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Nebraskans Held Captive In North Korea

In January of 1968 the USS Pueblo, a navy vessel on an intelligence mission off the coast of North Korea, was attacked and captured by North Korean forces.  One sailor ...

Pari-mutuel vs. Unicameral. Which is Which?

Opening day at Nebraska's first unicameral legislative session, January 5, 1937. NSHS RG2183-1937-105-1 (Left). In the 1934 election, Nebraskans voted on two measures ...

W. A. Fowler and The Typemusic Company

I recently ran across a few items in a manuscript collection relating to The Typemusic Company of Lincoln. Apparently Mr. W. A. Fowler invented and marketed a typewriter ...

A Nebraska Goose

Straw stuffed goose decoy made sometime between 1941 and 1958 by John Albert Lundgren, one of Nebraska’s few nationally marketed decoy manufacturers. Patent number on ...

A Needlework Tour of Nebraska

In 1976 the American bicentennial was a cause for celebration and commemoration.  Organizations and local governments of all sizes and configurations found ways to mark ...

Not Your Typical Valentine

Valentine’s Day cards can be sweet, sentimental, funny, and sometimes just plain bizarre. Here are a few of the strangest valentines I have found in the Nebraska History ...

Rough on Rats (and biles, and piles, and corns . . . )

Old print advertising is weird.  Some may be boring, but if it’s not boring then it’s very weird.    Case in point—Rough on Rats.  Rough on ...

A Real Romance

Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Beager were married in Custer County, Nebraska, on August 13, 1889. NSHS RG2608-2182 (Right) Valentine’s Day has long been the day to celebrate ...

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