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Automobile Thieves

Shortly after the introduction of cars came car thieves. According to an Omaha-based magazine, the worst thieves weren't the ones that stole the whole car, but those ...

The 20th Century chest that can cook

This curious object is the Thermator fireless cooker, and it was manufactured right here in Nebraska. Fireless cookers were popular in the early 20th century, and ...

Five Ways to Experience Nebraska History

Our state has a rich history with so many stories to tell. History Nebraska has five easy and fun ways you can discover that amazing history yourself! (more…)

Nebraskans Loved Actress Sarah Bernhardt, Whether They Understood Her or Not

When world famous stage actress Sarah Bernhardt came to Omaha in 1901, it was a big deal. Over 2000 people were overjoyed to watch her perform. But many couldn't ...

“I haven’t seen an honestly prejudiced person yet.” Ending segregation at Lincoln’s public swimming pool

Joseph Ishikawa came to Nebraska from a Colorado internment camp during World War II. As a city employee in 1946 he challenged a longstanding policy barring African ...

Willie Nelson FarmAid Concert

Despite the rain, Willie Nelson's 1987 Farm Aid concert at Memorial Stadium drew 69,000 people and raised $1.7 million for farmers during the 1980s farm crisis. ...

Flashback Friday: Mr. Wolf’s Car and the Unknown Girl

Our reference staff can sometimes seem like historical detectives, searching for clues to figure out mysteries that the public needs help with. This is one of those ...

Florence, Nebraska

Florence, now a neighborhood of Omaha, was once one of the oldest cities in Nebraska. (more…)

Entertainment in Nebraska Territory

Nebraska's first theatrical performance happened in Omaha in 1857. The troupe's version of "Box and Cox" was considered by the local newspaper to have been a bit ...

When Railroads Promoted Immigration

You might think that settlers or the state government were Nebraska's biggest boosters in the 1870s, but you'd be wrong. They weren't the ones running an international ...

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