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Crime on Streetcars

According to the Omaha Daily Bee in September 1875, robbing a street car was a two-step process. 1. Run the car off the track. 2. "Gobble the money box." (more…)

The Kearney Weekly Hub Celebrates the 1890 Census

The United States Census is an important — and constitutionally mandated — part of American life every ten years. Nebraska has seen fifteen of them come and go since ...

Parking Problems in the 1920s

Traffic congestion and parking woes in Nebraska's capital are nothing new. Lincoln newspapers were receiving letters from frustrated residents as early as the ...

Parachuting Accident

On July 3, 1893, thousands of people gathered at Courtland beach to watch 19-year-old Roy Elser make a parachute jump. Instead, they witnessed a tragedy. (more…)

No Irish Babies Born in Nebraska in 1912

When the Nebraska State Board of Health released statistics in December 1912 on various aspects of life in this state, it probably didn't expect to provoke any ...

“General” John O’Neill’s advice for new Nebraskans

In 1875, John O'Neill published a pamphlet saying two things. Come to Nebraska and bring money. (more…)

Omaha in 1860

When Henry Palmer of Wisconsin visited Omaha in 1860, he saw a city that was only a shadow of what it would become. Well, mostly what he saw was "prairie covered with ...

An Old Cowboy Writes

"So I'll fix you greedy gluttons so you cannot feed your cows / So the crops all burned and withered; even grass it cannot grow" Cowboy poetry of the 1930s could get ...

Flashback Friday: Newspaper Portraits from 1888

In December 1888, the Lincoln Nebraska State Journal published four different articles about four different men, all published over four days. The only problem was they ...

The Goose-Powered Flying Machine

According to a letter published in 1891, all you need to fly up to 200 mph are 19 geese and a birch bark chariot. (more…)

The 1905 State Corn Contest

It may have been the Christmas season, but it was corn that was on everyone's mind in Lincoln in December of 1905. (more…)

Women’s History Month Resources

March is Women's History Month, so all month long we are celebrating the contributions of women to Nebraska history. Below you can find long-form Nebraska History ...

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