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Racial Politics at UNO

UNO's 1960s double standard regarding the exclusivity of Black and White student organizations exemplifies some of the racial politics at the time.  (more…)

Indigenous People Day and Columbus Day

In recent years some states, cities, and localities have augmented or replaced traditional observances of Columbus Day (now a federal holiday observed annually on the ...

Pershing for President

As a commander of US forces, Gen. John J. Pershing was to be a major contender for the 1920 Republican presidential nomination, but his Nebraska-based campaign failed ...

Missteps by an Episcopal Priest that Led to Segregation

Rev. Robert Oliver wanted to help Nebraska City's Black population, but his efforts resulted in the segregation of the local schools.  (more…)

Nebraska’s 1876 Centennial Exhibition Photos

Nebraska contributed an exhibit to the 1876 Centennial Exhibition, but for decades had no photos documenting the exhibit. After a string of findings, an image ...

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