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Seeing the Elephant

Diaries and letters from the Gold Rush year of 1849 often include references to "the elephant" or to "seeing the elephant," which refer not to a flesh-and-blood animal, ...

The Nebraska City Fire of 1860

When Nebraska City caught fire in 1860, it had no firefighting equipment and a shortage of water. It was one of the most disastrous fires in Nebraska's ...

A Nebraska Guidebook

The 1930s were hard times for many Nebraskans, but it was also a time of expanding horizons. Wider availability of cars meant more families could travel the state. To ...

Nebraska City, 1866

Nebraska City in 1866 was a veritable freighting metropolis. Wagons, oxen, mules, and people of all sorts hurried about to get "fitted out" to cross the plains.  ...


Fruit Smack ➡️ Kood-Ade ➡️ Kool-Aid. Nebraska's official soft drink has changed over the years, but its existence is all thanks to Edwin Perkins of Hastings, ...

Ice Cream Cones Seized, 1910

In August 1910, the Nebraska State Journal gleefully reported a record-breaking raid by US Marshals in Omaha. The confiscated goods? 185,000 ice cream cones. (more…)

Husband Wanted

Newspapers in the early 20th century played important roles in Nebraska communities. If the Gering Courier of 1908 is anything to go by, matchmaker was occasionally one ...

Flashback Friday: Irish in Lincoln, 1890

"There was an enthusiastic and well-attended meeting of the Lincoln branch of the Irish National league yesterday afternoon at Fitzgerald hall, Charles McGlave ...

The Horseless Delivery Truck

The advent of the horseless carriage revolutionized personal transportation for Nebraskans. The elimination of living, breathing horsepower similarly transformed the ...

Greetings from the 1930’s

The Sarpy County Agriculturist rang in 1930 with a blunt but timeless new year message: You were a disappointment last year, do better this time. (more…)

FDR’s Visit

Many national political candidates jet in and out of Nebraska without staying long. That was not the case when FDR came to visit in the fall of 1936. (more…)

Fire Fighting in 1878

Firefighting in 1800s Nebraska was never easy and frequently chaotic. (more…)

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