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Three Nebraska Locations Added to National Register of Historic Places

For more information on the National Register program in Nebraska, contact the Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office at the Nebraska State Historical Society at ...

Charles Thone, Former Nebraska Governor and Congressman, Dies at 94.

Charles Thone, former Nebraska governor and congressman, died Wednesday at the age of 94. Born in Harrington, Nebraska on January 4, 1924, Thone graduated ...

Throwback Thursday: High School Boys Basketball Teams

In recognition of the 2018 NSAA State Boys Basketball Championships beginning today, this week's Throwback Thursday features photographs of multiple Nebraska high school ...

Influential Women Artists of Nebraska

Nebraska's women artists that were active between 1880 and 1950 left a huge legacy, but you might not know that at first glance. (more…)

We’re Number One!

Over the years, Nebraska has been "number one" in a lot of categories. We've had the nation's highest-rated football team, we've produced more popcorn than anyone else, ...

Back in ’67

According to the Fremont Tri-Weekly, the winter of 1867 was especially warm. The children were barefoot in January and a moneymaking scheme melted away. (more…)

Victor Vifquain

Victor Vifquain (1836-1904), a native of Belgium, was one of the first Nebraskans to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor, first authorized for heroic ...

Flashback Friday: Visit to the Penitentiary in 1875

The year 1875 saw two uprisings at the Nebraska State Penitentiary south of Lincoln. In January prisoners took the warden, William Woodhurst, and inside guards ...

Paul Vandervoort, Omaha Resident Turned Cuba Colonialist

Paul Vandervoort was a Union Veteran that settled in Omaha after the Civil War, but he is best known for his work helping to found an American colony in Cuba around ...

Vacationing on a Budget in 1909

Nebraskans have always looked to get the most vacation for their money. Back in the early twentieth century, one of the most popular bang for your buck vacation spots ...

Rudolph E. Umland and the Federal Writers’ Project

The Federal Writers' Project helped many writers get through the hard times of Great Depression. Rudolph Umland was one of many that helped the FWP publish thirty ...

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