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Did the Sheriff Commit the Crime?

Thousands of dollars are missing in Kearney, but who is the thief? Is it the trusted postal clerk, or his good friend the former sheriff? This story of betrayal includes ...

Announcing Nebraska’s Next Spookiest Doll!

Those who follow History Nebraska on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram will no doubt recognize these nine dolls from our recent social media haunted doll contest, where we ...

No Votes for Women—Nebraska Anti-Suffrage Propaganda

Can you imagine living in a country where women are not allowed to vote? And what if most men and women thought it should stay that way? History Nebraska has pamphlets ...

History Nebraska Funding Digital Map of Lincoln’s Robber’s Cave

Lincoln's Robbers Cave is a fantastic historical resource, but years of tours have started to degrade the inscriptions that make it so unique. The solution? Work ...

Did Claude Nethaway murder his wife and frame an innocent man?

Omaha was shocked when the wife of a Florence real estate man was brutally murdered in 1917. A suspect was soon in custody, but was he the right man? (more…)

Omaha and the “Red Summer” of 1919

World War I was over, but the nation was not at peace.Omaha was “a city in ferment,” torn by strikes, food shortages, and racial resentment. By September the city was ...

A Modern “Mary Moore”

From 1992 to 2018, Cathy Blythe hosted Problems & Solutions on Lincoln’s KFOR and affiliate stations in the Midwest. She is a member of Nebraska Broadcasters Hall of ...

Major: A Soldier Dog – a Fort Robinson WWII story for kids

A new children’s book tells the story of a Nebraska-based World War II dog training program. Written by History Nebraska Director/CEO Trevor Jones, the story is ...

Can You Dig It?

The Ford Center is also currently treating some archeological objects that will be used in the Nebraska History Museum's upcoming exhibit on Nebraska archeology, which ...

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