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Nebraska writer Marion Marsh Brown

Marion Marsh Brown grew up in a hurry. She published her first story at age 10 and graduated from high school at age 14. Her beloved father died when she was a ...

Bringing the Property to You: Robber’s Cave and Digital Preservation

From the very beginning of the project, History Nebraska’s State Historic Preservation Office (NeSHPO) knew that adding Lincoln's Robber's Cave to the National Register ...

History at the Corner of Chadron Avenue and West 2nd Street

Ryan Reed has seen and heard the stories of a lot of buildings in his travels across Nebraska. His current favorite is told by a two-story brick commercial ...

Get to Know Your Friendly State Preservationist

- Jessica Tebo Jill Dolberg, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer You might be wondering what a preservationist even is. And before you ask, it’s not someone ...

Portrait of the Preservationist as a Young Woman

We've talked a lot about what historic preservationists do over the years, but we haven't talked as much about why they do it. Here's our own Kelli Bacon's story of ...

Learning About Preservation From Virginia Lee Burton’s “The Little House”

Historic preservation seeks to honor the connection people inherently have between identity and place. Virginia Lee Burton’s classic, The Little ...

Conserving a 224-Year-Old Gift Given to Chief Blackbird

When this document arrived at our Ford Conservation Center, it was in pretty rough shape. Thankfully, Hilary LeFevere, our expert Paper Conservator at the Ford ...

Look closely. This is a previously unknown Solomon Butcher photo

Is it possible to find a “new” Solomon Butcher photo in circulation? A Lincoln man recently discovered that it is (more…)

A Farm Boy Comes to Omaha, 1888

"I guess there ain’t any end to Omaha,” wrote sixteen-year-old Frisby Rasp in a letter to his parents in 1888. “You can walk till you are tired out in any direction you ...

History Nebraska Seeking Coronavirus Related Objects and Stories for Collections

What would you save so that people tomorrow could understand today? History Nebraska wants the public's help documenting and preserving the experiences of Nebraskans ...

Brightening Your Day with Some #MuseumSunshine

Museums all over the internet are trying to brighten everyone's day with #MuseumSunshine. Most of the stuff is over on Twitter, but we wanted to bring it over here to ...

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