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Removing items from a museum or historical organization’s collection is necessary for maintaining a strong, healthy, and relevant collection. This process is called ...

Marker Monday: DeWitty – An African American Settlement in the Sandhills

Spread out along the North Loup River west of here, DeWitty, later known as Audacious, was the largest and longest-lasting African American settlement in rural ...

Who is this man? The Black doorman at the Hotel Yancey, Part 2

We've learned the doorman’s name and his family’s story. William Patrick was the son of an enslaved man, and his parents were the first Black farmers in Hamilton County. ...

Near-beer and cone-topped cans: The Columbus (Nebraska) Brewing Company

Columbus Brewing Company was the last brewery outside of Omaha when it ceased production in 1954. It produced several local brands of beer, and survived Prohibition by ...

Nebraska’s Five Capitols

Our state capitol is one of the nation’s most recognizable, but did you know it’s the third capitol built on that spot, and the fifth to serve as Nebraska’s seat of ...

The Black doorman at Grand Island’s Hotel Yancey

A 1940 postcard tells multiple stories about Grand Island and mid-20th century America. The building itself remains a local landmark, while the postcard tells us about ...

How much is a teacher worth? What Nebraska paid teachers in the 1920s

Most Nebraska teachers were paid poverty wages in the early 1920s, even before an economic recession prompted school districts to slash budgets even further. (more…)

Nebraska’s first school newspaper celebrated a radical idea: free schools

Published weekly by Omaha high school students starting in 1859, the Free School Advocate celebrated an idea that was was not yet fully embraced across the US: free ...

When busses were “the car of the future”

Not everyone was happy about “motor buses” when they first appeared in the early 1900s. But by 1925 the Nebraska State Journal said that attempts by railroads or ...

When Nebraskans ruled the country albums chart for three straight months

In 1976, the "Outlaw" country movement was in full swing and truck drivers were revered as folk heroes. (more…)

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