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Welcome to Archeology Month!

September is Archeology Month! Let us introduce you to Nebraska's State Archeologist, Dave Williams. New Nebraska State Archeologist Dave Williams conducting ...

Nebraska’s first radio station?

After years of experimental broadcasting, Nebraska’s first commercial radio stations went on the air in 1922. Who was the first? (more…)

The Era of Radio Begins, 1922

“In future ages historians will scan the record to determine when radio transmission became general and popular and will fix the date not far from 1922." (more…)

The Huskers wore green jerseys for the 1919 football season

The Huskers played the entire 1919 season wearing green jerseys and scarlet socks. What was their athletic director thinking? And how did fans react? (more…)

Earliest video of Husker football

 Film clips from a circa-1919 game against Notre Dame are spliced together with clips from an even earlier game, circa 1912-1914. We believe this is the earliest ...

Why History Nebraska will demolish the grain elevators at Neligh Mill State Historic Site

Perhaps you have seen in the news that the History Nebraska Board of Trustees voted in July to demolish the grain elevators (but not the mill itself) at Neligh Mill ...

When Conversation Runs Dry…

We are witnessing firsthand the distress a drought causes in an agricultural community. With record temperatures and minimal rainfall, there is little that farmers can ...

Conserving Modern Art

Objects made by artists that are still living and objects made with modern materials both create interesting challenges and opportunities for ...

Seward County Crime

Jerrald K. Pfabe's study of two twentieth-century time periods explores Seward County's most common forms of crime and examples of each.    (more…)

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