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Beating the Heat in 1906

John Nelson’s photograph of two couples seated in front of their tents was taken sometime between 1907 and 1917. NSHS RG3542-98-4 In the days before air conditioning, ...

Why Not Buy a Novelty Tie?

As you may have gleaned from perusing previous blogs, History Nebraska houses a fairly large collection of artwork and other items from the late Nebraska artist ...

Hickman Gets the Fair

Lancaster County's agricultural exhibit at the Nebraska State Fair in the 1880s. NSHS RG3356-2-33 August and September are traditional months for county fairs in ...

Nebraska Town Gets Bombed

“Unknown Planes Drop Six Bombs on Tarnov.”  This was the headline from the Columbus Daily Telegram on August 16, 1943.  The article states that, “Two unidentified planes ...

Klowns of the Koo Koo Krust

It is well known that the first Nebraska Klavern of the Ku Klux Klan was formed in Omaha in 1921.  It is also known that the Klan was claiming as many as 45,000 members ...

Making Rain

During the 1890s some theorized that smoke particles blown into the clouds would precipitate rain. These men appear to be trying that process. NSHS RG2545-9 Modern ...

The Petrified Bagel

Affectionately this little gem of an artifact is known around the museum collections offices as “The Petrified Bagel.”  It is one of the few food items we have in ...

“A burning shame” – defending bison in 1874

Some Nebraskans were aware of the values of wildlife conservation years before effective measures were enacted into law. The Daily Nebraska State Journal of Lincoln ...

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