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Senator George Norris’s snarky letter to an auto dealer

George Norris is remembered as both an influential US senator and a dignified, gentle man. But he could still go off on someone when he needed to. (more…)

Tom Osborne thought about quitting after this crushing defeat

In 2018, the Husker football team started the season 0-6 for the first time in school history. It reminded us of a time when young Tom Osborne thought about ...

How pioneer trails shaped Omaha streets

Everything has a historical context, even the roads you drive on. Omaha's Military Avenue has a history that stretches back to the 1847 Mormon road to Utah. ...

“Just Say No,” 1880s-style

The young women of West Point, Nebraska gave an ultimatum to the town's boys via poetry: "The man who takes the red, red wine, Can never glue his lips to mine." ...

The 19th-Century Nebraska Veterans Pension Fight

Governmental bureaucracy is nothing new. Almost a hundred years ago, Nebraska veterans discovered missing records and "red tape" when they applied for military pensions. ...

Hunting Wild Game on the Prairie

As they moved out onto the prairies, many European and American settlers were astonished by the abundance of game. This, of course, made hunting a popular pastime for ...

Housing Problems in 1850s Nebraska

It's never easy to find good housing, but for newcomers to Nebraska in the 1850s it was especially difficult. (more…)

Tragedy at the 1931 Omaha Air Races

Aviator Charles Holman was the star of Omaha's first air races in 1931, but his final race ended with a grisly crash. (more…)

Halley’s Comet lights up Nebraska in 1910

The appearance of Halley's comet in Nebraska skies during the spring of 1910 generated a lot of excitement, but it was especially popular in Omaha. (more…)

Nebraska to Alaska: Klondike Gold Rush of 1896

When gold was discovered in the Klondike, many Nebraskans joined in the mass journey to the gold fields. Even a pair of Omaha World-Herald reporters! (more…)

Dr. Keeley’s Gold Cure for the Liquor Habit

The preeminent anti-addiction specialist of the late-nineteenth century was Dr. Leslie Keeley, who promised to cure addicts with injections of "gold bichloride." It ...

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