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Marker Monday: The Villasur Expedition, 1720

Marker Location Villasur Expedition, 1720  Historical Marker, Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska View this marker's location. Marker Text In June 1720, a ...

Marker Monday: Fort Sidney

Location 484-488 Illinois St, Sidney, Cheyenne County, Nebraska View this marker's location: 41.145068, -102.9693 Marker Text Sidney Barracks, when ...

Timeline Tuesday: Canning the Way to Victory

During American participation in World War I the U.S. Food Administration, under the direction of Herbert Hoover, launched a massive campaign to persuade Americans to ...

Timeline Tuesday: Human Nature at the Marriage License Bureau

"No other department in the court house offers such an excellent field for the study of human nature as the marriage license bureau," wrote an observant Omaha Daily Bee ...

Timeline Tuesday: Harrison Johnson’s History of Nebraska

"Our work is done," wrote Harrison Johnson (1822-1885) as he concluded his History of Nebraska, published in 1880. "The volume is completed, and only awaits the ...

Timeline Tuesday: Drought and Depression in 1890s Nebraska

Nebraska in the early 1890s suffered from protracted drought, and farm prices fell to new lows. Conditions were so unfavorable that immigration, which had more than ...

Timeline Tuesday: Bootleggers’ Carnival

The passage of the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution outlawed the manufacture and sale of liquor nationwide, but statewide prohibition was already in effect ...

Flashback Friday: How Shall We Make Beatrice Grow!”: Clara Bewick Colby and the Beatrice Public Library Association in the 1870s

The decade of the 1870s was a period of enormous growth and prosperity for the city of Beatrice. Founded in 1857 in Gage County on the Big Blue River, the "Queen City of ...

The Army’s Achilles’ Heel in the Civil War Plains Campaigns of 1864-65

  On August 18, 1864, after hastily re-mustering at Omaha from their veteran furloughs, the men of the First Nebraska Volunteer Cavalry left for Fort Kearny. ...

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