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Replacing Old Dobbin With a Delivery Truck

The advent of cars radically changed personal and professional transportation for Nebraskans. The 1911 Nebraska State Journal cheered this revolution with an article ...

Griswold’s Description of Corbett vs. Mitchell

Samuel Griswold, the early 20th-century World-Herald sports editor, was well known for his fiery boxing reporting.  He once described a match between James ...

Omaha, A Stop on the Great Race of 1908

The Thomas car that won the 1908 New York to Paris Race, on display in the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada. On March 5, 1908, a Thomas automobile, the ...

Early Nebraska Roads: Costly but Necessary

The introduction of cars to Nebraska brought with it the need for decent (and costly) roads. Rural areas often had trouble with roads, but who was to blame varied from ...

The Nebraska Fur Trade

During the seventeenth century, Native Americans in Nebraska were starting to trade for European goods, such as glass beads and metal items. One of the first trading ...

Quality 19th Century Entertainment At The Lincoln’s Funke Opera House

In its heyday, the Funke Opera House was a popular Lincoln destination. It even had the distinction of being the venue for the city's very first screened ...

Flashback Friday: A Church For The People And A Priest For The Common Man

The hum and bustle of reform seemed to be everywhere in Omaha in July of 1892. Economic instability and uncertainty hovered, foreshadowing the impending Panic of 1893. ...

E. R. Purcell

" "I have recently rounded out fifty years of newspaper work in Custer County," wrote Emerson R. Purcell in late 1942, shortly after the publication of the golden ...

Patrick Egan and Nebraska’s Center For Irish Home Rule

Patrick Egan's political career spanned both sides of the Atlantic and included a stint in Lincoln, during which time he helped make the capital a center for Irish Home ...

Terence Duren, Shelby’s Famous Artist

Terence Duren's journey to becoming one of Nebraska's leading artists began at age 6 during a battle with polio. (more…)

Dr. Rustin’s Mysterious Death

The strange death of prominent Omaha physician and surgeon Frederick Rustin in September of 1908 ushered in a series of widely publicized events culminating in ...

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