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The Santa Claus Survey, a Study in Child Psychology

Promotional button with picture of Santa Claus and slogan “Meet Me at Herpolsheimer’s,” a department store. NSHS 11571-32 In the fall of 1895 Frances E. Duncombe, a ...

Afflicted with Joyrider’s Back

The first decade of the twentieth century saw growing use and acceptance of the automobile among the traveling public. The new machine rapidly replaced carriages, ...

Treasures from Nebraska Museums

The NSHS works hard to collect and preserve Nebraska history, but we don’t do it alone. Historical organizations and museums dot our ninety-three counties and contain ...

“Sane Thanksgiving” Advised by Omaha Mayor

More than a month before the official Thanksgiving holiday in 1909, the Omaha Daily News on October 24 published the plea of mayor James C. Dahlman for what he called a ...

“First Scalp for Custer” now back in print

Paul Hedren's book First Scalp for Custer: The Skirmish at Warbonnet Creek, Nebraska, July 17, 1876 is now back in print through Nebraska State Historical Society Books. ...

“Women, High Living, and Diamonds” for Omaha’s Bartenders

Omaha in 1886 boasted about 150 saloons manned by a host of bartenders who ministered to the city’s thirst for beer and hard liquor. The Omaha Bee on September 26, 1886, ...

Chadron’s First Kindergarten

First kindergarten at Chadron, 1893-94. NSHS RG3340-3-25 When Chadron’s first kindergarten was opened in the fall of 1893, the teacher, Miss Elizabeth “Bess” O’Linn, ...

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