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The Nebraska Highway Archaeology Program in Action

  These layers of sand in the side of the excavation are evidence of an active floodplain and were likely deposited during individual flood episodes. It ...

Crime Along the Overland Trail

Lawlessness along the Overland Trail to Oregon and California, according to Merrill Mattes, author of The Great Platte River Road, was relatively low. There were no ...

Marker Monday: The Cheyenne Outbreak (Sioux)

Location U.S. 20, Harrison, Sioux County, Nebraska View this marker's location 42653184, -103.4972 Marker Text On September 9, 1878, after a year of suffering on an ...

Marker Monday: Wayne State College

Location 1111 Main St, Wayne State College, Wayne County, Nebraska View this marker's location 42.240700, -97.01476 Marker Text The Nebraska Normal College was ...

Nebraska’s First Governor’s Mansion

Nebraska has had two official gubernatorial mansions, the first purchased in 1899, the second built in 1956. The first building was a two-and-one-half story, ...

Marker Monday: Post Headquarters, 1905

Our Historical Markers across Nebraska highlight fascinating moments and places in our state's past. Today, we're focusing on the story of a building we know very well. ...

Special Issue of Nebraska History Investigates Engineer Cantonment

How do you find a historic site that’s been lost for nearly 200 years? Until 2003 no one knew if the 1819-20 winter quarters of the Stephen Long Expedition still ...

Nebraska Historic Preservation Conference, March 2-3, 2018

Now in its 13th year, the historic preservation conference you know and love has a new name and a new look. Restore Omaha is now the Nebraska Historic Preservation ...

Ada C. Bittenbender and the Nebraska Woman Suffrage Association

Ada Cole Bittenbender, a leader in the woman suffrage and temperance movements, was also one of Nebraska's first woman lawyers and only the third woman admitted to ...

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