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Varieties of Nebraska Mud

Mud was the curse of pioneer travel and of pre-pavement rural and city life. We’ve told that story elsewhere. This time we want to show you that not all muddy situations ...

“Nebraska” is on the money!

Did you know the word “Nebraska” is on your money? It’s on one particular bill that’s probably in your wallet. Can you find it? Hint #1: It’s right here. Does this ...

See? Coronado Made it to Nebraska After All

Historians long believed that in 1541, Francisco Vázquez de Coronado became the first European explorer to reach the Platte River in Nebraska. By the 1890s, historical ...

Benton Aldrich was a difficult neighbor—but his dugout sod house was one of Nebraska’s best libraries

Benton Aldrich was man who got on other people’s nerves. He registered the deed to his Nemaha County farm in his wife’s name so she could vote in school elections. He ...

Louise Vinciquerra, Nebraska’s Bootlegger Queen

“Queen Louise” thumbed her nose at the law throughout the Prohibition era, usually avoiding punishment despite frequent arrests across the state. Her story provides new ...

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