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Good Guys Wear White Hats

10645-2029; Source: John P. Falter Collection (top left) 10645-2030; Source: John P. Falter Collection (top right). Those of you who have been following our blog, know ...

World War II food rationing

Sugar rationing ended in the U.S. in June 1947 after nearly five years of shortages brought about by World War II. Here's a ration book from the Nebraska History ...

The First Frisbee Competition? Lincoln, 1957

By Kylie Kinley, Editorial Assistant   The year 1957 had its problems. Americans feared nukes from space after the Soviet launch of Sputnik. Baseball fans felt ...

Harriet S. Brooks, Woman Suffragist

By the time Harriet S. Brooks became a senior founding member of the Nebraska Woman Suffrage Association, she had been promoting women's right to vote for decades in ...

Nebraska Nursery and Seed Catalogs

With our first taste of spring, many of us are dreaming of warmer days and planning our gardens for the upcoming season.  There’s nothing like a stack of colorful seed ...

The Day Nebraska Lost

On March 5, 1860, a majority of voters in Nebraska territory cast their ballots against statehood.  Many Nebraskans felt it was time for the territory to become a state, ...

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