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Ten Reasons Why Women Don’t Want the Right to Vote

Ten Reasons Why the Great Majority of Women Do Not Want the Ballot. BECAUSE they have not lost faith in their fathers, husbands, sons, and brothers, who afford full ...

Shoeing Omaha: “Attirement of Their Feet” in 1888

This advertisement (Left) for A. D. Morse’s Retail Shoe Store appeared in the Excelsior Family Directory of Omaha, 1890-91 (Omaha: Chase and Eddy). Browsing through the ...

The Search for Better Babies

Third premium ribbon from a Better Babies contest at the 1940 Nebraska State Fair. NSHS 13161-9 “If better live stock, why not better babies?” asked a member of the ...

Plenty of Beer in Kearney

Readers of the Kearney Daily Hub on August 16, 1930, must have been startled to read that during the hot summer days, there was “Plenty of Beer to be Had in Kearney and ...

Gasohol – The First Time Around

This photograph, from the MacDonald Studio of Lincoln and now in the collection of the Nebraska State Historical Society, shows cars belonging to Nebraska Governor ...

Why Are These Boys Laughing?

NSHS RG716-31-1 (above) Frederick Blaine Humphrey, who photographed these laughing boys about 1915, was born in New York State in 1876, came to Lincoln with his family ...

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