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Gold Cure for the Liquor Habit

From the Kearney Daily Hub, January 16, 1893 (at left). Nebraska was home during the late nineteenth century to a number of local Keeley hospitals or treatment centers ...

Treasures from Nebraska Museums

The NSHS works hard to collect and preserve Nebraska history, but we don’t do it alone. Historical organizations and museums dot our ninety-three counties and contain ...

A New Year’s Eclipse

A New Year’s greeting card from 1888. NSHS 7631-54 (at left). The most memorable feature of New Year’s Day in Nebraska in 1889 was a solar eclipse that occurred between ...

A Midsummer Christmas Eve

This Christmas card from 1880 depicted a warm-weather scene similar to one actually experienced by Omahans on December 24 in 1889. Freakish weather is not unique ...

The Shoemaker’s Ashes

This example of a cinerary urn (at left) is from Hugo Erichsen’s The Cremation of the Dead (Detroit, 1887), published the year Edward Kuehl died. “Edward Kuehl, one of ...

E. R. Purcell Remembers Newspaper Career in Custer County

“I have recently rounded out fifty years of newspaper work in Custer County,” wrote Emerson R. Purcell in late 1942, shortly after the publication of the golden ...

How Shall We Make Beatrice Grow?

How does one transform a prairie town into a thriving cultural center? When a town desires to strengthen the moral fiber of its citizens, protect its young people from ...

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