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2021 History Nebraska Awards

History Nebraska is proud to announce the winners of the 2021 History Nebraska Awards. (more…)

“Because I Was a Woman”: Ruth Bryan Owen and Her American Citizenship

In the early 20th century, women’s citizenship depended on their spouse’s status, and many lost their US citizenship by marriage. So how did Ruth Bryan Owen, ...

Husker football allowed only one radio broadcast per season in the 1930s

the history nebraska blog Cornhuskers with Head Coach Biff Jones, circa 1937. RG2758-100-57 By David L. Bristow, Editor Why did the University of Nebraska ...

A Review of Black History Month

A look back at posts from History Nebraska during Black History Month. (more…)

German Prisoners of War in Grand Island

Nebraska and other rural states faced a severe farm labor shortage during World War II. As hundreds of thousands of German prisoners of war began arriving in the US, ...

Drought, trains, and a chicken dinner: FDR’s 1936 campaign stop in Fremont

It was billed as a presidential tour of the drought-stricken areas of the Midwest, but President Franklin Roosevelt was in full campaign mode when his train stopped in ...

When Jell-O salad was a status symbol

We don’t have to explain that traditional Midwestern salads usually don’t include lettuce. “Salad” traditionally means some sort of fruit suspended in gelatin with ...

Nebraskan Perspectives on Slavery After The Civil War

At the brink of the Civil War, Nebraska Territory abolished slavery in 1861. As the war proceeded, many Nebraska soldiers fought for the Union while those at home kept ...

Ford Conservation Center: Stabilizing Shattering Silk

We knew we couldn’t halt the rapid degradation of the silk, but luckily there was a simple way to salvage what remained and prevent further loss of original ...

A Dugout Flood

Imagine yourself as a pioneer living in a hole in the ground. Now imagine that floodwater is rising toward the ceiling. Welcome to rural Boone County in 1873. (more…)


Removing items from a museum or historical organization’s collection is necessary for maintaining a strong, healthy, and relevant collection. This process is called ...

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