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Flashback Friday: Highway Archeology Program Investigates one of Nebraska’s Earliest Water-Powered Mills

The site of one of Nebraska’s earliest water-powered mills was largely lost to history, but a recent excavation by the NSHS Highway Archeology Program will help document ...

Flashback Friday: A Time Capsule Made of Sod

The NSHS recently assembled a team of scientists, historians, and local volunteers to salvage a sod house wall for study. The remnant of a 1903 Custer County sod house ...

Flashback Friday: Pioneer Cemetery Receives Historical Marker

The playing of the national anthem, firing of muskets, and the shuffling of feet over the ground above him weren’t enough to wake Francis Henry Baker from his 117-year ...

Flashback Friday: Off to Business College in 1908

One of the benefits of publishing historical essays is the way they elicit previously unknown materials from readers. Recently Dr. Oliver Pollak forwarded a letter from ...

Timeline Tuesday: Baseball in Early Lincoln

Edward Manley, a Chicago educator, was the son of Samuel Manley, one of the five men that composed the faculty of the University of Nebraska when classes first began in ...

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