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Cherry County Divided?

One factor behind a proposed division of Cherry County in 1911 was the distance of isolated ranches, such as that of Charles S. Hoyt (above) near Pullman, from the ...

Neihardt’s Song of the Hoe

110 years ago, on September 27, 1900, The Youth’s Companion published a poem titled, “The Song of the Hoe”.  It was written by Nebraska’s own John G. Neihardt, who was ...

“The Ugliest Artifact I’ve Ever Seen”

Museum artifacts can be beautiful.  Museum artifacts can be plain.  Plain museum artifacts can sometimes represent ugly ideas.  It is rare, however, to come across a ...

The Mysteries of a Spanish-American War Uniform

  Private's Spanish American War Era Sack Coat; Source: C.C. Sheldon, Columbus, Nebraska One of the Nebraska History Museum’s wonderful volunteers is recataloging ...

A Census Taker’s Lament

In 1880 Omaha's notorious third ward included the heart of the city's gambling and prostitution. The character of the district created unique problems for federal census ...

1924 Airmail Pilot J. James Duffy

  This jacket (above) was worn by J. James Duffy, who worked as a U.S. Airmail pilot in 1924. Duffy had the insignia on the back repainted, as the original wings had ...

Beer and Blood: The Butchers’ Picnic

The South Omaha butchers conceived the idea that it would be fun to stay away and play a practical joke on their Council Bluffs brethren, . . . They sent a defiant ...

Smurfs, Transformers, and Trolls–Oh My!

These are the toys we played with and bonded with friends over. These are the toys that allow us to have collective memories with our peers. (more…)

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