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What is Engineer Cantonment? And why is it so cool that we found it?

Back in 2003, NSHS archeologist Gayle Carlson quipped (in his usual deadpan way) that he could “die in peace, now that Engineer Cantonment has been found.” He was ...

Sewing the Flag

​In 1872 we held our first Fourth of July celebration. Everybody was eager to help and preparations went forward swiftly. The magnificent natural park with School ...

Marker Monday: Wild Horse Spring

Location Wild Horse Spring, Eckery, Perkins County, Nebraska View this marker's location at 40.906586, -101.7283   Marker Text Named for the beautiful, ...

Mildred Brown and the De Porres Club: Collective Activism in Omaha

Precisely at 10 a.m. on June 20, 1952, a stylishly dressed middle-aged black woman named Mildred Brown urged the Omaha City Council to “do all in their power to see that ...

The New Negro Movement in Lincoln, Nebraska

The New Negro Movement (NNM)—a term used here as opposed to the commonly used “Harlem Renaissance”—occurred not just in Harlem, and not just in large metropolitan areas. ...

Lest We Forget: The Lynching of Will Brown, Omaha’s 1919 Race Riot

A riot-crazed mob stormed the burning Douglas County Courthouse on September 28, 1919, and lynched an African American, Will Brown. The victim, accused of raping a white ...

“A Double Mixture”: Equality and Economy in the Integration of Nebraska Schools, 1858-1883

Most Americans associate the history of school segregation with Southern and urban communities, a physical distance that may create a sense of separation for some ...

The Czech-American Experience

In 1993 we published a special issue of Nebraska History titled “The Czech-American Experience.” It remains one of the most popular issues we’ve ever published, and ...

Nebraska’s On-Again Off-Again Relationship with the Equal Rights Amendment

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a proposed amendment to the US Constitution intended to guarantee equal rights for all citizens regardless of the persons’ sex. In ...

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