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Danish Tug ‘o War Team

Tug of War was serious business in 1890s Nebraska. Just ask the Omaha Danes, reigning state champions in 1892. (more…)

Twentieth Century Sign Sees Light of Day Thanks to Construction

History is all around us, but sometimes it is out of sight. A member of our staff was walking the streets of Lincoln recently when they happened upon a piece of history ...

How a painting helped archeologists find a lost 200-year-old site

How do you find an archeological site that’s been lost for nearly 200 years? Fifteen years ago, NSHS archeologists made the discovery of a lifetime—and they did it using ...

Is Nebraska a “Desert”? No… and Yes!

Ignore the photo above and look at the map below. Is “Great Desert” the dumbest description of Nebraska ever to appear in print? Sure, we’ve all heard “flyover country” ...

What’s inside the “Engineer Cantonment” issue of Nebraska History

The Spring 2018 issue of Nebraska History is devoted to the history and archeology of Engineer Cantonment. The 80-page magazine comes with a membership to the Nebraska ...

The Destruction of Omaha’s Easter Sunday Tornado

While it was absolutely the worse off, Omaha was not the only Nebraska town to get hit by a tornado that day; a total of seven tornados touched down that day. We also ...

Find Nebraska on the Internet*, 1973

This is a schematic map of the entire internet as it existed in 1973. Each oval represents a single computer. Can you find Nebraska's lone connection? (Remember, a ...

Something is happening… and it’s getting closer

Stay tuned for a major announcement on April 30, 2018!

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