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Dawson County’s True Namesake

For a while, people assumed Dawson county was named after the first postmaster of Lincoln. As it turns out, the true namesake never even stepped foot in Nebraska. ...

One Thousand Miles from Home on the Wild Prairie

Like many men in 1849, Charles Darwin (not that one) was struck with gold fever and headed to the California gold fields. And, like many men in 1849, he failed. But his ...

The Three Burials of Emmet Crawford

Captain Emmet Crawford, the namesake of Crawford, Nebraska, had quite the interesting burial experience. Or shall we say experiences? (more…)

Perception vs Reality: Willa Cather

Willa Cather is often remembered as cantankerous and reclusive by biographers, but that's not the necessarily the case. (more…)

Sick of the Job: Nebraska’s First Territorial Governor

The very first governor of Nebraska Territory was in office for all of two days. Then he died. (more…)

The sculptor that beautified Nebraska’s capital

You may not know sculptor Ellis Luis Burman's name, but if you've explored Lincoln's parks at all, chances are you know his work. (more…)

The Man Behind the State Capitol

If you love the look of the Nebraska State Capitol, you owe a lot of thanks to this Nebraska-born poet and philosopher. (more…)

Documenting Red Cloud Agency with Photographs

A few short stops on the way to the Black Hills in the 1870s led to invaluable photos of the Red Cloud and Spotted Tail Indian Agencies. (more…)

Lydia McIntyre, Omaha’s wealthy panhandler

Lydia McIntyre was the best panhandler on 20th century Omaha's streets. When she died in 1937, she was found to have a surprisingly large amount of money stashed away in ...

Marker Monday: Dubois Czech Hall

Location 62568 706th Road - 1.5 mi N of DuBois on HWY 50, .75 mi W on 706th Road, Pawnee County, Nebraska Marker Text The Řád Jan Kollár čis. 101 ZČBJ Hall is a major ...

Marker Monday: Mayhew Cabin, 1855

Location 2012 4th Corso, Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska   Marker Text This cabin, one of Nebraska's oldest structures, was built in the summer of 1855 as ...

Marker Monday: Original Townsite of Oak

Our Historical Markers across Nebraska highlight fascinating moments and places in our state's past. This week we're focusing on the original site of a village ...

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