historical Park in Nebraska City features a small house that became a 52-room mansion. It belonged to Arbor Day founder J. Sterling Morton and later to ...

Looking Back on the Blizzard of 1888

Below are three different looks at how the Blizzard of 1888 affected Nebraskans. One is from the Superintendent of the State Historical Society, one is a letter to ...

Malcolm X in Omaha, 1964

What did Malcolm X have to say in 1964 when he visited Omaha, his hometown? His Omaha speeches came at a time of transition in his life. He had recently left the ...

Women Serve on a Frontier County, Nebraska, Jury for the First Time in 1966

Frontier County, Nebraska, disallowed female jurors until 1962 and did not empanel its first female jurors until 1966. (more…)

How a Lexington meatpacking plant changed Nebraska

Historians will mark the opening of the Lexington IBP plant on November 8, 1990, as a major event in Nebraska history. (more…)

Blizzard of 1949

Mrs. Ben J. Fuelberth, Osmond, Nebraska. Blizzard, 1949. Road 3 1/2 miles, south of Osmond. The car is on a road between two large snowdrifts.   Mrs. Emma Winne ...

Fort Kearny as ‘a Sort of One-Horse Affair’

Fort Kearny was an important stop along the Platte River Road, the route shared by the Oregon, California, and Mormon trails. Some did not think it looked ...

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